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  1. Defeat Freaks for into (Freakshow)
  2. Find B4nKbUsTah

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Nobody skips out on their debts to the Family. Not with you around.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Catch the Freakshow debtor before he skips town

Basse Croupier

We try to run a good operation here, but sometimes some people, well they find ways to make trouble for themselves. So, when that kind of thing happens, Mr. Sonata likes to have it handled, if you understand. If we call them in, and they take a simple case of some Freakshow rowdy who tried to skip out on his debts as a big tax evasion issue, well, then they take it as a challenge, and the next thing you know, a skip-trace turns into a war. So Mr. Sonata likes these things to be handled unofficially, you know? And it just so happens that we have a situation just like I described about to goin' on right now. And here I was just telling you all about how we like to handle things like this. Ain't that a kick in the head?

A lot of punks think they can disrespect Mr. Sonata, and that just ain't cool. So, there's this guy, he calls himself B4nKbUsTah, if you can believe it. He's one of those Freakshow types, and man, he's like a hundred kinds of crazy. Fact is, he's so crazy, he's trying to skip town on his gambling debts. All his other Freakshow friends are trying to protect him so he can skidaddle before he has to pay up what he owes. That makes this a two-parter. You'll have to get his location from some of those other Freaks, then corner him. You're a professional, so I'll just leave it to you.

Part 1: Defeat Freaks for into (Defeat 20 Freakshow)
Defeat X (Freakshow)

Mission Complete: One of the Freaks finally talked, and told you where to find B4nKbUsTah.

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Awarded for completing the mission
Part 2: Find B4nKbUsTah (Defeat B4nKbUsTah & crew)
Sewers @ St. Martial

This should probably be the place B4nKbUsTah and his cronies hide out.

Objective: You defeated B4nKbUsTah before he could skip town.

Mission Complete: You have caught B4nKbUsTah.

Basse Croupier

Hard Luck says that the Freaks payed up to get their boy back, so I guess everything worked out in the end. And no one had to get bent out of shape. Well, except for B4nKbUsTah, I guess.

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