Minor Story ArcThe Crey Intrusion


Mission Index

  1. Stop Crey intrusion - 1:15:00 (Arachnos,Crey)
  2. Recover data from Crey spies
  3. Punish Countess Crey

Notable Foes

Stop Crey intrusion

Regent Korol

I have caught some more flies in my web, Dread Tomax! This time it's those nasty Crey Industries people. We try to make nice with them, sharing what technologies we can, but there are some secrets which simply can't be bought. But they are so very greedy and jealous of the secrets we keep. So what do they do? They send in their 'heroes' to try and steal the information for themselves! I can feel them now, crawling about in one of our Arachnos bases. I have tried to transfer the data out of the base, but they are tricky, these Crey! They have destroyed the communications line in and out of the base so they can get the data they require. They must be stopped! Go to the Arachnos base and eliminate these nasty Crey spies!

Go quickly before it is too late! You have 75 minutes before the spies escape!

Do not let these Crey spies get away with my precious data!

Part 1: Stop Crey intrusion - 1:15:00 (Assist Arachnos troops, Rescue Tarantula Queen, Stop Crey spy and allies)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville (Arachnos,Crey)

You hear the sounds of conflict echo through the Arachnos corridors. Find the Crey spies before they escape!

Objective: You rescued the Tarantula Queen!

Objective: You stopped the Crey spy!

Mission Complete: You stopped the Crey attack!

More Arachnos troops show up to clean up the base. They salute you as you exit.

Regent Korol

Was that Paragon Protector speaking the truth? Were they looking for data on how Arachnos makes my lovely, lovely Tarantulas? And did they actually manage to get a message through our electronic scramblers? I'll need to investigate further!

And they make this intrusion on the pretense of heroic acts! How typically Crey!

Recover data from Crey spies

Regent Korol

Those sneaky Crey! They managed to get out a data transmission to a nearby cargo ship! If this has information on how to make my lovely Tarantulas, they must be stopped! Stop these Crey spies and recover the transmission data!

Recover the data and punish the spies responsible for stealing it!

Part 2: Recover data from Crey spies (Find stolen data files, Defeat Crey Spy)
Cargo Ship @ Grandville

You follow the Arachnos coordinates to the cargo ship. Find the Crey spies and retrieve the data!

Objective: You defeated the Crey spy!

Objective: You found something

Mission Complete: You defeated the Crey spy and recovered the data files!

Regent Korol

You have recovered the data files, my pet? Good. It seems as though Countess Crey has a lot of answering to do. Especially for trying to steal the secrets of my lovely, precious Tarantulas!

Punish Countess Crey

Regent Korol

So Countess Crey gave the order to steal the Tarantula technology? Then she is a fool, especially with spies who so easily spill their secrets. Arachnos is used to dealing with multiplicitous allies. But they should also realize that when they are caught in our web, they must suffer the consequences. She has transgressed the unwritten laws by attempting to steal from us. Such a transgression cannot go unpunished, my pet!

The Countess Crey does not show herself often these days, but Arachnos always keeps tabs on people such as herself. Go to the Crey laboratories in Paragon City and punish Countess Crey!

Be warned, Dread Tomax. Countess Crey built her industrial empire with the blood of her enemies. She will not easily be taken down from her place of power!

Part 3: Punish Countess Crey (Defeat Countess Crey and minions)
Laboratory @ Grandville

This Crey facility is on full alert! Find Countess Crey and punish her for crossing Arachnos!

Countess CreyCountess Crey [Arch-Villain]
Countess Crey runs her corporation with an iron fist. Though others hold the lofty title of president and CEO, everyone understands that this is just a legal fiction. The countess is the one holding the strings behind the vast corporation - and woe to anyone who gets in her way.

Mission Complete: You defeated Countess Crey!

Regent Korol

Ah, yes. Crey Industries has sent out a formal apology to Arachnos for what they call the 'unfortunate misunderstanding in the Rogue Islands', and will endeavor to 'build upon the relationship with Arachnos in the future'. Typical Crey-speak. I will keep my eye on them.

Souvenir: Crey Logo

This is the Crey Industries logo, taken from their main laboratory in Paragon City. You ripped it from the wall after a tale you like to call:

Countess Coup

It all started when Regent Korol discovered Crey spies trying to steal data from one of the Grandville Arachnos bases. You were sent in as relief force to stop the Crey spies from escaping. In the end, the Crey spies still managed to send a transmission to an offshore cargo ship, supposedly containing data files on arachnos Trantulas.

Regent Korol sent you to take down the other Crey spies on the ship and recover the data files. During the fight on the ship you discovered the authorization of the data theft was direct from Countess Crey herself! Apparently she wanted to get hold of the Arachnos technology so Crey could gain a new edge.

When Regent Korol discovered who was behind the theft and what ther were after, she couldn't let this crime against Arachnos go unpunished! She sent you to the main Crey Industries laboratory in Paragon City to punish Countess Crey for her impudence.


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