OtherAid the Carnival of Light


Mission Index

  1. Missing
  2. Defeat Neuron & his robots

Notable Foes

Save Carnival of Light from Praetorians

Unai Kemen

We just got a call for help from the strangest of sources: the Carnival of Shadows! Well, actually, the Carnival of Light. It seems that on Praetorian Earth, Vanessa DeVore is actually one of the good guys. She's claiming that Neuron, one of the Praetorian supervillains, has hatched a plan to open up dimensional ruptures all over Paragon City. If they manage it, it'll be a madhouse: strange creatures and crazed villains wandering around every city block. Vanessa's willing to help us, but we have to help her first. You have to save some of her carnies from the Praetorians. It's the only way to get the information we need.

It feels weird to trust Vanessa DeVore about anything, but all signs indicate that she's shooting straight.

Part 1: Missing
@ Peregrine Island [Portal Corp]

Mission Complete: You rescued the carnies and learned the location of Neuron's secret lab.

ClueMistress Kay's story

When you rescued Mistress Kay from the Praetorians, she told you:

'The villain Neuron has already begun his plan to flood Paragon City with dimensional ruptures. He has set up his equipment on a remote dimension; without the proper coordinates, you could never find it in time. Go swiftly, and take care of yourself. you are your world's best hope of survival.'

Part 2: Defeat Neuron & his robots (4 devices to destroy)
Laboratory @ Peregrine Island [Portal Corp]

This may be a remote dimension, but the lab is outfitted just as nicely as that in Neuron's home world.

NeuronNeuron [Arch-Villain]
Neuron is the creation of his own twisted scientific experiment. He gave himself complete control over his body's nervous system. Once he and Anti-Matter worked together as friends but of late a rift has formed between them. Neuron's creation of Siege and the favour that garnered him with Tyrant is the primary cause of discord between them.

Mission Complete: You foiled Neuron's plot to flood Paragon City with dimenional ruptures.

Unai Kemen

Good work, Red Tomax, good work. Those Praetorians are a devious lot. Neuron was incarcerated in the Zig until recently, but somehow he managed to escape. I guess it's possible that Paragon City hasn't seen the last of him.


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