Minor Story ArcMiss Francine the Freakshow teacher


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Freaks in base (Longbow,Freakshow,Vindicators)
  2. Catch Miss Francine
  3. Recapture Miss Francine - 1:30:00

Notable Foes

Stop Freakshow altruism

Westin Phipps

People in Haven House have been talking about a change among some groups of Freakshow. It seems that a group of them have stopped wreaking havoc, and have started helping people. They're robbing from Arachnos and giving to the poor of the isles. Nothing makes my job betraying the hopes of the hopeless more difficult than altruism, particularly when it's bad people who are ones setting a good example. They have to be stopped before this spreads, and I would like you to take care of it.

My sources tell me that the Freaks are about to raid an Arachnos base for supplies to give to the needy. Wipe them out, and that should put a damper on things for the moment. The trouble is, I have no idea why the Freaks are behaving like this. If you can find out why, it might hel us clip the wings of this problem before it gets away from us.

Part 1: Defeat all Freaks in base (Find clue to Freak behaviour)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville (Longbow,Freakshow,Vindicators)

Looks like the Freaks have already cleared Arachnos out of here.

Objective: You found a bunch of schoolbooks on these Freakshow.

ClueSchool Books

You found a set of school books tucked in a backpack carried by the Freashow Tank 'T33ch@h'Z p3t'. Inside his binder, there's a list of his classes, his homework, and what days and times he's supposed to attend something called 'Miss Francine Primm's Secondary School'.

The one really puzzling thing, though, is how could T33ch@h'Z p3t have had such good handwriting? He didn't even have hands! It boggles the mind.

Objective: The paper here... It's all homework.

ClueFreakshow Homework

You've found pages of half-finished homework. There are some math sections, a few pages of spelling, and a complete 3 paragraph book report. It looks like one of the Freaks was in the middle of working on it when you attacked. It even has the class he was taking written on it, along with the name of his teacher: Miss Francine Primm.

Mission Complete: You put an end to the Freakshow's random good deeds.

Westin Phipps

It is done? Excellent! I can't wait to..

Someone's coming, let me get into character!

You monster! You fiend! How dare you come here to gloat in my face! I'll not cower down to your bullying! Many people were relying on the supplies those brave Freakshow liberated. Why must villains like you stomp on everything good that might happen to...

Are they gone? Good. Sorry about that, must keep up appearances, you know. Well, with the information you found, it sounds like this 'Miss Francine' is the real problem here. I'll ask around.

Stop Miss Francine

Westin Phipps

Now that I knew what to look for, it was easy to find out what's been going on.. It seems that a young woman has made it her personal mission to rehabilitate some of the unsavoury elements around here. There are a number of Freakshow who've grown quite attached to this plucky young school teacher, and I fear that she's rubbing off on them. This Miss Francine is becoming a shining beacon of hope. So, I'm afraid that little light must be snuffed out.

I'm glad you agree. I've had some difficulty pinning down Miss Francine. Her Freakshow friends like to move her around to keep people like you and me from finding her. But she's made a bit of an incautious error. It seems that she's trying to set up a little school, of all things. I tols people that I'd like to help her, but I discovered that she's already getting help from an outside source. It seems that school supplies are being funneled to her, and then left in a forgotten warehouse. With the class schedule you found and my own connections, I think I've found out where and when the next pick-up is. I'm told that she eventually plans to turn the place into a school-room! Can you imagine it? Miss Francines school for Freaks! The very image of Freakshow sitting in rows of desks is hilarious. It would almost be worth letting her continue her work just for that, but no. Your job is to capture her, and find out where those supplies are coming from. No doubt the Freaks she's teaching will try to protect her, but I assure you that Dreck and the other Freakshow who aren't taking classes with that little troublemaker want her out of the picture as much as I do.

Part 2: Catch Miss Francine (4 clues to find, Kidnap Miss Francine)
Abandoned Warehouse @ Grandville

Time to catch the source of all the trouble: A good hearted school teacher who wants to help people.

Objective: You found some interesting correspondence.

ClueA thank you letter

Dear Miss Luminary,
I would like to thank you for all your help getting supllies for my classes. I know that you and Longbow have put a great deal of effort to helping me, and exposed yourselves to some danger in order to get these supplies through, so I wanted to thank you again for all that you've done.

Yes, now that you mention it, I do remember one of my students mentioning a 'Waever-1'. He was an Arachnos science officer who used to party with them. What I was told, I was told in confidence, so I'm not sure I should relay it. But if Statesman himself is interested, well, it must be important. Let me think on it.

Francine Primm

PS - Your notes on 'L33T' have also helped me a greta deal, though most of my students think it's funny when I try to use it. Thank you again.

Objective: You found something.

ClueStudent Files

These folders contain the class records of Miss Francine's students. She's sharted their imporvement, and where they need help. She also has notes about their personal lives here and there. Seems that a number of the Freaks have been very candid with her about their personal problems. You take a moment to skim through some of Miss Francine's earnest notes about the pathetic wasted lives of her students for a good laugh, until you see something that makes your blood run cold:

Some of her Freakshow students used to hanf out with a slumming Arachnos technician. Miss Francine learned a lot about Arachnos' inner workings from talking to them. The thing that makes this really interesting it that the Arachnos tech they were slumming with wasn't just any technician. It was Weaver-1, the master designer responsible for much of Arachnos' technology.

That could be some pretty explosive imformation.

Objective: You found some school supplies. Might be worth something.

ClueSchool Supplies

This crate contains all kinds of school supplies. Books, paper, calculators, even some laptops. As you grab some of the valuable items, you notice that everything here is from the Paragon City Public School District.

Miss Francine Idealistic Teacher [Captive]
Miss Francine is a plucky young teacher who came to the Rogue Isles to teach the underpriveliged. Somehow her sweet demeanor and good intentions caught the attention of several members of the Freakshow. She since started an underground school dedicated to teaching and rehabilitating members of the normall violent street gang.

Mission Complete: You captured Miss Francine and found out who was funding her.

Clue'But I'm just a teacher!'

Miss Francine was really upset when you handed her over to the Arachnos soldiers Phipps had called on. She was clearly sad about al the people you'd hurt to get to her, but the little school teacher's will was still unbroken:

'The boys mentioned your name a few days ago, and I hadn't understood why they sounded so worried. Now I know. I hadn't even realized that attendance at classes had been so high because they were trying to protect me. And look at what happened to them. All because of you.'

'My class told me about villains like you. Even the Freakshow are afraid of villains like you. Most of them ended up where they did because they were desperate, or lost, or in a bad place. But you have to choose this like every single day. They were all wild, and crazy, but often there were some good boys in there at the core. I can't even imagine what a pitiful creature like you must be like, deep down.'

Westin Phipps

Oh, there will be such sweet anguish when word gets out that little Miss Francine Primm was captured. Serves he right for giving some hope to this trash.

So, she was getting her help from Longbow, was she? Well, Arachnos will lock her away and pry every single shred of what she learned about us from her pretty little head. Whatever's left of her will be dumped on the street.

I'll have to make sure that she makes her way here to Haven House. I'll put her broken little form to work on the staff to show my charity. And when people see what became of her, it will send them further into despair.

That, Dread Tomax, is what I call job satisfaction.

Recapture Miss Francine within 90 minutes

Westin Phipps

Well, something rather extraordinary has occured. It seems that Paragon City's finest took action to help poor little Francine. Luminary and Blue Steel broke her out of Arachnos custody! These kind of last-minute heroic rescues cannot be tolerated. She has to be recaptured. Blue Steel's been sighted back in Paragon City, so it's probably just Luminary and Longbow protecting her right now. And, luckily for us, some of her friends have unknowningly betrayed her location to me. This will still be difficult. I've heard Luminary is very powerful, and there will be numerous Longbow guards.

You'll have to move fast. You'll only have 90 minutes before they can get her back to Paragon City.

And you may want to take allies with you. Luminary is no push-over.

There's no time to lose. Now, as I mentioned, Luminary is probably still guarding her, so I'd recommend you bring some cronies along if you don't have them already. We cannot allow Miss Francine to get away. What she knows is too dangerous.

Well, and I do want to see her reduced to a broken wreck for all the trouble she's caused me, but that's purely personal.

Part 3: Recapture Miss Francine - 1:30:00 (Kidnap Miss Francine)
Underwater Longbow Base @ Grandville

Part of you has to wonder what grim fate awaits Miss Francine Primm if you catch her.

LuminaryLuminary [Hero]
The current Luminary is an android built by Positron to replace the original Luminary, who retired in 1995. Far from being a cold machine, Luminary has developed a strong personality under the watchful gaze of the android Citadel of the Freedom Phalanx. Armed with powerful energy blasts, Luminary has become a shining symbol of heroism and progress for Paragon City.

Mission Complete: You re-captured Miss Francine, and returned her to the harsh care of Arachnos.

Clue'They'll torture me, you know.'

As you tossed her into the rough grip of the Arachnos guards in the mini-sub, little Miss Francine Primm looked you straight in the eye and said:

'They'll torture me, you know. I was only in their hands for a short while the first time, but in those hours the things they did were indescribable. This time, I know that it will be worse. It will have to be. They're afraid that it will be worse. It will have to be. They're afraid of me. I was kind to those poor boys in the Freakshow, and their lives started to change. That's what Arachnos is afraid of. Not all of the people in the Isles are psychopaths. Many just never knew another way. And that's why they have to destroy me.'

'It's funny, but I'm not angry at you or afraid of you. I know that's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth. I only feel pity for you. I feel sorry for you. You poor, pathetic creature.'

Westin Phipps

Oh, poor little Francine Primm. I've got channels in Arachnos, i'm going to get every minute of her destruction recorded. Hmmm... I think I might even leak it out around the isles. Seeing the horrors visited on that girl should crush people's spirits all the more, and keep the next one like her away for some time.

Miss Primm in Arachnos' captivity, the Freakshow back to normal, and even Luminary sent to the repair shop! Oh, I really must thank you, Dread Tomax! You've made this such a good day!

Souvenir: A Class Syllabus

This class syllabus is stained by blood and machine oil. You pried it from the mechanical clutches of one of the students of:

Miss Francine the Freakshow Teacher

It all started when Westin Phipps, the crokked proprietor of Haven House, had a problem. It seems that members of the Freakshow had changed from all-destroying party machines into altruistic bandits, robbing from Arachnos to give to the poor of the Rogue Isles. Phipps asked you to put a stop to it. You barged in when the Freaks were sacking an Arachnos warehouse, and took them down. You also found clues to the source of the problem: A school teacher named Miss Francine Primm.

Westin Phipps used his connections with the poor and downtrodden people of the isles, betraying their trust to find out where Miss Francine would be. Armed with that information you moved in to capture her. Along the way, you found out that she had received some aid from Longbow. It seems that Paragon's undercover law enforcement division had discovered that some of Miss Francine's students used to hang out with Weaver-1, the genius engineer who had designed much of Arachnos' technology. But your job was to catch Miss Francine Primm, so you just filed that away for later.

It was only a little later that Phipps learned that the heroes Luminary and Blue Steek had broken Francine Primm out of Arachnos detention. Using his sources, he pin-pointed her at an underwater Longbow base, and sent you in to bring her back to Arachnos captivity. Blue Steel was already back in Paragon City, so you just had to fight past Longbow Soldiers, Miss Francine's remaining Freakshow students, and Luminary herself to bring the hapless school teacher in. She had sharp words for you, but you have to give her credit. Even knowing the horrors she was in for in Arachnos' interrogation pits, she was still strong and brave to the end.

You kept this class syllabus afterwards. Each blood-stained page of it is filled with the promise of new chances at the future. Promises you made sure will never come true. You took it as a trophy, but every time you look at it, all you can see are Francine Primm's eyes looking into your own as the Arachnos guards took her away.


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