Story ArcA Hero's Hero


Mission Index

  1. Find the dead scanner (Praetorians)
  2. Defeat all wolves in area - 1:00:00
  3. Defeat Siege and his minions
  4. Defeat Bobcat and her minions
  5. Take scanners to Tina Macintyre
  6. Defeat Neuron and his minions
  7. Save Warrior clan's village
  8. Take defused bomb to Tina
  9. Defeat Battle Maiden & her minions
  10. Rescue citizens from shadows
  11. Talk to Tina Macintyre
  12. Rescue the prisoner
  13. Defeat all villains in asylum
  14. Defeat all villains in cavern
  15. Defeat all villains in lab
  16. Defeat Tyrant and his minions

Notable Foes

Statesman's Pal
You have defeated Tyrant, the evil version of Statesman from the Praetorian Earth.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Fix the scanner

Maria Jenkins

I'm sure you're aware of the great threat that Praetorian Earth poses to our dimension, Red Tomax. Portal Corporation has been doing everything it can to combat that threat. Through the efforts of our hero liaisons, several of the Praetorians were incarcerated; however an extradimensional event at the Zig recently freed the lot of them. That fact makes me all the more nervous about the following development:

Recently we asked some heroes to plant data scanners on a pack of war wolves on Praetorian Earth. The scanners' primary purpose was to keep us appraised of the Praetorians' efforts to enter our dimension, but they have also been providing us with valuable information on troop movements, technological advances, and shifts of power within the Praetorian world itself. One of the scanners stopped transmitting just this morning. I need you to get to Praetorian Earth and fix that scanner.

When the scanner went dead, it was somewhere in the abandoned graveyard I'm sending you to.

Part 1: Find the dead scanner (Defeat Chimera)
Instanced Outdoor @ Peregrine Island (Portal) (Praetorians)

As you step into this abandoned graveyard on Praetorian Earth, you feel certain you're being watched.

Objective: The data scanner has been hacked from the body of this war wolf.

ClueThe wolf's remains

This Praetorian war wolf, one of Shadowhunter's minions, was brutally slaughtered by Chimera's ninjas. The Portal Corporation data scanner lie among the bones, now entirely defunct. It seems clear that this wolf was butchered and the scanner deactivated in order to lure you to Praetorian Earth. The thought makes you a little sick.

Objective: Chimera was clutching a dead Portal Corporation scanner.

ChimeraChimera [Arch-Villain]
When his parents were killed by the villain Doppleganger, Chimera was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Doppleganger took the boy under his wing and trained him to be the world's premiere silent killer.

Mission Complete: You found the data scanner.

Maria Jenkins

Chimera butchered that war wolf, just to lay a trap for you. I have to admit, that turns my stomach. I guess it shows us the kind of villains we're dealing with. Don't go too far, Red Tomax. I have a feeling that the Praetorians will require more of your attention. And soon.

Check on the scanners

Maria Jenkins

You remember those data scanners we planted on Praetorian Earth? The last time we spoke I was worried because one of the had gone dead; now, they're all dead! We've stopped receiving any signals from the scanners whatsoever. This doesn't sit right with me, Red Tomax. It could be that the Praetorians eliminated the scanners because they're about to begin work on something they don't want us to observe. Plans for an invasion, perhaps? I wouldn't be surprised. I need you to go back to Shadowhunter's forest and check on those scanners. See if you can confirm my suspicions.

But do it quickly. If those scanners have been compromised, we could be in danger of the Praetorians using them against us! I've only received authorization for a 1 hour excursion.

If the Praetorians are plotting something. I need you to learn everything you can.

Part 2: Defeat all wolves in area - 1:00:00
Instanced Outdoor @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

Something moves in the underbrush. You're not alone here.

ShadowhunterShadowhunter [Arch-Villain]
Infused with the fury of the Wild Hunt, Shadowhunter roams with his Pack, cutting down everything in his path. He loathes humanity for the most part and his alliance with Tyrant is an uneasy one at best. It is held together by the fact that Tyrant cares nothing for the wilderness and is happy to give it over to Shadowhunter. If Tyrant ever begins to strip the land for resources, things will quickly unravel.

Mission Complete: When you defeated Shadowhunter, he spat out, 'Your foul machines have been given to the metallic abominations.'

ClueShadowhunter's story

When you defeated Shadowhunter, he spat:

'Though it pained me, I have culled the infected creatures from my pack. My brothers will not serve as your spies! Your foul machines were given to the metallic abominations, the ones called Siege and Nightstar. They may do with them as the wish. I have no interestin the trappings of artificiality.'

Maria Jenkins

So, the scanners were given to Siege and Nightstar. I think we'd better stay on this course, Red Tomax. I'm afriad it's leading us toward something big.

Bring back the missing scanners

Maria Jenkins

We've found the location of a storage facility operated by Siege and Nightstar. There's a good chance our missing data scanners may be there. I think it's important that we track down those data scanners, Red Tomax; I don't want to see Portal Corporation tech in the hands of the Praetorians. I need you to inflltrate that facility and bring back the missing scanners. Can you do that?

Those scanners were built with state of the art technology. There's no telling what Siege and his minions can learn from them.

Part 3: Defeat Siege and his minions (Find the scanners)
Warehouse @ Peregrine Island

Siege's enormous facility is staffed by scores of mechanised men. You'll have to fight your way through them to locate the missing scanners.

Objective: You found a transfer order.

ClueTransfer order

According to this transfer order, found on a computer in Siege's storage facility, portal Corporation's data scanners have been sent to a lab operated by Neuron and his surgically enhanced lieutenant, Bobcat.

NightstarNightstar [Arch-Villain]
This android is the creation of Anti-Matter as a testament to his love for Dominatrix. Nightstar is patterened after her in the same way that Siege is patterned after Tyrant. Neuron considers it an inferior design but Anti-Matter knows that one day victory will be his.
SiegeSiege [Arch-Villain]
The masterpiece of Neuron, Siege is the most advanced android ever created on Praetorian Earth. neuron used Tyrants DNA patterns to create him, making him virtually indestructible and extremely loyal.

Mission Complete: You learned where the scanners are being stored.

Maria Jenkins

It sounds like the Praetorians are hard at work learning all they can about Portal Corporation's data scanners. They might be trying to reverse engineer them, or even adapt them to some nefarious purpose. We've got to get those scanners back!

Get the data scanners back

Maria Jenkins

From what you learned at Siege's storage facility, it seems that Portal Corporation's data scanners are being held at one of Neuron's labs. Portal Corporation alreayd knows the location of one of those labs. I need you to fo to Praetorian Earth and get those data scanners back. While you're there, see if you can find out what the Praetorians hope to gain by studying them.

If you manage to get any of the scanners back, take them over to Tina Macintyre at Portal Corporation.

Part 4: Defeat Bobcat and her minions (Find the scanners)
Laboratory @ Peregrine Island

You hear a sound that strangely resembles a purr.

Objective: You found the data scanners!

ClueData scanners

You retrieved these bullet-sized Portal Corporation data scanners from one of neuron's labs. Several have been disassembled, others have been augmented with new wires and memory chips. A set of research notes indicates that neuron's scientists are making progress in their efforts to adapt the devices, but the purpose of this adaptation in unclear. According to the notes, a number of the scanners were sent on to another of Neuron's labs.

BobcatBobcat [Arch-Villain]
Bobcat is a scientific hybrid between a woman and a feline predator. It took many painful operations to get her to the state she is now in, so her state of mind is violent and feral. Neuron is the only person she trusts, and her instincts even override that at times.

Mission Complete: You defeated Bobcat and retrieved the data scanners.

Part 5: Take scanners to Tina Macintyre
Delivery @ Peregrine Island
Tina Macintyre

Now that we've got an idea of how the data scanners were modified, I should be able to remotely activate the scanners that were sent to Neuron's second lab. Then we can pinpoint its location and send you in to determine his purpose. Right off the bat, I can tell you that his adaption of our technology is most advanced. I'd say he's up to something pretty serious.

Part 6: Defeat Neuron and his minions (Find the scanners, Seek clues)
Laboratory @ Peregrine Island

The sweat on the back of your neck chills you as you step into the climate controlled lab.

Objective: You found the remaining scanners, along with some disturbing research notes.

ClueAltered scanners

you rertrieved these altered Portal Corporation data scanners froM neuron's lab. The accompanying research notes state that the scanners are beginning to prove effective in the interrogation of Statesman. Although no needle could pierce his skin and no Praetorian technology could unearth this secrets, it seems that Statesman is more vulnerable to technology from his own world. The excited researcher indicates that he had every expectation of breaking Statesman through the use of your world's technology.

Objective: You intercepted a messge to Neuron.

ClueIntercepted message

While invetsigating Neuron's secret lab, you intercepted this message. t is from a clan on Warrior Earth, the home dimension of the ruthless Battle Maiden. It offers the clan's allegiiance to Neuron, if the supervillain will help the clan defend itself against Battle Maiden's relentless and often violent recruitment policies. According to the message, Battle Maiden plans to bomb the clan's home if they do not swear to follow her. Rather than accede to this blackmail, the clan has chosen to find itself a new master.

NeuronNeuron [Arch-Villain]
Neuron is the creation of his own twisted scientific experiment. He gave himself complete control over his body's nervous system. Once he and Anti-Matter worked together as friends but of late a rift has formed between them. Neuron's creation of Siege and the favour that garnered him with Tyrant is the primary cause of discord between them.

Mission Complete: You defeated Neuron and learned that Statesman has been imprisoned.

Maria Jenkins

The Praetorians have Statesman captive! How can this be? This is huge, Red Tomax, this is colossal! We've got to do everything in our power to rescue Statesman from those fiends. Maybe that message you found from Warrior Earth can help us. I'll look into it directly.

Defend the Warrior clan from Battle Maiden

Maria Jenkins

Statesman is in the hands of the Praetorians, and we have to follow every lead that might help us effect his escape. I'm hoping that the message you intercepted from Warrior Earth can be one such lead. The warrior clan was willing to pledge allegiance to Neuron for help against the conquering Battle Maiden. It could be that is you go to Warrior Earth and defend that clan from Battle Maiden, thye might be willing to help you instead.

Battle Maiden's persuasive tactics lean havily toward the brutal. According to that message, she plans to bomb the clan's village if they don't give in to her demands.

Part 7: Save Warrior clan's village (15 bombs to defuse)
Instanced Outdoor @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

The sound of steel on steel quickens your heartbeat.

Mission Complete: You defused the bomb and learned that Kawago, the warrior clan's elder, was kidnapped by Battle Maiden.

ClueDefused bomb

You kept this bomb you defused on Warrior Earth. It's possible that Tina Macintyre, the talented Portal scientist, may be able to trace the bomb's dimensional signature.

Part 8: Take defused bomb to Tina
Delivery @ Peregrine Island
Tina Macintyre

Back again, Red Tomax. Yes, I believe I can trace the dimensional signature of this bomb. It originated on Praetorian Earth, that's to be expected. Oh! It looks like the bomb can be traced to a network of caverns deep within the Praetorian's world. If you're looking for Battle Maiden, I recommend starting there.

Part 9: Defeat Battle Maiden & her minions (Rescue Kawago)
Cavern @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

The caverns' air is ice cold; little thought is given to comfort in Battle Maiden's domain.

Battle MaidenBattle Maiden [Arch-Villain]
Drawn from War Earth, Battle Maiden uses high tech medieval weaponry.

Mission Complete: You freed Kawago and learned about a world of shadows.

Maria Jenkins

Shadows, huh? The Praetorians are interested in shadows? I suppose we better look into this, Red Tomax. It could be that Kawago is right; this could be the lead that helps us free Statesman from the Praetorians.

Rescue people from their shadows

Maria Jenkins

We've got an emergency situation here, Red Tomax! I just got a report from a neighbourhood called Faunton Park. The people there claim that their shadows are actually trying to attack them. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the Praetorians are behind this. It's chaos over there, Red Tomax. You've got rescue those people from their shadows!

I can hardly believe the stories I'm hearing. People are saying that their shadows stepped right off the pavement and started to attack!

Part 10: Rescue citizens from shadows (9 citizens to rescue)
Instanced Outdoor @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

You've never heard of something as strange as what Maria Jenkins described to you. Shadows? Attacking their owners?

Mission Complete: You saved the citizens!

ClueThe citizen's story

One of the citizens you rescued from the shadows told you:

'Those creatures, they just showed up and started chanting. And then my shadow came to life! I swear it did. Listen, I heard them talking about a World of Shadows, the one their leader, Black Swan, comes from. They said that they can keep 'the prisoner' there indefintely. I don't know who this prisoner is, but I'm sure he could use a hero like you!'

'Listen, I've got a little bit of mystical know how. I think I can help you fight those shadows. I wasn't strong enough to bear the weight of this spell, but perhaps a hero like yourself could do it.'

Maria Jenkins

If that citizen heard right, Black Swan may be keeping Statesman on her mysterious Shadow World. We've got to do whatever we can to locate that world, Red Tomax. The life of this town's greatest hero may well hang in the balance!

Talk to Tina Macintyre about the Shadow World

Maria Jenkins

I'd like you to go talk to Tina Macintyre once more. She's a gifted scientist, and it's just possible that she may be able to track down this Shadow World where Black Swan draws her minions from. If Tina can find it, I'd like you to go there and see if you can find out whether Statesman is actually imprisioned on that world. If he is, we've got to break him free.

I don't really know whether we're chasing a solid lead or a wild goose. I do know we can't stop until Statesman's safe at home.

Part 11: Talk to Tina Macintyre
Delivery @ Peregrine Island
Tina Macintyre

Yes, Portal Corporation has charted no fewer than 17 different Shadow Worlds. It's certainly possible that Black Swan's home dimension is one of those. Perhaps we can narrow it down if I give you a quick scan. After all, you fought Black Swan's shadows quite recently; you may have a trace of their dimensional signature about you.

Well, here's a promising lead. i'd like you check out dimension Zeta Tao 7-63. I think you may find Black Swan's strange shadow minions there.

Part 12: Rescue the prisoner
Instanced Outdoor @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

You hate to think of anyone imprisoned on this desolate planet, even someone as brave as Statesman.

Black SwanBlack Swan [Arch-Villain]
Born with a connection to Shadow Earth in the Netherworld, Black Swan can channel anergy from that dimension into attacks and defenses. She is served by minions that some say she draws from Shadow Earth and others say are created by stealing pieces from the shadows of her victims.

Mission Complete: You rescued Black Swan's prisoner, but found no trace of Statesman.

ClueJulio's story

When you rescued Julio Ramirez from Black Swan's shadows, he told you:

'The master of my world has been dueling with Black Swan for some time. You see, he is trying desperately to leave his dimension, and she is trying to keep him in it. She used her dark power to invade my world and kidnap me, because she wanted information about the master. But I could not tell her anything, not ever. If the master were ever to know, it would be most terrible. Not just for me, but for my family as well!'

Maria Jenkins

That Julio Jiminez sure had a disturbing story to tell. I wonder who this dark master of hi actually is? That's a question we may have to revist at some time. But for now, finding Statesman is our number one priority.

Check out the asylum

Maria Jenkins

Well, that Shadow World may have been a dead end, but Portal Corporation has been scanning Praetorian Earth for some time now, and they've located a possible location where Statesman may be imprisoned. I need you to chek out an asylum run by Mother Mayhem and her henchman, Malaise. If you see any sign of Statesman, report back immediately.

Statesman and I used to adventure together, you know. If the Praetorians have done anything to him, they'll have me to deal with.

Part 13: Defeat all villains in asylum
Asylum @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

A chittering laugh breaks off into a mournful wail.

MalaiseMalaise [Arch-Villain]
On Praetorian Earth the villain Malaise was never counseled by Sister Psyche, instead he was one of the 'patients' at one of Mother Mayhem's facilities. With the ability to control his madness and inflict it on others, he quickly rose to a position as her favourite.
Mother MayhemMother Mayhem [Arch-Villain]
This twisted psion is Tyrants closest advisor and possibly his biggest threat as well. She is organized and has large numbers of minions she has driven to her particular brand of insanity in her special asylums.

Mission Complete: You defeated Mother Mayhem and Malaise, but found no sign of Statesman.

Maria Jenkins

There was no sign of Statesman in that asylum? Darn. Well, we can't give up hope yet, Red Tomax. Portal Corporation's scans picked up another likely lead; we'lll try that out next.

Search Infernal's torture chamber for any sign of Statesman

Maria Jenkins

Mother Mayhem's asylum may have been a dead end, but we're going to free Statesman yet. Portal Corporation turned up another likely lead: a mystical torture chamber run by the demonic Infernal and his twisted sidekick, Diabolique. If Statesman is there, there's no doubt the Praetorians are trying to pump him for information. States won't give in an inch, but I hate the thought of him in a place like that. I want you to comb that torture chamber for any signs of Statesman.

Statesman is one of the greatest heroes I ever met, and I've made the acquaintance of quite a few. I can't imagine how the Praetorians managed to capture him!

Part 14: Defeat all villains in cavern
Oranbega @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

You can't tell in this light, but it's possible that the walls are stained with blood.

InfernalInfernal [Arch-Villain]
On Praetorian Earth Infernal never had Numina's guidance to temper his drive to control more and more demons. When he first arrived on Praetorian Earth, Diabolique encouraged him to bind more and more demons into his armour until they corrupted his spirit. With the darkness came power and soon Infernal had become stronger than his guide. He is extremely power hungry and is happy to cross over to Primal Earth, where there may be more demons for him to use.
DiaboliqueDiabolique [Arch-Villain]
Tammy Arcanus was born with great Magical powers on Praetorian Earth, just like she was on Primal Earth. unfortunately they manifested very differently. As she reached adolescence she began exploring her powers before she was trained. She used astral projection to cast her spirit forth. So intoxicated was she by the new wonders that she was discovering she returned to her body too late to link with it. She watched helplessly as it withered and died without a spirit. Tammy's father tried to save her but he was too late to manage anything other than keeping her spirit bound to Earth. For his trouble Tammy blasted her father and turned him into her first spirit minion.

Mission Complete: You defeated Infernal and Diabolique, but found no sign of Statesman.

Maria Jenkins

I was really hoping that you'd find Statesman, or at least a clue to his location. I'm getting worried, Red Tomax. I won't give up until States is safely back in this dimension. But I sure wish we had some hope of finding him soon.

Repel the Praetorians from the Portal Corporation lab

Maria Jenkins

Red Tomax, something terrible has happened! The Praetorians have invaded a Portal Corporation lab! It's that thug Marauder and his sick lieutenant, Dominatrix. There's a lot of important technology in that lab, but, even more importantly, there are half a dozen technicians. You've got to repel the Praetorians from that lab!

Those Praetorians may well be the greatest threat Paragon City has ever faced.

Part 15: Defeat all villains in lab (5 scientists to save)
Laboratory @ Peregrine Island

From within the lab, a man's voice calls desperately for help.

DominatrixDominatrix [Arch-Villain]
Being the daughter of a famous and universally loved super heroine never sat well with Dominatrix. She rebelled from a very early age and when she hit puberty and her powers kicked in she decided enough was enough. Aftter killing her mother, the infamous Miss Liberty, she started making a name for herself. She caught Tyrants attention and has been serving him loyally, in all capacities, ever since.
MarauderMarauder [Arch-Villain]
Bred for battle, marauder loves nothign more than fighting and destroying his enemis. Most perceive that he serves Tyrant like a vicious dog but he only follows the leader of the Praetorians for the slaughter.

Mission Complete: You expelled the Praetorians from the Portal Corportation lab.

ClueThe scientist's story

One of the scientists you rescued from the Praetorians told you:

'I heard that Dominatrix mutter something about having just been in Statesman's cell. So, when no one was looking, I pulled out a scanner and did a quick dimensional scan. I've gotten the coordinates of Dominatrix's last location on Praetorian Earth! If she was telling the truth, these coordinates may help you find Statesman at last!'

Maria Jenkins

Wow, Red Tomax, if that scientist is right, we may have finally found Statesman! You should get some friends together; I expect this rescue mission will be a doozy.

Free Statesman

Maria Jenkins

According to the Portal technician who scanned Dominatrix, Statesman s being held in a cave network deep within the bowels of Praetorian Earth. They've scanned the area, and what they've learned has been immensly useful. It seems that Statesman's cell is powered by four generators. If you can shut down those generators, you can free Statesman!

You remember how the Praetorians weren't able to use their own tech to scan States? Well, our best theory on that is that Statesman is physically so similar to Tyrant that his presence in the Praetorian dimension is never quite complete. It's as if there just isn't enough room for him there. The upshot is that Statesman is impervious to Praetorian technology. And it's impervious to him! He can't break out of that cell, not on his own. You have to help him!

Part 16: Defeat Tyrant and his minions (4 generators to disable)
Cavern @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

You never dreamed that the great Statesman would someday rely on you for help. Now that the moment's here, there's no time to savour it. After all, there's a job to be done.

Statesman Freedom Phalanx [Hero]
The mighty Statesman has been captured by Tyrant, a power hungry doppelganger from another dimension. If Paragon City is to have its greatest hero back, you must be the one to free him!
TyrantTyrant [Arch-Villain]
This power hungry version of Statesman believes firmly that Might Makes Right. He has conquered his world and like a modern day Alexander he is now turning his eye to ours. Tyrant rules with a heavy hand, and it is only through the fanatical loyalty of Neuron and his creations that Tyrant retains his throne so easily.

Mission Complete: You defeated Tyrant and freed Statesman!

ClueTyrant's warning

When you defetated Tyrant, he told you:

'Up until now, toying with your simple dimension has been nothing by an amusement. Now, you have roused my wrath. Now, this is war!'

Statesman's Pal
Awarded for defeating Tyrant.
Maria Jenkins

You did it, Red Tomax! You freed Statesman! I can hardly believe it's true. Can you imagine the faces of the citizens, when they see Statesman flying over their city once more? Red Tomax, I don't think I've ever been so proud!

Statesman sent this face plate over for you. he said to tell you that he was glad to see Paragon City had been in good hands while he was away. Statesman isn't careless with his praise, Red Tomax; it seems pretty clear to e that he thinks the world of you.

Souvenir: Statesman's face plate

Statesman sent you one of his face plates as a token of his gratitude. you like to keep it with you. as a reminder of the mission you've come to think of as:

A Hero's Hero

It began with a request from Portal Corporation. One of the data scanners they were using to monitor Praetorian Earth had gone dead. You investigated. and learned that the war wolf the scanner had been attached to had been slaughtered. The scanner had been deactivated in an effort to lure you to the Praetorian world.

Portal Corporation's problems had just begun. Shortly. all of their scanners went dead. and you were sent to investigate once more. You learned that Shadowhunter had destroyed all of the wolves that had been tagged with the scanners. You also learned that the scanners had been given to the Praetorian androids. Siege and Nightstar.

Portal Corporation deemed the Praetorian seizure of the scanners to be a serious security risk. so you were sent to Siege's storage facility to recover them. You learned that the scanners had been sent on. to a lab belonging to the Praetorians' twisted engineer. Neuron.

You were next sent to Neuron's lab. where you found most of the scanners. You also learned that a few scanners had been sent to a second facility. where they were being modified to serve some dark purpose. Thanks to Tina Macintyre's skill with dimensional mechanics. you were able to locate the second lab and retrieve the last of the scanners. While there. you learned a shocking fact: the scanners were being modified so that the Praetorians could scan Statesman. Paragon City's most beloved hero was in the Praetorians' clutches!

While at Neuron's lab. you made one other discovery: a warrior clan from Battle Maiden's home world was trying to contact Neuron. They promised to swear allegiance to him if he would help rid them of Battle Maiden's tyranny. You resolved to help the clan. and perhaps learn a bit more about the Praetorians' plans. You saved the clan's village and rescued Kawago. the clan elder. Unfortunately. you learned nothing about Statesman's imprisonment or the Praetorians' plans for him.

You resolved to continue the search. but an emergency in a Paragon City neighborhood distracted you. People were being attacked by their own shadows. You went to the neighborhood. and found that Black Swan's shadow minions were behind the mischief. You beat them back. and learned that they had mentioned a prisoner on Black Swan's Shadow World.

With a little help from Tina Macintyre. you tracked Black Swan to her home dimension and rescued her prisoner. Although you were disappointed to learn that the prisoner was a young man named Julio Jimenez. you were intrigued by his story. It seemed that he had been taken from his own dimension. Black Swan had kidnapped Julio for information about his world's ruler. but the young man was too terrified of his master to even speak.

Once again. you had hit a dead end in your search for Statesman. Fortunately. Portal Corporation hadn't. they had turned up a likely location: a Praetorian asylum run by the cruel Mother Mayhem and her vicious lackey. Malaise. You searched the asylum. but found no sign of Statesman.

Portal Corporation provided another lead: a mystical torture chamber under the control of Infernal and Diabolique. You battled the villains valiantly. but. once again. you turned up no leads.

Your investigation was put on hold once more when the Praetorians Marauder and Dominatrix invaded a Portal Corporation lab. You repelled the invaders and rescued the Portal technicians. One of them had cleverly scanned Dominatrix. after overhearing her mention a recent conversation with Statesman.

You now had the location of Statesman's prison. along with enough information to free him. You battled the evil Tyrant himself and destroyed his force field generators. allowing Statesman to make his escape.

Paragon City is a little brighter now. with Statesmen back among its people. There's no doubt that you. like Statesman. have earned a place among the city's brightest stars.

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