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  1. Defeat all Longbow agents (Longbow)

Defeat all Longbow agents

Regent Korol

There seems to be some heroes who have wandered into our little web! I sense them there now, trying to find our secrets. Their efforts are fruitless—I've already had our Arachnos operatives tranfer out any useful information, replacing them with false leads and incorrect information. But now we get a chance to play with them! Go to the Arachnos base and punish them for their intrusion!

I could just do a base lockdown and eliminate them now, but this way is MUCH more fun.

Part 1: Defeat all Longbow agents (Stop Reeves from escaping)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville (Longbow)

Regent Korol remotely unlocks the door to this Arachnos base to allow you entry. Inside are the Longbow flies who have become caught in this spider web. Eliminate them!

Mission Complete: You cleaned out the Arachnos base!

ClueFalse Data

This is a compilation of data the Longbow infiltration team collected from this Arachnos base. Unfortunately for Longbow, Regent Korol sensed their intrusion and replaced it with false data. She even allowed Longbow to transmit the data outside the base before she sent you to dispose of the agents.

Regent Korol

Ah, very well done! We can't have Longbow running about our clean little nests, can we now?


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