Minor Story ArcArachnoid Appetizers


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Arachnoids in lab (Arachnos,Arachnoids)
  2. Speak with Regent Korol
  3. Rescue Garrod from Arachnoids, Lead Garrod out

Defeat all Arachnos in lab

Terrence Dobbs

Okay, we got another Arachnoid attack on an Arachnos research lab. Arachnoid, Arachnos - you'd think theose two would get along? Hehe - I kid, I kid! head over to the research lab and clear out the Arachnoids!

It's a fairly high-profile Arachnos research base. There's a few researchers there which are unaccounted for. See if you can find 'em.

Part 1: Defeat all Arachnoids in lab (Rescue the scientist, Lead scientist out)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville (Arachnos,Arachnoids)

You make your way to the research lab. Time to hunt some bugs!

Mission Complete: You cleared out the Arachnos research lab!

ClueThe Missing Executioner

One of the scientists you rescued from the Arachnos research lab said the Arachnoids carried off Executioner Garrod, one of the Arachnos Bane Spiders who were salvaging research data from the lab.

Terrence Dobbs

So those Arachnoids snatched one of the Bane Spider Executioners, eh? Yah, I'm pretty sure they'll pay a pretty pennt to get their solder-boy back!

Speak with Regent Korol

Terrence Dobbs

Nice job clearing the Arachnoids out of that research lab. Arachnos definitely wants to get their kidnapped Executioner back, so it looks like we got another job. We can spend days scouring all the tunnels, but fortunately Arachnos has taken steps in case somethin' like this happens! Head over to talk with Regent Korol about tracking down Executioner Garrod.

Korol's kinda creepy, but keeps track of all that goes on in Grandville. She'll know what to do.

Part 2: Speak with Regent Korol
Delivery @ Grandville
Regent Korol

I sensed your approach, Dread Tomax! I take it you are here in the matter of the missing Bane Spider? Yes, Arachnos has many ways of keeping trak of our assets. Executioner Garrod was implanted with a homing beacon, a little trick we picked up from Crey Industries. Take this tracking device - it should show you exactly where you need to go.

Take care, my pet. Don't let the Arachnoids bite!

ClueTracking Device

This is a small handheld device used for tracking a particular beacon, in this case that of Arachnos Bane Spider Executioner Garrod.

Terrence Dobbs

Regent Korol hooke dyou up with a trackign device, eh? Good stuff! That's gonna save us a bunch of time huntin' this guy down!

Rescue Garrod from Arachnos

Terrence Dobbs

You still got the tracking device from Regent korol? Good, good! Let's finish up this job! Head into the Arachnoid tunnels and get Executioner Garrod!

Arachnos says the Arachnoids nabbed a whole Bane Spider unit, but only Garrod is the important one to rescue. Get him out there - if these critter didn't eat him already!

Part 3: Rescue Garrod from Arachnoids, Lead Garrod out
Arachnoid Nest @ Grandville

Find Executioner Garrod and get him out of here!

Mission Complete: You rescued Executioner Garrod!

Terrence Dobbs

You got Executioner Garrod back? Good stuff! That'll get us in good with Arachnos! At least for a little while.

Souvenir: Arachnoid Webbing

This is a piece of sticky webbing taken from an Arachnoid cocoon. You got it as a reminder of a tale you like to call:

Arachnoid Appetizers

It all started when Terrence Dobbs asked you to help clear Arachnoids out of an Arachnos research lab. You went in there and managed to resuce one of the research scientists, Doctor Weisen, who mentioned how Executioner Garrod had been taken by the Arachoids.

Dobbs spoke with Arachnosm, and they stated they wanted their soldier back. Dobbs sent you to speak with Regent Korol, who informed you how Arachnos tracked some of their more valuable assets through the use of implanted homing beacons, a little trick their picked up from Crey Industries. She gave you a tracking device to lead you right to where Executioner Garrod was taken.

You broke into the Arachnoid tunnels and found a number of people held captive in cocoons, presumably to be eaten! You managed to find Executioner Garrod in the end, freeing him from the webbed nightmare of the Arachnnoids.


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