Accomplishment BadgeRescue the Mystic


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  1. Find missing fortune teller (Circle of Thorns)

You have freed a local fortune teller from the clutches of the Circle of Thorns.
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Rescue the mystic

Hugo Redding

A local fortune teller called Lady Rose has been reported missing, but she's left us a clue to her fate. According to the reading she gave the day before she disappeared, she was destined to be kidnapped by a cruel Circle mage known as Drejak. Can you rescue Lady Rose from the Circle of Thorns? I'm sure fate will smile on you if you can.

If you can't, I think we'll have to consider this mission a failure. I've got an extra emergency teleporter for you to take her, just in case.

Lady Rose has a reputation for being very accurate. Who knows what the Circle could do with the information she provides?

Part 1: Find missing fortune teller (Lead fortune teller to exit)
Cavern @ Perez Park (Circle of Thorns)

You catch a sight of a robed figure in the darkness. You may be close to the Circle and the missing fortune teller.

Lady Rose Mystics [Lieutenant]
If allowed to remain in the hands of the Circle, it's very likely that this fortune teller could be forced to give up information that would bring Paragon City to ruin. She has a reputation for extremely accurate predictions.

Mission Complete: You rescued the fortune teller.

Awarded for completing the mission.
Hugo Redding

Well done, Red Tomax. I have been informed by Lady Rose to keep my eye on you. Apparently, you have a bright future!

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