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  1. Destroy school books (Paragon Police)

Destroy school books

Westin Phipps

Ah, Dread Tomax, we have so much to do. I'm afriad that we're on the verge of an epidemic of hope and progress throughout the Rogue Isles. The problems that would cause Arachnos are too numerous to state. Now, where to begin?

I know just the thing. Some well meaning souls from Paragon City have recently donated a shipment of school books to the poor of the isles. These books are problem for two reasons. Firstly, they contradict the official truth as told by Arachnos. Secondly, it's in the bets interest of the isles to keep the poor uneducated, and thus easily manipulated. So, those books will all just need to go.

Delightful. Now, the books are being guarded by volunteers from the sickeningly well meaning Paragon Police, but they're really not targets, they're just in the way. Oh, you'll have to excuse me, someone's coming. Must play the part, you know.


Dread Tomax, you monster! How could you even contemplate such a thing? The children of the isles need those books if they're to have any chance in life! And then to come here and torment us with this. I'll call the police, I will. I mean it! Now, get out of Haven House!

Part 1: Destroy school books (6 book shipments to destroy)
Warehouse @ Grandville (Paragon Police)

Look at all these Paragon Police volunteers who came all this way to risk their lives protecting some books. Haven't they learned there are easier ways to make a living?

Objective: You've destroyed one of the book shipments

Objective: You've destroyed one of the book shipments.

Objective: You've destroyed one of the book shipments.

Mission Complete: You destroyed all the book shipments

Westin Phipps

I've heard all about it. People have been coming into Haven House absolutely despondant all day, full with news of your work and blather about their broken hopes and dreams. Excellent work. I think I'm going to like working with you.


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