OtherHarass and destroy Rikti forces at every opportunity


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  1. Harass Rikti forces

Harass and destroy Rikti forces at every opportunity

Angus McQueen

Though the Rikti Invasion is over, the battle against the Rikti forces on Earth continues. While stopping the long-terms plans of the Rikti is vital, it is also important to harass and destroy Rikti forces at every opportunity. I have been asked to request your continued assistance in the battle with Rikti forces due to your past successes.

You may exercice your sanction against any Rikti targets at any opportunity. The continued pressure from a hero of your stature should be more than sufficient, regardless of its time and place.

Part 1: Harass Rikti forces (Defeat 50 Rikti)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: You've done enough damage to the Rikti for the time being.

Angus McQueen

My superiors would like to extend their thanks. The menace of the Rikti still pose to the safety and security of humanity cannot be overstated, and it would not be possibleto combat them effectively without the support of the meta-human community.


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