Story ArcThe Circle's Plot


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Penartes & his guards
  2. Defeat demons & their guards
  3. Learn about Lilitu's coming
  4. Seek clues to Circle plans
  5. Trap Lilitu's soul
  6. Stop the ceremony

Notable Foes

  • Mission #2: Blade Princess Hertuu, Elite Boss (Circle of Thorns)
  • Mission #5: Lilitu, Arch-Villain (Circle of Thorns)
  • Mission #6: Blade Princess Tirses, Elite Boss (Circle of Thorns)

Do away with Penartes

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

You did well seeking out Senestrus and trapping his spirit for me. Now, there is another target. A Circle mage known as Penartes. Fortunately, I know his location. I need you to do away with him.

According to rumors, Penartes is up to something big.

Part 1: Defeat Penartes & his guards
Tunnels @ Grandville

The air in here is stale and cold.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Penartes!

CluePenartes' story

When you defeated the mage Penartes, he told you:

'Your vile soul traps have nearly destroyed us. To stop you we would have done anything--even summon Lilitu. You cannot stop her. She is here, and she thirsts for your blood!'

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

The Circle has summoned Lilitu to stand against us? A powerful foe indeed. We will have to deal with this, Dread Tomax, and quickly; otherwise we may become the main course at a demon's feast.

Prove you can take down Lilitu's demons

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

With Lilitu walking this plane, her demon hosts are bound to be far more powerful. Before we proceed much farther, you must test your skills against the demons. I know you've bested them before, but this is different. You must prove you still have the might to take them down. In Primeva there is a mystical cave where dwells a demon prince named Hertuu and his three demonic servants - Agara, Asukara, and Alesha. Go there and defeat these demons and their minions!

I wish you well, Dread Tomax. Though if you fail, I will of course find someone else to carry on.

Part 2: Defeat demons & their guards (3 succubus to defeat, Defeat Hertuu)
@ Nerva Archipelago

A mournful howl floats through these caverns.

Objective: You have defeated Succubus Agara!

Objective: You have defeated Succubus Alesha!

Objective: You have defeated Succubus Asukara!

Objective: You have defeated Blade Prince Hertuu!

Blade Princess HertuuBlade Princess Hertuu [Elite Boss]
These cruel demons command a host of dancing swords to flay the flesh of their foes.

Mission Complete: You have proven you still have the power to take on Lilitu's demon hordes.

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

You are mighty indeed, Dread Tomax. A fair match for Lilitu's demon hordes, and perhaps a fair match for their mistress herself. I suspect we will soon see how you stack up against the awesome Lilitu. That will be a battle worth seeing.

Interrogate the Circle of Thorns

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

It is good that you still have the strength to defeat Lilitu's demons, despite her presence in this world. Now, we must track her down. Take to the streets and eliminate the mystics of the Circle of Thorns. The moment you learn anything, report back to me.

The demon Lilitu will writhe in our grasp!

Part 3: Learn about Lilitu's coming (Defeat 20 Circle of Thorns)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: One of the Circle mages you defeated snarled, 'You think you know everything. Hah! You know nothing! You will be vanquished, and the Circle will rule forever!'

ClueThe mage's story

One of the Circle mages you defeated snarled:

'You think you know everything. Hah! You know nothing! You will be vanquished, and the Circle will rule forever!'

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

It sounds as though the Circle has more in the works than merely summoning Lilitu. We will have to investigate this new angle. If there's one thing I won't permit, it's the possibility of looking like a fool in the face of a mystic.

Investigate the Circle's activities

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

If that mage you defeated was telling the truth, there's more to the Circle's plans than the summoning of Lilitu. I need you to get to a Circle base and find out all you can about their activities.

If the Circle is up to something, it's something I want to stop.

Part 4: Seek clues to Circle plans (3 clues to find)
Oranbega @ Nerva Archipelago

You smell the Circle's cloying incense.

Objective: You found a scroll.

ClueCircle scroll

This scroll is full of strange symbols. Perhaps Zuhkara can translate it.

Objective: You found a scroll.

ClueCircle scroll

This scroll has a long list of names.

Objective: You found a scroll.

ClueCircle scroll

This scroll bears a set of coordinates.

Mission Complete: You have learned where Lilitu is!

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

So, we still don't know what the Circle's ultimate plan is. But at least you're uncovered Lilitu's location. You will go and imprison the demon. I will attempt to translate these scrolls. There could be more here than we know.

Trap Lilitu's soul

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

I will keep working on translations for these scrolls. In the meantime, I want you to go to the cavern where Lilitu dwells and trap her soul. It may be of use to us later.

I recommend getting some allies together. Besting Lilitu will be no mean feat.

You will need the soul trap to bind the demon's soul.

Part 5: Trap Lilitu's soul
Caverns @ Grandville

The air down here is hot and foul.

LilituLilitu [Arch-Villain]
The She-Devil rule some a plane of Hell before being called forth by the Circle of Thorns. The sorcerers struck a deal with her, and Lilitu has come to earth with her infernal hordes. It is said the price for her services is the death of 666 heroes - including her own son, Infernal.

Mission Complete: You have captured Lilitu's soul.

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

Well done, Dread Tomax. You have Lilitu's soul. A fortunate thing, for I believe we will have need of it.

Stop the ceremony

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

I have translated the Circle's scrolls, Dread Tomax. And even I am somewhat shaken by what I have learned. It seems the Circle summoned Lilitu primarily to distract us from their real goal. Even as we speak, they are preparing a great ceremony in the sky, a ceremony that will wipe out all descendants of Mu. Now, ordinarily, I'd have some sympathy with that goal. The problem is, by now the Mu bloodlines run through a vast percentage of the population--about 20 percent, if my sources can be believed. That's a lot of important people, Dread Tomax. It could even include you. I need you to stop that ceremony. Stop it, before it's too late!

The fate of the world rests in your hands, Dread Tomax. And you may be thinking, why do I owe the world anything? Well, consider this: he who has power to save the world also has the power to rule it. Do this deed, and people will fall at your feet.

I believe you will have the best chance at success if you free Lilitu's soul and let her destroy the Circle mages. A sweet victory, no? Break the soul trap upon the Circle's altar and let Lilitu free!

Part 6: Stop the ceremony (Free Lilitu, 5 rituals to disrupt)
Instanced Outdoor [Nerva Archipelago] @ Nerva Archipelago

The walls reverberate with the chants of the Circle.

Objective: You disrupted the ritual!

Objective: You disrupted the ritual!

Objective: You disrupted the ritual!

Objective: You disrupted the ritual!

Objective: You broke the soul trap, freeing Lilitu!

Objective: You found a list of the most powerful descendants of Mu.

ClueList of Mu descendants

This list of the most powerful Mu descendants will certainly come in handy. No doubt Arachnos will want to see it.

Blade Princess TirsesBlade Princess Tirses [Elite Boss]
These cruel demons command a host of dancing swords to flay the flesh of their foes.

Mission Complete: You have stopped the ceremony!

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

You stopped the ceremony and returned with a list of Mu's most powerful descendants. Well done. This will be an excellent recruiting tool for Arachnos. As for you, Dread Tomax, you have proven that you have more power than the Circle and their demons put together. I have no doubt that Lord Recluse will be keeping his eye upon you.

Souvenir: Partial list of Mu descendants

You've kept this partial list of Mu descendants. It will undoubtedly prove useful, as well as remind you of the adventure you like to call:

The Circle's Plot

It all started with a Circle mage named Penartes. Mage Killer Zuhkara had learned that he was up to something big, and she wanted to know what. You defeated Penartes and learned that the Circle, fearful of your soul trap, had summoned Lilitu.

With Lilitu walking the earthly plane, Zuhkara was convinced that her demon hordes would be stronger. You took out a number of them in order to prove you still had the strength to stand against them.

Your might was proven, but you and Zuhkara needed more information. You took to the streets and learned that the Circle was up to something else. They had summoned Lilitu, but this was not their ultimate plan.

Zuhkara send you to a base on Primeva to learn more about the Circle's plans. You succeeded in recovering three scrolls, one of which gave you a clue to Lilitu's location.

You set out to find Lilitu while Zuhkara translated the remaining scrolls. You defeated the vile demon, and captured her essence within the soul trap.

When you returned, Zuhkara had finished her translation. The Circle's plot was even greater than she could have dreamed: they were conducting a great ceremony that would wipe out everyone of Mu ancestry: a full fifth of the Earth's population. She convinced you to stop this. You journeyed to the Circle's ceremony in the sky and released the demon Lilitu upon them. Furious at their ineffectiveness, Lilitu helped you crush the Circle underfoot.

Lilitu remains free, the Mu remain safe, and you are left with the knowledge that you have the power to save the world. Will you use that power to destroy it, or to rule it?

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