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  1. Battle the Rikti in the crash site

Battle the Rikti in the crash site

Angus McQueen

The Rikti forces remaining on Earth have been rallying themselves around their crashed vessel. Our forces are trying to keep the situation contained, but until new weapons are available, it is uncertain that appropiate force can be brought to bear through military means. Thus, the government has authorized me to request you to battle the Rikti in the Rikti Crash Site.

The crashed vessel in this area and the surrounding territory is a strong point of the remaining Rikti forces. Breaking their hold in this area will help to end their continued aggression. It is a long term goal, but a vitally important one.

Part 1: Battle the Rikti in the crash site (Defeat 50 Rikti)
Defeat X @ Rikti Crash Site

Mission Complete: You have defeated enough Rikti to help the human forces in the area.

Angus McQueen

The Rikti conflict won't end for some time, but each defeat they suffer, each soldier we capture or incapacitate is another step torward victory. Many people have sacrificed greatly to stop the Rikti threat, and I am glad to see that you take that threat seriously.


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