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  1. Punish embezzlers (Nemesis)

Teach the Family embezzlers a lesson

Basse Croupier

You know I'm a real mellow kind a' cat, right? But some things wind me up. See, Mr. Sonata has some business relations with members of the Family, right? They've helped him, he helped them, it's been good all around. But some of the new batch of Family guys, they don't thinka good thing is enough. Too much superadine, if you catch my drift. They have no respect for Mr. Sonata, and so they do stupid things, man, like, get this, they cook the books to steal from Mr. Sonata. From Johnny 'The Pipes' Sonata, man. Now, they need to learn that they just can't do that. And they need to learn that lesson hard.

There's a whole nest of 'em, hiding out in an office and going over their books. Take 'em all out, man. Every one of those double-dealers. And find their books and their book-master. Mister Sonata's gonna want to know all the details.

Part 1: Punish embezzlers (Find books, Kidnap the bookie)
Office @ St. Martial (Nemesis)

The embezzlers are supposed to be here counting their money. Someone's in for a rude surprise.

Objective: You found the doctored books.

ClueDoctored Books

These doctored financial records show that a satggering amount of money has been diverted away from the Golden Giza. According to the records, this has been going on for some time. Far longer than these guys have been on the scene. In fact, there are references of payments going back to the 1920's, before the Giza was even built. It's as if one person had been organizing a conspiracy to draw funds from Family operations for nearly a century.

Mission Complete: You punished the embezzlers.

Basse Croupier

Nemesis dudes? Man, that is bad news all around! Rumour is that Nemesis used to have all the big crime families in his pocket back in the day, but everybody says they're free on him now. Thing is, the way his plans work, that could just be what he wants people to think. Mr. Sonata's gonna want to keep cleaning this up on the down-low, so you're done on this one.

Nemesis is a trip, man. He's like a hundred and sixty something and has tried to take over the world a bunch of times. It's crazy, man, crazy.


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