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Mission Index

  1. Defeat Tsoo Racketeers (Tsoo)
  2. Defeat & rob Tsoo

Defeat Tsoo Racketeers

Basse Croupier

Some people never get a clue, man. See, when I started working for Mr. Sonata, I learned something important: That is, if you wanna be big time, you gotta think big-time. So, say, if you want to make yourself come money here in St. Martial, what you do is you pay your dues and you set up a nice casino like the Giza or the Lucky Six. But some people just don't think big time. So there are these guys, they're called the Tsoo, name's supposed to mean 'The Destoyers' or something. Real tough guys, maybe you've run into these cats before. Well, they're still thinking small-time. They're trying to set up a little protection racket, and started to threaten the guys who run the Lucky Six. So they called me, and I told Johnny, and Mr. Sonata, well, he got mad. Then he said he wanted it stopped. Then he asked about you. So, well, it's in everybody's interest to go and break that little protection racket, you dig?

I'm glad to know you got it, man. This one's easy. First, take out the guys they got in the Lucky Six. Then, go to their hide-out. Make sure they don't get to keep any of what they've already taken. Keep it for yourself, give it to your friends, whaever you like, man. All Johnny wants it that those Tsoo guys know they can't keep it? You dig?

Part 1: Defeat Tsoo Racketeers
Casino @ St. Martial (Tsoo)

You can hear people screaming over the jangling sounds of slot machines and clattering of coins.

Mission Complete: You cleared out the Tsoo

Part 2: Defeat & rob Tsoo (4 safes)
Warehouse @ St. Martial

The Tsoo probably own this place through a front coroporation. Everything around here is owned by one criminal or another.

Objective: You take all the Tsoo' ill gotten gains.

Objective: You take all the Tsoo's ill gotten gains.

Mission Complete: You cleaned out the Tsoo gansters.

Basse Croupier

Those tsoo, man, I just don't get it. Some people got to do everything the hard way. All that work, and you take all their money. If they'd paid their dues and opened a card parlor or something, man, all they stole wouldn't even be a day's take! It's that small-time thinking, just like Sr. Sonata says.


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