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Mission Index

  1. Stop Orrik's surveillance (Arachnos)
  2. Threaten Timothy Raymond

Stop Orrik's Surveillance

Kelly Uqua

We've been having some difficulty from an unusual source. It seems that an overzealous Arachnos Operative named James Orrik has been attempting to gather intelligence on our work together. I think that he's planning to intercept some of my group's technical acquisitions. I believe that he's doing this independantly, in an effort to advance his career, but that he's getting his information from another source. I would like you to put an end to his activities, and find the source of his information.

You'll need to defeat Operative Orrik, and also find out who he's getting his information from. Don't despatch the informant, but do tell him that Crey Industries is aware of his actions, and that he should stay out of Crey's business.

Part 1: Stop Orrik's surveillance (Uncover Informant, Defeat Orrik)
Arachnos Base @ Nerva Archipelago (Arachnos)

Kelly had better use all her influence with Crey to smooth this over when you're done, because this could get messy.

Objective: Orrik kept talking for a bit after the fight was over. he let some vital information slip.

ClueI... Understand... Now...

Operative Orrik had a few last things to say after his defeat:

'Raymond warned me you'd come...
Uqua. Ha! And to think...
I didn't believe TR at first...
Didn't want to believe, even after all he showed me...
I... Understand... Now...
Like TR said...
They're everywhere...
Raymond, I'm sorry...'

This TR must be his contact. The R must stand for Raymond.

Objective: You found some information.

ClueCase files

These files contain cryptic clues provided to Orrik about Kelly Uqua's activities. Orrik made notes here and there about what checked out, but seems to only slowly strat fitting together some unspoken conclusion about Ms. Uqua towards the end of the files, Orrik started to meet with his informant, whom he referred to only as 'TR'. Orrik's notes also start to take on a paranoid tone, as he starts owndering wbout all the people around him, and who's one of 'Them'. Who or what 'They' are supposed to be is never mentioned, or at least not written down. The last note was written today:

'TR told me that Uqua's tapped a resource to eliminate me. That's impossible! Who would dare! Unless... Rumour is that the higher-ups are trying to forge alliances. What if they know? What if I'm a sacrifice to prove that they're willing to deal with Them? I'll have to talk to Timothy again soon.'

TR must stand for Timothy something.

Mission Complete: You were able to piece together the informant's identity: Timothy Raymond

Part 2: Threaten Timothy Raymond
Delivery @ Nerva Archipelago
Timothy Raymond

I knew this was coming when Orrik didn't arrive for our meeting. I Issued: Warning to him, but he thought he'd be safe. I guess he learned Paranoia Alone: Insufficient Security. So, did you do it, or did she have her own people 'people' take him out? Or really, I guess the question is if it's my turn next?

But if that was why you were here, you'd have done it already, wouldn't you?

Tell her I get the message. I'll keep myself Exterior: Crey Business. I got the warning. But I'd like to Request Answer: Single Question.

I know you're a villain. I know you're in all this for money or power or revenge or whatever. But working with her? How can you live with yourself?

Kelly Uqua

So Orrik's source was Timothy Raymond. oh, I know him. I even tried to help him once. It's a sad but fascinating case. He was abducted by the Lost, and now has vivid hallucinations about the strangest things. The rumour is that Mr. Raymond is slightly psychically active, and so centres much of these delusions around the Rikti. He's caused trouble for my department before, but I really can't bear to see the poor man put out of the way. It sounds like Orrik let some deep inner paranoia get ahold of him, and he allowed himself to get sucked into one of Timothy's fantasy worlds. It's a good thing we put a stop to the situation before it became problematic. I'll make sure my superiors smooth things over with Arachnos for you.

Poor Timothy. Why, I suppose he tried to convince you I was really a Rikti agent or something? Dont' worry, i've heard that before. Some people become paranoid at the very mention of Rikti, and since my department sometimes works with their artifacts, well, you can imagine what that could do to an already unhinged mind.

You've really helped out both me and Crey Industries, Dread Tomax. I'll always remember the thing you've done for us.


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