Mission Index

  1. Find the infiltrator
  2. Interrogate Council troops
  3. Find the infiltrator, Sigmund

Catch a hostile infiltrator in the Rikti before he can return to the Council

Angus McQueen

When I was sent to infiltrate the Lost, I was briefed about the possible presence of other infiltrators. One of my secondary objectives was to determine if there were other non-sanctioned infiltrators, and if those operatives were from organizations hostile to the government. I identified several possible operatives, but was only able to confirm one, a Council agent I knew as "Sigmund". However, I was never able to act against him without losing my own cover. Now that my mission is over, an opportunity has presented itself to clear up the situation and act against the infiltrator I discovered. I have been authorized to request your assistance to catch a hostile infiltrator in the Rikti before he can return to the Council.

The Council operative may be difficult to locate, but it is imperative that he is caught before he can return to the Council's ranks. I have been given his last known location among the Rikti. Hopefully you will be able to catch him before the Council recovery teams can extract him.

Part 1: Find the infiltrator (Find Sigmund)
Cavern @ Talos Island

This place seems to have been attacked recently. Claw marks and plasma burns on the walls point to a conflict between the Rikti and the Council.

Objective: You found the robot's memory core.

ClueWarcry memory unit playback

Before it's destruction and disassembly bu the Rikti, this Council robot had been part of a raid meant to extract Sigmund, the Council's inflitrator inside the Lost. The robot had no information you can access on its return location, but you could probably find the information you want by interrogating Council agents in the field.

Mission Complete: Though Sigmund, the Council inflitrator wasn't here, you've found compelling evicence about his current location.

Part 2: Interrogate Council troops (Defeat 30 Council)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: You were able to get enough information from the defeated Council troops to locate the base that their operative was likely taken to.

ClueInfiltrator's location

By interrogating Council troops, you found enough information to figure out where the Council would have taken the recovered inflitrator, Sigmund.

Part 3: Find the infiltrator, Sigmund
Council Base @ Perez Park

Hidden blow a normal office building, this small Council base serves as an observation post and safe house. Until you arrived.

Mission Complete: You defeated Sigmund and prevented his escape with the Council.

Angus McQueen

It's fortunate that you were able to apprehend Sigmund. He had undergone full Rikti metamorphosis, but had retained his loyalty to the Council. The level of access he had to Rikti information combined with his allegiance could have proved catastrophic.

It is strange, but I am almost envious of him. my own counter-measures were nearly overcome, and I had to escape. The single-minded determination he would have needed to overcome the Rikti alterations astounds me.


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