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Close the dimensional ruptures

Unai Kemen

Red Tomax, I've been asked to bring you into the loop on one of the big security issues around here. Can't say I'm happy about it, but maybe you'll make me eat those words. I just hope all the good things I've heard about you are true.

It seems these scientists bit off a little more than they can chew when they designed these portals. They've been doing their best to keep things under control, but every once in a while, a dimensional rupture crops up. A little schism in the dimensional fabric. If we can't stay on top of them, these ruptures could put our entire world at risk. Someone's got to close those ruptures, and you're the hero for the job.

I have to warn you, things could get tricky. We may find ourselves dealing with limited time here.

We've located a number of ruptures linking our world to that of the Banished Pantheon. You'll have to go there to seal them up.

ClueDimensional Stabilizer

This thin, silver wand looks a lot more like a TV antenna than a highly sophisticated technical device. With any luck, it'll allow you to close the dimensional reptures linking your world to others.

Part 1: Close the dimensional ruptures (20 ruptures to close)
Instanced Outdoor [Dark Astoria] @ Peregrine Island

Tales of the Banished Pantheon's world have become popular horror stories around Portal Corporation.

Mission Complete: You closed all the dimensional ruptures.

Unai Kemen

Nicely done, Red Tomax, but your job isn't over yet. I just spoke to one of the techies, and it looks like some new ruptures have cropped up on another world. Trouble is, this is one of the restricted dimensions: Omega Omicron 26-20, the Council Empire.

Part 2: Close the dimensional ruptures (20 ruptures to close)
Instanced Outdoor [Council Empire] @ Peregrine Island

The Council of this world has worked hardto secure their domination over the former United States. They're just now beginning to clean up the detritus of war.

Mission Complete: You have closed all the dimensional ruptures.

Unai Kemen

This isn't looking good, Red Tomax. It seems that every time you close one of these ruptures, another one opens. The scientists think that some sort of permanent damage may have happened to the dimensional fabric. It's going to require some study, but for now they've come up with a quick and dirty fix: these new gadgets. Their official name is 'spatial stabilimeters,' but I heard some of the techies calling them 'dimensional Band-Aids.' That name works for me.

If you can't get these Band-Aids in place quickly, though, we may have even more problems. The techs tell me the ruptures could become permanent.

ClueDimensional Band-Aids

These thin metal disks must be palced at the location of the dimensional ruptures. Though they won't close the ruptures entirely, they'll keep it too small for matter to travel between dimensions. Portal Corporation scientists hope that keeping these ruptures partially open will prevent new ruptures from cropping up on other dimensions.

Part 3: Close the dimensional ruptures - 1:30:00 (20 ruptures to patch)
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Peregrine Island

The clear night sky provides a hauntingly beautiful backdrop to these desolate ruins.

Mission Complete: You have patched all the dimensional ruptures.

Unai Kemen

Got to say, I'm impressed. You handled everything those dimensions could throw at you. But from what the techies tell me, this case is far from over. You may have managed to patch up the ruptures, but there's an underlying problem that still needs fixing. When Portal Corporation has a permanent fix ready, I'll know who to call on for help.


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