OtherThe Quest: Home Town Hero


Mission Index

  1. Defeat 'The Quest' (Longbow,Civic Squad)

Notable Foes

Eliminate the returned home-town hero

Westin Phipps

People here at Haven House have something to be happy about, and that makes me angry. It seems that a young man who left the isles as a boy has come back, only now he's gotten himself super-powers. He's been working with Longbow agents, helping them get the lay of the land. He's also become a light of hope to the people here, showing them that they just might be able to improve their lot. That can't be allowed. I want him eliminated.

The hero in question is called, if you can believe it, 'The Quest'. I've heard word that he's helping a Longbow squad set up a hidden base. Eliminate him, and that should do it.

Seriously, 'The Quest'! What kind of name is that? I cannoy comprehend the minds of these self-sacrificing fools who...


You fiend, Dread Tomax! You monster! Well, you won't win this time! Now that Jimmy Blenkenship has returned as The Quest, he'll put an end to your evil ways! This is the last time you'll be taunting me and hurting the poor people of the Rogue Isles!

Part 1: Defeat 'The Quest' (Defeat 'The Quest')
Abandoned Warehouse @ Grandville (Longbow,Civic Squad)

Time to put 'The Quest' to rest.

Objective: You found a locket with a note in it on The Quest's body.

ClueA locket with a note in it.

This heart shaped locket contains two pictures and a note. The pictures show two teenagers, a boy who looks like a younger version of 'The Quest', and a girl. The note reads:

'I wish I'd been brave enough to escape with you. Now they're going to turn me into a monster. I'm so afraid, Jimmy. You've got to help me!

Looks like her help is never going to show up now, thanks to you.

The QuestThe Quest [Boss]
Young orphan Jimmy Blankenship grew up in the Rogue Isles, surviving by his street smarts and the kind help of Westin Phipps' Haven House. He might have even found a life in the Isles, until the day Arachnos troops took the woman he loved away for forcible induction into the Fortunatas. He nearly died trying to save her, but still failed. On the run from Arachnos he escaped the Isles and found his way to Paragon City. There he trained under combat masters and found his personal desire for revenge transformed into a larger quest for justice.

Mission Complete: You defeated 'The Quest'

Westin Phipps

Poor Jimmy Blenkenship. I spent all that time grooming him to trust abd believe me, and he has to go get himself in all sorts of trouble. Well, t least all that bother is over now.


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