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  1. Tell Archon Dekker to pay up (Council)

Remind Archon Dekker to pay up

Basse Croupier

People today, man, I just don't get 'em. It's like everybody's changing into something else. It's all crazy. And sometimes, it makes 'em do craxy things. Case in point: There's this guy, one a them Council types called Archon Dekker. Well, he racks up a whole lot of gambling debts, and we tell him he's gotta pay. Then he goes and gets himself turned into some kinda half alien thing called a 'Galaxy Soldier'. Now he thinks he's a different person, so he says he ain't gonna pay up his old debts, man. Me, I'm all for personal reinvention and all, but that's just being cheap. So, I'd like you to remind this Archon Dekker that he still has bills to pay.

This one might be tense, man, but don't let it get to you. Just teach Dekker his lesson, all personal like. Give him this note, too. Just to remind him how much he owes, you know, and give him a little more encouragement. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled. Those Council guys may have patrols and stuff walking around.

Basse hands you a bill to give to Dekker.

ClueA bill for Archon Dekker

This is a long list of Archon Dekker's gambling debts. It's pretty impressive. At the bottom, under Basse Croupier's signature, are a few words from Johnny Sonata himself:

'Don't be a cheapskate, Dekker. Nobody likes it, and I guarantee that there'll be worse come. - Johnny Sonata'

Part 1: Tell Archon Dekker to pay up (Defeat Archon Dekker & guards)
Council base @ St. Martial (Council)

Even in the Rogue Isles, the Council still likes to live underground.

Objective: The patrol may have alerted their comrades!

Objective: You delivered the message to Archon Dekker.

Mission Complete: You reminded Archon Dekker of his financial duty.

Basse Croupier

Man, I hate being all heavy handed like that, but sometimes some people forget that they just can't beat the house.


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