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  1. Search for Rikti in Crash Site

Capture a communication from a Rikti soldier in the field

Angus McQueen

I have recently discovered that the Rikti have begun to fear that someone is listening in on their mental network. I cannot verify id this is true, but I have not been made aware of any such breakthrough at this time. To counteract this potwntial threat, the Rikti commanders have started issuing false commands and issuing code written orders to confirm which commands are true. The Rikti are unused to intricate battlefield deceptions, however, and this could be used to our advantage. If you could capture one of these communications from a Rikti soldier in the field, it could help in counter-intelligence programs against them.

You must concentrate your search in the Rikti Crash Site. It is believed that the Rikti have started implementing this system in that zone only. The Rikti may have left themselves vulnerable by trying to protect themselves. If our experts can get enough samples of the Rikti orders, it could allow them to break the Rikti codes.

Part 1: Search for Rikti in Crash Site (Defeat 50 Rikti)
Defeat X @ Rikti Crash Site

Mission Complete: You found what appear to be some written orders on one of the defeated Rikti soldiers.

ClueWritten Rikti orders

You found this sheet of clear plastic with alien writing on it after a battle with some Rikti troops. It's most likely a set of orders for their soldiers.

Angus McQueen

Thank you for delivering this communication. It appears to be in a new code, but as more samples are gathered, decryption should become possible. What may be even more important is that the Rikti believe that their mental communication network has become compromised. This would entail not only an agency with operatives who could listen in, but who could also understand Rikti communication and break the secure command languages. That is beyond the ability any agency I am aware of.


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