Story ArcKiller Instinct


Mission Index

  1. Rescue Arachnos operatives - 1:15:00
  2. Defeat all Longbow in base
  3. Get report from Arbiter Daos
  4. Defeat all Longbow in base
  5. Take out McKnight's mercenaries
  6. Defeat Ace McKnight

Notable Foes

Mako's Betrayer
You're deadly and coldblooded. Captain Mako appreciates that.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Rescue Arachnos operatives

Captain Mako

I've been told we got some problems in Paragon City. One of our secret Arachnos bases there has been discovered by Longbow, and they're trying to take down everyone there. Naturally, our operatives are resisting. I'd be happy to test our troop's survival instincts, but apparently there's a number of important Arachnos officers who need to survive this ordeal. That's where you come in. Head over to the Paragon City Arachnos base and get our Arachnos operatives out of there!

It's only a matter of time before Longbow overwhelms the base. You have 75 minutes to complete this mission.

I want the Longbow leader's heart as well - take him out!

Part 1: Rescue Arachnos operatives - 1:15:00 (2 operatives to rescue, Defeat Greer and agents)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville

You make your way to the Arachnos base hiden within Paragon City. Get the Arachnos operatives out of the base and take down the Longbow leader!

Agent GreerAgent Greer [Elite Boss]
The Ballista are Longbow's heaviest hitters. These tankers are tough enough to withstand direct hits from rocket launchers, and can dish out enough damage to take out the toughest brute Arachnos can throw at them.

Mission Complete: You rescued the Arachnos operatives!

The Arachnos operatives return with you to the Rogue Isles!

Captain Mako

I hope you made that Longbow worm suffer!

Raid Longbow base

Captain Mako

Those Longbow scum can't get away with raiding our Arachnos base - that's the third on this week! I want to find the Longbow agent responsible for these raids and make an example of him!

Our Arachnos spies have their uses - they intercepted some transmissions and managed to find the Longbow base where their raid was staged from. Take out everyone in that Longbow base and find who's heading up the anti-Arachnos operations!

Take out everyone. I don't want anyone escaping!

Part 2: Defeat all Longbow in base (Find operation files)
Longbow Base @ Grandville

No one messes with Arachnos, Captain Mako, or you!

Objective: You found something.

ClueOperation Anti-Venom

These are files detailing many of the recent anti-Arachnos operations designed to root out hidden Arachnos bases in Paragon City and incarcerate their leaders. It is lead by the renowned Longbow Agent McKnight, who is quoted as saying, 'In time, we hope to show these criminals what it means to be a contributing part of a just society. It is our job as heroes to set an example for these wayward souls to aspire to. Failing that, we must use guile, deception and ruthlessness to uncover their activities and undermine their goals.'

Mission Complete: You found the Longbow agent responsible for recent anti-Arachnos operations!

Captain Mako

Agent McKnight, eh? That name sounds familiar. We better look into this further.

Get report from Arbiter Daos

Captain Mako

So, this Ace McKnight is staging all the anti-Arachnos raids, eh? I want to know more about this guy. His intelligence is too good - which menas he's an excellent spy or we've got some double-agents within Arachnos! Arbiter Daos has compiled an intelligence report - talk to him about Ace McKnight at once!

I want this McKnight. I can almost taste his blood!

Part 3: Get report from Arbiter Daos
Delivery @ Grandville
Arbiter Daos

You may have already met the attack squads sent to arrest you for crimes against Arachnos! Don't try to play coy with me! We have extensive records detailing your double-dealings, so don't try to deny it! Your activities go far beyond what would normally be accepted behavior amongst Lord Recluse's 'destined ones', so we have no choice by to place you under arrest! Be prepared, for the price of treason is death!

Captain Mako

Arbiter Daos wanted to arrest you? Something stinks here. I think Longbow Agent McKnight is messin' with ya! Yah, I know who Agent McKnight is now - he's a Longbow Agent who Operative Vargas incarcerated on Sharkhead! He must have escaped the Arachnos prison, and probably sent Arbiter Daos some falsified files about you after your strike on that Longbow base in order to stop you from pursuing matters further! Damn, he's clever. I'll enjoy ripping his heart out!

Oh, and don't worry about Arbiter Daos - I'll tell him to call off his attack squads. Sooner or later.

Clear out Longbow base

Captain Mako

Longbow Agent McKnight's breakout and planting false evidence against you in the Arachnos information network has caused quite a stir amongst the Arbiters. McKnight made them look foolish because they were so easily infiltrated and tricked. Now the Arbiters are lookin' for blood, and they want us to carry out the sentence - which suits me just fine! That working man hero Scrapyard was a tasty treat, and now McKnight is on the menu!

Arachnos is hot on the heels of McKnight, and tracked him to one of Longbow's offshore underwater bases. Travel to the underwater base and clear it out!

I've got a sub waiting at the docks to take you to the underwater base. There's going to be blood in the water tonight!

Part 4: Defeat all Longbow in base
Longbow Underwater Base @ Grandville

You enter the override codes the Arachnos technicians passed on to you and enter into the Longbow base. Time to clean house!

Mission Complete: You cleared out the base, but McKnight has escaped!

Captain Mako

So, McKnight escaped, eh? He's as slippery as an eel, that one. No matter. He can't run forever!

Take out McKnight's mercenaries

Captain Mako

Can you feel it, Dread Tomax? The thrill of hunting your prey, circling, closing in for the kill. McKnight is our prey, and we will soon make our final strike against him!

McKnight is running scared now, Dread Tomax. We tracked his mini-sub which escaped the Longbow base we trashed. It surfaced near Sharkhead, and the word is he's been spending a LOT of Longbow funds trying to find someone to protect him while he escapes back to Paragon City. He managed to secure a smuggling vessel from the Family, and hired some mercenaries to protect him. McKnight hasn't shown his face yet, but before he does we got a ship to sink on Sharkhead before it leaves port! Take these bombs over to the cargo ship on Sharkhead and take out McKnight's mercenary hires!

When McKnight shows up at the docks on Sharkhead, he'll have no place to run to. Then the fun will begin!

Part 5: Take out McKnight's mercenaries (5 bombs to plant, Defeat merc leader and guards )
Instanced Outdoor [Sharkhead Isle] @ Sharkhead Isle

Looks like McKnight spent some serious money hiring these mercenaries. Find and take down their leader!

Objective: You defeated the mercenary leader!

Mission Complete: You took down McKnight's mercenaries!

Captain Mako

There's nowhere left for McKnight to run to. He'll soon be ours!

You've got a killer instinct, Dread Tomax.

Eliminate Ace McKnight

Captain Mako

Savour this moment, Dread Tomax. Look for the fear in your enemy's eyes as he realizes he cannot win this battle. Watch as he struggles to hang on for his pointless life. Revel in his destruction, and you will know true joy. Show me you possess a true killer instinct by eliminating Ace McKnight!

I've got something for you to use in this battle. It's something my Arachnos boys have been working on: a Frenzy Mutagen which unlocks your more bestial instincts and turns you into a killing machine. Time to show your true colours, Dread Tomax.

You have received Frenzy Mutagen

Part 6: Defeat Ace McKnight
@ Sharkhead Isle

You wait in the truck until you see McKnight approach. Time to move in for the kill!

Ace McKnightAce McKnight [Elite Boss]
Ace McKnight is an elite agent for the Freedom Corp organization known as Longbow. He is a master of infiltration and escape techniques.

Mission Complete: You defeated Ace McKnight!

Mako's Betrayer
Awarded for completing the final mission of the arc
Captain Mako

You seem pleased - I take it the hunt was successful. I hope Longbow sends more challenging prey in the future!

I think it's time you learned a few of my secrets - if you're up for it.

Souvenir: Broken Freedom Corp Badge

This is a Broken Freedom Corp, taken from the renowned Longbow Agent McKnight in a story you like to call:

Killer Instinct

It all started when Captain Mako told you to head over to Paragon City to rescue a couple of Arachnos operatives before their compromised Arachnos base became totally overrun. You did what you could to rescue the Arachnos operatives and take out the Longbow raid leader.

Captain Mako wouldn't stand for having one of their Paragon City Arachnos bases compromised, and related that this was the third hidden Arachnos base this week which was uncovered. He sent you to attack the Longbow base where the raid was staged from to find out who was behind these attacks on hidden Arachnos bases. There you found an operations file pointing to a Longbow Agent McKnight.

Mako wanted to find more information on Agent McKnight, and so sent you to get the info from Arbiter Daos. Unforunately, Daos had sent out Arachnos attack squads to imprison you for 'crimes against Arachnos'. Returning to Mako, you learned Agent McKnight had sent falsified Arachnos reports to Arbiter Daos in retaliation for your attack on the Longbow base! Mako became very eager to get hold of McKnight.

Arachnos managed to track McKnight's escape to an offshore underwater Longbow base. Mako authorized you to give chase and clear out the base. In the end, the Longbow agents managed to tie you up enough for McKnight to escape in a mini-sub.

Arachnos tracked the mini-sub to Sharkhead where McKnight attempted to hire protection and book passage to Paragon City. Mako sent yuo to take down a Family cargo ship meant to smuggle him to the mainland and deal with McKnight's mercenaries. It turned out McKnight hired the Knives of Artemis to protect him from Arachnos!

At the docks, you waited for McKnight's arrival. McKnight showed up to take the ship to the mainland with his Knives of Artemis escort, and you fought through them to get at your prey. There, you fought McKnight in the same spot where Captain Mako took down Scrapyard!

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