OtherThe Civic Squad: Food for the needy


Mission Index

  1. Ruin food donation (Civic Squad,Paragon Police)

Notable Foes

Poison and destroy food for the needy

Westin Phipps

The nerve of some people! I was approached today by some sanctimonious do-gooders from some Paragon City charity. Apparently there was a big food drive for the poor of the Rogue Isles, and now the shipment is in. The donations are being stored in a warehouse here in Grandville until they can be distributed. But I want the poor to be hungry. It keeps them more miserable and desperate for my help. So I want you to destroy and poison those donations But watch out. There's a group of super-powered do-gooders guarding the shipment. I'd suggest you bring some other rogues along.

Along with some foolish volunteers from the Paragon Police, the shipment is guarded by a group of heroes called the 'Civic Squad', of all things. Poison and destroy the food, but make sure you take them down as well. Can't have people setting a good example.

Part 1: Ruin food donation (4 crates to poison, Defeat the Civic Squad, 4 crates to destroy)
Warehouse @ Grandville (Civic Squad,Paragon Police)

Objective: You have poisoned some of the food for the needy.

Objective: You've destroyed one of the crates of food.

Objective: You've destroyed one of the crates of fod.

Objective: You have defeated the Civic Squad

ElectrixieElectrixie [Boss]
Trixie Watts had gone sailing around the world to try and forget all those she's lost in the Rikti War. But when she was caugt in a radioactive thunderstorm following an illegal Nemesis Army underwater atomic test, she found her life transformed. Trixie had gained the power to control electricity itself, and more importantly, the courage to make a difference.
Max ActionMax Action [Boss]
The leader of the amazing superteam called the Civic Squad, Max Action is a one-man war on crime. Though he's lead the Civic Squad for several years, Max Action's true history is a cloely guarded secret. Rumours claim he may be a genetically engineered super-soldier, a movie action hero who escaped to the real world, or just a determined man who's pushed human ability to it's limit. One thing's beyond debate, though: his advanced martial arts abilities and finely honed reflexes place him among the most dangerous one-on-one combatants in the world.

Mission Complete: You poisoned and destroyed the food and deafeated the Civic Squad.

Westin Phipps

Desperation, deprivation and despair are floating through the halls of Have House now that everyone has heard about what you've done. I had a young mother bring her little children to me in tears.

'Oh, Mr. Phipps! my little Elsie and Sophia ate some of the food Dread Tomax poisoned, and now they've gone blind! What will we do?'

Oh, I tell you, it took all the control I had to stop myself from laughing. But I put on my most sorrowful and sympathetic face for them, and took them all in. You've made this dreary charity case a simply delightful situation.

Now, whatever will I do with a desperate mother and her blind twin daughters? Hmmm...


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