Minor Story ArcAbsolute Vengeance


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Armortail & his guards
  2. Defeat Dune and his guards
  3. Defeat Deathstalker & guards

Track down the Scorpion Gang

Arbiter Daos

You have punished the Knives of Artemis who were responsible for the assault on Arachnos. So, you are familiar with my methods. I will allow no one to interfere with Arachnos without paying in blood. As it happens, I have more punishment to exact today. This time it is against an elite corps of operatives within the Malta Group. They call themselves the Scorpion Gang, and they have perpetrated a most vile crime. You, Dread Tomax, will track down each of the Scorpion Gang's members and see to it that they are in no position to threaten Arachnos again.

The first person I want you to track is known as Agent Armortail. He is a dangerous man. You will have to be prudent and clever to take him down.

Part 1: Defeat Armortail & his guards
Laboratory @ Grandville

The Malta Group has converted this old cavern network into a secret underground base.

Mission Complete: You defeated Armortail and gained some insight into your mission.

ClueAgent Armortail's story

When you defeated Agent Armortail, he snarled:

'Daos may think he's got the Scorpion Gang on the run, but he'll never take down all of us. No, sir. We know the secrets of Project Fury, and soon all of Malta will know!'

Arbiter Daos

Armortail was an important part of the Scorpion Gang, but he was only one man. There are still two you must take down.

Take out Agent Dune

Arbiter Daos

Word has spread that I am seeking out the members of the Scorpion Gang, and the remaining agents have gone to ground. According to my sources, Agent Dune is hiding with the Council on Sharkhead. I want you to get over there and take him out.

You must have realized by now that the Scorpion Gang stole some very sensitive information from Arachnos. I caution you not to dig too deeply into its nature; you would be wise to leave well enough alone.

Part 2: Defeat Dune and his guards
Council Base @ Sharkhead Isle

Agent Dune's Council buddies won't be pleased to see that he's brought your wrath down on them.

Mission Complete: You defeated Agent Dune and learned something disturbing.

ClueAgent Dune's story

When you defeated Agent Dune, he snapped:

'You may have got me. You may have got Armortail. But you'll never touch Deathstalker. He's invincible!'

Arbiter Daos

With Dune's defeat, the Scorpion Gang is nearly broken. To be honest, I had hoped it might take you longer to complete your tasks. But it is done, and there is nothing to do but move ahead with the final blow.

Take down Agent Deathstalker

Arbiter Daos

There is but one agent remaining in the Scorpion Gang: Agent Deathstalker. Though I regret the necessity, he must be destroyed. Take him down, Dread Tomax. When you have done so, this will all be over.

If you're looking for some extra firepower, take this Shotgun with you. Do it quickly. I wish to dwell on this ugly matter no longer.

Part 3: Defeat Deathstalker & guards
Tunnels @ Sharkhead Isle

Arbiter Daos seems unusually anxious about Deathstalker's defeat.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Agent Deathstalker, the last member of the Scorpion Gang.

ClueAgent Deathstalker's story

When you defeated Agent Deathstalker, he said:

'I just can't believe it. I knew Dad was steamed that we came after Project Fury's secrets, but... I never thought he'd send someone like you after his own son.'

Arbiter Daos

So. It is done. Yes, Dread Tomax, you have learned the truth, and I will not deny it: Agent Deathstalker was indeed my son. I would have liked nothing better than to spare him, but Arachnos' vengeance must be absolute. Otherwise, the entire great organization on which I have based my life might tumble, like so many playing cards.

Please, leave me now, Dread Tomax. I have done what I must, but I cannot bear to look on your face any longer.

Souvenir: Agent Deathstalker's hat

Though you've put the whole ugly business behind you, somehow you can't bring yourself to throw away Agent Deathstalker's hat. It's a chilling reminder of the adventure you like to call:

Absolute Vengeance

It began with a request from Arbiter Daos. He had learned of a crime perpetrated against Arachnos by an elite cell of Malta operatives knock as the Scorpion Gang. Arbiter Daos resolved to eliminate them, so he sent you after one of their members: Agent Armortail. You defeated Armortail, and learned the nature of the gang's crime: they had stolen classified information about Project Fury.

Daos next sent you after Agent Dune, who had gone to ground with some allies in the Council. You eliminated Dune, who spoke of the group's leader: Deathstalker, a man he claimed was invincible.

Deathstalker was your next target. You eliminated the Malta agent, but were shocked to discover that you had been sent against Arbiter Daos' own son! Though Daos regretted his actions, he believed he had no choice but to exact Arachnos' vengeance in equal measure against foe and family alike. Your obedience to his cause has resulted in the termination of your relationship with Daos, as he can no longer bear to look at your face.


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