Minor Story ArcFat Cat City


Mission Index

  1. Steal blackmail photos from Carnival (Arachnos,Longbow,Carnival of Shadows)
  2. Steal proof from Arachnos
  3. Kidnap Councilman Wenkler

Dig up blackmail info on corrupt politician

Basse Croupier

Hey, Dread Tomax, I got another job for you. It's kinda complicated, and it'll take a couple steps to do it, so it's gonna be a lot of work. Johnny asked me to get you for it, but it's a lot of trouble, and me, I don't like to impose. But still, I should ask you about it. See, there's this big-shot politico type from the mainland who spends way too much time causing trouble for us. He's always like 'People shouldn't go to St. Martial on vacation! It's run by supervillains! Blah blah blah!' Then he turns around and comes here under a false name and stuff. That's politics, man. Well, we have a policy here that all our guests secrets are safe and all, but breaking our policy for a hypocrite really ain't so bad. particularly when it's not use that breaks it, but some, you know, free agent.

Like, say, you, for instance.

So, the guy's name is Councilman Wenkler. He's from Paragon City, and we used to think of him as free advertising. But then he went too far, man. He got Johnny's new album banned, and man, Johnny ain't happy about that. Now Johnny told me to handle it, and I thought of you.

First thing, that Councilman Wenkler does a lot of 'Family Values' stuff, which is good and all if you're into that kind of thing. Then he comes over here and parties it up with the Carnival. Well, Jezebel found out that the Carnies got a lot of blackmail photos, but they aren't willing to share. So, I want you to get them. Throw a little mayhem in there if you want, but, don't go overboard on my account.

Part 1: Steal blackmail photos from Carnival (Find the photos)
Office @ St. Martial (Arachnos,Longbow,Carnival of Shadows)

The Carnival is storing some of their gear here between shows. They probably aren't expecting any trouble. Too bad for them.

Objective: You found the photos!

ClueBlackmail Photos

These photos show Councilman Wenkler having a *VERY* good time with several members of the Carnival of Shadows. It's really quite amazing. Any one of these photos could be a scandal, and the whole set could destroy his career. For someone who claims to be happily married and uses moral appeals in nearly every speech, he really knows how to cut loose, and the Carnies seem quite eager to help him.

Mission Complete: You found the blackmail photos

Basse Croupier

You totally got that one wrapped up. I'll just take those photos and WHOAH!

Man, I so did not want to see that! But I'm sure there are a bunch of reporters Johnny knows that would.

Man, that image is gonna be stuck in my head for a while. Might make it hard to sleep.

Get proof of Paragon City Councilman Wenkler's double dealings

Basse Croupier

Man, I been reading up on Councilman Wenkler, and I gotta tell you, I just can't believe that guy. He's been kidnapped by the Circle of Thorns, and Paragon City heroes saved him. He's been threatened by the Vahzilok, and heroes saved him. So he gets in over his head in debts here, and what does he do? He starts selling hero's secrets to Arachnos. Now, I'm all 'Praise Arachnos' and all that, sure man, whatever. But, that's just wrong. Now, Johnny tells me he feels the same way, and so he asked me to ask you to get some proof. Extra insurance, you know.

Like I said, Wenklr's been selling secrets to Arachnos. They're not gonna be to willing to give 'em up, so don't be expecting a friendly reception. On the other hand, Johnny will smooth things for you afterwards. Mr. Sonata figures it, if you\re blackmailing somebody, it's best to have two different things to blackmail them wth. That way, if they think they're prepared for one thing, you can reveal the other, and up the stakes. That's why Mr. Sonata is the top. He's always a couple steps ahead.

Part 2: Steal proof from Arachnos (Find proof against Wenkler)
Arachnos Base @ St. Martial

Defeating a patrol could bring a lot of heat down on you. It might be better to keep things quiet.

Objective: You found the proof you were looking for.

ClueDouble Dealing

Looks like the base commander was a bit paranoid, and kept copies not just of all the payments made to Councilman Wenkler, but also copies of the information he'd provided. There are hero secret identities, details on how Paragon Cty's teleportation system works, all kinds of things. When Wenkler sold out, he sold out big-time.

Mission Complete: You found proof of Councilman Wenkler's double-dealings.

Basse Croupier

Man, being a hypocrite and partying with chicks is one thing, but Jeez, this guy is such a total sleeze. I mean, yeah, selling out secrets like this helps out Arachnos and all, but it's just low. Me, I try to keep some class, you know. Kinda like Mr. Sonata.

Kidnap Councilman Wenkler from his Longbow extraction team

Basse Croupier

So, Johnny asks me if you've ever actually met Councilman Wenkler. I told him I didn't think you had, and then Johnny, he says that you should. Now, what Mr. Sonata tells me is that our pal Wenkler got tipped that we're digging up all this dirt, so he pulled some strings, and now he's got this squad of those uptight Longbow types coming in to get him out of the islands. Johnny, he doesn't like that. He says if Councilman Wenkler gets a free out, he might feel too safe. So, Johnny, he wants you to bring Mr. Wenkler back to us before those Longbow guys can get him out of St. Martial.

See, me, I'm more of a live-and-let live kind of guy. I like to be laid back, and I'd figure we already got enough dirt on this guy. but, johnny, he's more aggressive. He's a tacke-charge kind of guy. His big thing is, if this guy gets away like this, then he feels like he's safe. but if we grab him, then deliver him back to paragon City ourselves, well, he knows we got him. Right now thoe Longbow cats have Mr. Wenkler is some kind of crazy underwater base, but johnny already knows alll about it. He's even chartered a sub for you over in Nerva Archipelago.

Part 3: Kidnap Councilman Wenkler (Kidnap Wenkler, Get Wenkler to exit)
Longbow Underwater Base @ Nerva Archipelago

You have to wonder how mnay of these Longbow bases are hidden in the waters of the Rogue Isles.

Mission Complete: You escorted the Councilman into Johnny's care.

Basse Croupier

Mr. Sonata is very pleased with all you've done. I talked to him myself. Johnny's gonna show that hypocritical fat-cat a good time this weekend, then drop him off in Paragon City, safe and sound. Well, safe, sound, and duly intimidated. You've made that part real easy. You got the talent, Dread Tomax, and don't think Mr. Sonata doesn't know it.

Souvenir: 'Vote for Wenkler!' button

This large pin-on button reminds you of the time you met Paragon City's Councilman Wenkler. It was a little escapade you like to remember as:

Fat Cat City

Basse Croupier is one of Johnny Sonata's confidants, a former rival cronner with a ruined career whose loyalty Johnny bought for the price of a decent job at the Golden Giza. So when you heard from him that there was a matter Johnny wanted you in particular to know about, you asked to know more. Turns out this was about a certain corrupt politician from Paragon City called Councilman Wenkler. He'd been stirring up a lot of trouble for Johnny and the Giza, then flying out to the Rogue Isles under an assumed name to live it up. Unfortunately for him, his antics had finally crossed the line, and Johnny wanted someone capable to get blackmail material on Wenkler. it proved easy enough to do. You stole some compromising photos showing the Councilman cavorting with the Carnival of Shadows, and passed them on to Basse for your pay.

Johnny wanted more blackmail material, and you were happy to oblige. Seems the Councilman had been selling heroes secrets to Arachnos to pay his gambling debts. You stole evidence of his double dealing from Arachnos, and let Johnny smooth things over.

Councilman Wenkler realized that someone was gathering evidence against him, and tried to flee St. Martial under Longboiw guard. You put a stop to that and delivered him into Johnny Sonata's hands. Johnny turned the whole thing into a big photo-op before returning Wenkler to the mainland safe, sound, and thoroughly intimidated. Basse told you that he'd given high praise for your work to Johnny. That might help to get you somewhere.


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