Minor Story ArcKuhr'Rekt Diplomacy


Mission Index

  1. Steal Rikti weapons (Rikti,Council)
  2. Destroy base w/Rikti weapons
  3. Eliminate Rikti scouts

Steal Rikti weapons from the Council

Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt

Commence Education: Rikti Factions. Rikti invasion: Stalled. Rikti on Earth: Stranded. Rikti on Earth: Divided. Two Factions: Traditionalist, Restructurist. Restructurists seek: New social model. Restructurists: Mostly military. Restructurists core belief: Merit, Success, Power. Restructurists: Military, Majority. My Faction: Restructurist.

Traditionalists: Culturally bound. Traditionalists: Seek stable society on Human Earth. Traditionalists: Enemies. Traditionalists: Outnumbered: Desperate. Desperation: May negotiate: Heroes. My goal: Sabotage negotiation stance. First matter: Acquire traditionalist weapons. Fortunate event: Traditionalist weapons: Researched by Council. Dread Tomax objective: Steal weapons from Council.

Dread Tomax goal: Theft. Combat: Unnecessary, discretional. Weapons status: Inactive. Next mission: Provide activated weapons.

Part 1: Steal Rikti weapons (3 weapon caches to steal)
Council Base @ Grandville (Rikti,Council)

The Council are always researching strange things. This really isn't that surprising.

Objective: You have stolen the Rikti weapons

ClueRikti Weapons

These strange weapons have become familiar to everyone over the last few years, ever since the Rikti invaded from their alternate dimension. The weapons themselves are techno-organic, like most Rikti artifacts. These ones are still in storage, and are inactive.

Objective: You have stolen the disassembled Rikti weapons

ClueRikti Weapon parts

These are parts from Rikti weapons that have been disassembled for study.

Objective: You have stolen the Rikti-modified weapons.

ClueRikti-modified weapons

These weapons have all been modified with Rikti elements, though you don't know if they've been modified by the Rikti or by the Council.

Mission Complete: You have stolen the Rikti weapons from the Council.

Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt

Mission Success: Achieved. Weapons: Perfect. Next step: Use of Weapons. Mwah: Hah: Hah!

Destroy Longbow base with Rikti weapons

Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt

Precursor activity: Completed. Time occurs: Commence sabotage. Operation: Destruction: Longbow Base. Dread Tomax role: Destroyer: Longbow Base. Tools Provided: Recaptured Traditionalist weapons. Blame placed: Traditionalists.

Travel: Nerva Isles. Enter: Longbow base. Utilize: Weapons provided. Defeat: All present. Destroy: Security computer. When complete: Return.

Kuhr'Rekt provides some powerful alien weapons

Part 2: Destroy base w/Rikti weapons (Destroy Security computer)
Longbow Base @ Nerva Archipelago

These hero jokers are going to be in for a surprise.

Objective: You destroyed the security computer.

Mission Complete: You wiped out the Longbow base

Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt

Status: Excellent! Tensions: Rising. Longbow believes: Traditionalists responsible. Next mission: now set.

Attack Rikti Traditionalists to further destabilize relations

Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt

Final phase: Ready. Dread Tomax prior actions: Destabilize: Human-Traditionalist relations. Now: Dread Tomax mission: Destabilize Traditionalist: Human relations. Method: Attack Rikti Traditionalists.

Traditionalists: Seeking outposts. Location: Nerva Archipelago. Objective: Monitor Restructurist activity. Plan: Destroy scouting expedition. Utilize: Metahuman powers. Traditionalists: Blame Longbow. Conflict status: Restored.

Part 3: Eliminate Rikti scouts
Tunnels @ Nerva Archipelago

Kuhr'Rekt's resources intercepted a bunch of Traditionalist 'thought glyphs' coming from here. They are probably scouting these natural caves for a base.

Mission Complete: You wiped out the Rikti patrol!

Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt

Human/Traditionalist negotiations: Standstill. Open battles: occurring. Arachnos Interest: Restructurists: High. Plan comes together: I love it!

Souvenir: A Rikti certificate

Of all the things you've done, you never thought you'd find yourself working with a Rikti. The alien invaders nearly brought the world to it's knees in the war, but that was a few years ago, and now, this Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt seems to be an okay guy. While you still can't read the alien language of the certificate he handed you, it's nice to know that the Rikti think you understand:

Kuhr'Rekt Diplomacy

Your first job with Ambassador Kuhr'Rekt sent you against the Council. The Ambassador explained that the Rikti on Earth were split into two factions, Militaristic 'Restructurists' like himself, and more peaceful 'Traditionalists' who were trying to negotiate with the proper authorities in Paragon City. Kuhr'Rekt explained that his mission was to disrupt those negotiations while he was negotiating with Arachnos for his own side. Kuhr'Rekt had learned that the Council had seized some Rikti weapons belonging to the Traditionalist rivals, and wanted you to get them.

With the other factions weapons in hand, it was time to embark on some ultraviolent sabotage! Kuhr'Rekt asked you to cut loose and wipe out a Longbow base using the alien weapons, and you were only too happy to oblige.

The final step was for you to take out a Traditionalist Rikti outpost with your super powers, giving the Traditionalists reason to think that Longbow's metahumans had attacked them.

By the time you were finished, negotiations between the heroes and the Traditionalists were set back months, and Kuhr'Rekt couldn't have been happier. It's kind of nice to know that alien politics are just as dirty as human politics.


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