Accomplishment BadgeParty Crasher


Mission Index

  1. Steal alloy from Silver Mantis

Notable Foes

  • Mission #1: Silver Mantis, Arch-Villain (Arachnos)

Party Crasher
You crashed a rave and stole a piece of the alloy which makes up Silver Mantis' armor.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Steal alloy from Silver Mantis

Dr. Forrester

Silver Mantis... you've heard of her, I'm assuming? Black Scorpion's shiny sidekick! She was a very interesting hard and supple silver alloy on her skin! AeonCorp would LOVE to get ahold of a piece of this alloy. Unfortunately, I doubt Mrs. Mantis would be very interested in offering up a piece of this alloy for us to study. So we'll have to take it by force!

Silver Mantis is a bit of a party girl, and loves to get down with some of the Freakshow at their raves! I happen to know of one going on right now, and can arrange to get you in there! Head over to Sharkhead Isle and steal a piece of Silver Mantis silver alloy!

You can bet that Silver Mantis is going to be quite the handful! You might want to take a few of your cohorts along for this.

Have fun at the rave! But don't drink or smoke anything, and be back by midnight!

Part 1: Steal alloy from Silver Mantis (Defeat Silver Mantis)
Warehouse @ Sharkhead Isle

You hear loud music echoing through the warehouse. Sounds like the party is in full swing!

Objective: You take a piece of the alloy from Silver Mantis

ClueSilver Alloy

This silver alloy is taken from none other than Silver Mantis, the lackey to the powerful archvillain known as Scirocco. The silver alloy seems to flow around your fingers as you hold it.

Silver MantisSilver Mantis [Arch-Villain]
Tamura Shirai is fascinated with the smooth, sleek feel of metal. Funding the augmentation of her body to pure metal was an expensive proposition, however, so she turned to crime. During one of her robberies she encountered Black Scorpian, on a job for Lord Recluse. Tamara realized an opportunity when she saw it, and rather then fighting with Arachnos over the ill-goten loot, formed an alliance that has lasted to this day.

Mission Complete: You stole the alloy from Silver Mantis

Party Crasher
Awarded for completing the mission.
Dr. Forrester

Let me see it! Let me see it! Oooh, yes! This should prove most interesting!

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