Story ArcShucking Souls


Mission Index

  1. Talk to Arbiter Daos (Arachnos,Circle of Thorns)
  2. Seek the ghost trap
  3. Defeat all Circle in lab
  4. Defeat all mages to test trap

Talk to Arbiter Daos

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

We have work to do. Ghost Widow's organization has been developing new soul trap technology, and I'm afraid they're well past the due date. The technology should be ready, but for some reason Ghost Widow is unwilling to give it up. I'd like you to go and take it, but we'll have to go through channels first: Arbiter Daos. If he gives you permission, you may do whatever is necessary to secure the new soul traps.

The soul trap technology should be all I need to undertake a certain plan of mine. Get it, and I will have more work for you.

Part 1: Talk to Arbiter Daos
Delivery @ Grandville (Arachnos,Circle of Thorns)
Arbiter Daos

Arbiter Daos: Zuhkara wants to send you after Ghost Widow's soul traps? Very well. You may do as she asks. But be wary: I can grant you permission, but I cannot forestall Ghost Widow's wrath.

Part 2: Seek the ghost trap
Arachnos Base @ Grandville

Permission or no, Ghost Widow won't be pleased to see you've violated her base.

Objective: You have the soul trap!

ClueSoul Trap

You managed to steal this new soul trap from Ghost Widow's organisation. Zuhkara has plans for it.

Mission Complete: You have stolen the soul trap from Ghost Widow.

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

Excellent. The soul trap. You have done fine work, Dread Tomax. The next step will be to test it out.

Investigate the lab

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

I've got bad news for you, Dread Tomax. This soul trap you found me? Doesn't work. Not at all. Now, it could be that Ghost Widow managed to slip us a false prototype, or it could be that there's something deeper afoot. Regardless, I want you to go to the lab where the soul trap technology was first developed. You may be able to find out something there.

I want the real designs, Dread Tomax. I won't let this one go.

Part 3: Defeat all Circle in lab (Find the real soul trap)
Laboratory @ Grandville

You detect a whiff of sage and ambergris on the air. The Circle? Here?

Objective: You have the real soul trap!

ClueReal Soul Trap

You recovered this soul trap from the Circle of Thorns, who had taken over the lab where the designs were finalized.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Circle, and taken the real soul trap from them.

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

Excellent. This explains why Ghost Widow was unwilling to share her soul trap with the rest of us; the Circle had taken over her lab and taken possession of the working prototype. She must have feared that word of her failure would spread.

Now, leave me alone with this soul trap, Dread Tomax. I have work to do.

Test the soul trap

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

I have done some tinkering with the soul trap, and I believe it is now ideally suited to my purposes. It will now enable you to track down and destroy Circle of Thorns mages. It seems the Circle was right to fear it.

The only task that remains is to test my weapon against the Circle. Take the soul trap to Primeva, Dread Tomax, and lay waste to the ruins of Oranbega.

The Circle mages will writhe in your grasp. I suggest you cherish it, as I would.

Part 4: Defeat all mages to test trap
Oranbega @ Nerva Archipelago

Zuhkara's lust for violence is intimidating. And a little inspiring.

Mission Complete: You have defeated all of the Circle mages!

Mage-Killer Zuhkara

Excellent. The soul trap works just as I desired. The Circle will rue the day they allowed us to get our hands on it, Dread Tomax. I can promise you that.

Souvenir: Designs for the soul trap

You've thought it prudent to retain the designs for the soul trap you recovered from the Circle of Thorns. It's a reminder of the adventure you like to call:

Shucking Souls

It all started when Mage Killer Zuhkara asked you to recover a new soul trap from Ghost Widow's faction. The trap should have been working, but for some reason, Ghost Widow was keeping it under lock and key. You got permission from Arbiter Daos and took the soul trap by force.

But it didn't work. Zuhkara sent you to the lab where the trap was originally designed. There, you found that the Circle had invaded the lab and were holding the only working prototype. You dispatched them and recovered the real soul trap.

Mage Killer Zuhkara made some small modifications, then sent you to test the soul trap. It worked just as she intended: wiping out the Circle mages with deadly speed. You have returned the trap to Zuhkara, but held on to the designs. Who knows when they might come in handy?

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