Story ArcThe Hunt


Mission Index

  1. Beat coven leader & his guards (Circle of Thorns)
  2. Get info about Senestrus
  3. Seek information at base
  4. Defeat Senestrus

Notable Foes

  • Mission #4: Disciple of Senestrus, Boss (Circle of Thorns)

Investigate Circle stronghold

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

A great power is descending upon us, Dread Tomax. According to my network of sources, a powerful Circle of Thorns mystic known as Senestrus has come to Grandville. I need to know whether those sources are correct. You will go to a certain Circle stronghold I know and beat the truth out of them. If you hear anything of Senestrus, bring the information to me at once.

Senestrus is a foul being, but one of inordinate power. Be careful.

Part 1: Beat coven leader & his guards
Oranbega @ Grandville (Circle of Thorns)

You step once more into the ancient halls of Oranbega. As always, you have the feeling you're being watched.

Mission Complete: One of the mages you questioned gave up the information about Senestrus.

ClueThe mage's story

One of the Circle mages you defeated told you:

'Your pathetic Zuhkara is right. Senestrus is coming to Grandville, and this very day. But you will never find him in his new body!'

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

So my sources were right. Senestrus is coming, though the Circle seems to think we won't recognize him in the new body he's taken on. The fools. We will cut through any subterfuge to expose and destroy this vile mage, Dread Tomax. I promise you that.

Scour the streets

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

Senestrus' arrival has been confirmed, but we still don't know where to find him. You must scour the streets, Dread Tomax. You must find this mage, so you can destroy him.

The Circle are a weak and cowardly lot. I have no doubt they can be forced to give you the information you seek.

While you're out, you may as well test the soul trap once more. I want it working perfectly when you take on Senestrus.

Part 2: Get info about Senestrus (Defeat 20 Circle of Thorns)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: One of the Circle mages gave up the location of a base preparing sacrifices for Senestrus' arrival.

ClueThe sacrifices

One of the Circle mages you interrogated said:

'All right! I don't know where Senestrus will be, but I know of a base that is preparing sacrifices to ensure his safety. You could learn more there.'

Part 3: Seek information at base (3 hostages with information, Defeat Disciple & his coven )
Oranbega @ Grandville

You hear a high-pitched scream.

Objective: The hostage you saved said, 'I know something that might interest you'

ClueThe false king

One of the hostages you rescued told you:

'I heard the guy you're looking for is walking around in the body of someone real important. A king or a prince, or something.'

Objective: The hostage you saved said, 'I know something that might interest you'

ClueOn fire and brimstone

One of the hostages you rescued told you:

'They said the guy they're waiting for has a lot of neat powers. Fire and stuff.'

Objective: The Disciple of Senestrus gasped, 'You will never win!'

ClueThe disciple's story

The Disciple of Senestrus said:

'You will never defeat Senestrus! He has not only his own powers, but also those of the body he has taken!'

Objective: The hostage you saved said, 'I know something that might interest you'

ClueSenestrus' location

One of the hostages told you:

'I know where their boss is going! I'll tell you where!'

Mission Complete: You have more information about Senestrus

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

You have done well. I think we have all we need now to seek out and destroy Senestrus.

Vanquish Senestrus

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

We now know where the mage Senestrus will appear. You have only to take the soul trap and vanquish him, once and for all. Do it, Dread Tomax, and you will have your reward.

This victory will be sweet indeed.

Take the soul trap with you. It will aid you against Senestrus.

Part 4: Defeat Senestrus
Oranbega @ Grandville

The air down here seems warmer than usual.

Disciple of SenestrusDisciple of Senestrus [Boss]
The Hellion known as Duke Mordragar has been possessed by the Circle of Thorns.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Senestrus!

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

Well done, my friend. Senestrus and I have been sparring for years. Now, his soul is mine, to do with as I please. A sweet victory indeed.

Souvenir: Duke Mordragar's cape

You've kept the cape of this luckless Hellion as a reminder of the adventure you like to call:

The Hunt

It began with a rumor: Mage Killer Zuhkara had heard that a legendary Circle mage would soon be arriving in Grandville. She sent you to a Circle base to confirm the tale.

You knew Senestrus was coming, but you didn't know where. You took to the streets and defeated Circle minions until one gave up some information: a ceremony was being conducted to encure Senestrus' safety. You stopped the ceremony and learned several facts about the dread mage, including the location where he was arriving.

Once again, you journeyed into Oranbega. Armed with the soul trap, you faced Senestrus and ground him beneath your heel. Senestrus' soul now resides with Mage Killer Zuhkara. Who knows what ghastly fates she will visit upon it?

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