Minor Story ArcThe Rebels


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Fortunata Amelee & Crew (Longbow,Vindicators)
  2. Abduct Fortunata 'Amelee'
  3. Stop the Rebels

Notable Foes

Help Phipps in his plan against the Arachnos Rebels

Westin Phipps

The wretches at Haven House are all twittering about an odd turn of events. Several of the Arachnos Renegades wh owere formally serving with Marshal Blitz's Warburg rebels have left his banner and gone into hiding. The rumours on the street is that they're hiding here in Grandville, of all places. Now, I should report this immediately, but there are some things you can find out with treachery that you just can't get with an assault squad. I've got a little plan to fin dout how much these rebels came to be here, and I'd like your help to set it in motion and finish it up. It will be dangerous, so you might want to bring some others along. I should have the budget for it, if I water down the gruel I feed the guests.

Here's what we're going to do: First, I need you to go to one of the Rebel's gathering spots. I've learned that one of their leaders is a Fortunata named Amelee. I want you to defeat her and all the others around her, and take her identification. Return that to me, and I'll have a Fortunata I know ready to take her place.

She'll have a terrible story to tell about how she's being hunted by the villain who wiped out her cohorts. That should give her enough time to find out just who's helping these rebels, and set the rest of them up to fall.

Part 1: Defeat Fortunata Amelee & Crew (Find Information)
Warehouse @ Grandville (Longbow,Vindicators)

Looks like the rebels have set up a little command base in here.

Objective: You found some information

CluePartial Dossier

You found this information on one of the computers in the Arachnos Rebel's base. The main part of the file is encrypted, but the unencrypted part of it appears to be a personnel dossier on Weaver-1, Arachnos' master technologist. A short note accompanies the file:

You'll get all the details later, once you've proven you can deliver on your part. We're ready to strike the blow, but I must re-iterate that we demand proof you can support us and extract us once it's over. We may be sick of what Arachnos has become, but we won't be played for fools.

The 'A' is probably Amelee. But who is 'S'?

Objective: You recovered Fortunata Amelee's ID.

ClueFortunata Amelee's ID

With these transponders, badges, and codes, it shouldn't be too hard for a trained operative to impersonate Fortunata Amelee for a while.

Mission Complete: You defeated Amelee and got her ID codes.

Westin Phipps

Ah, the ID you got will be just the thing! Now, I'll have my agent begin her infiltration. I'll tell her comrades that she's been hiding from you here at Haven House. With my unimpeachable reputation, they'll have no reason to doubt me.

This information on Weaver-1 is troubling, though. This is the second time he's come up. There may be something larger going on here.

'Abduct' Fortunata Amelee a.k.a. Millia

Westin Phipps

I just got word from my dear Millia. Oh, that's right, you don't know who that is, do you? Well, I'll tell you.

Fortunata Millia is the infiltrator currently disguised as Fortunata Amelee, one of the leaders of the rebels you caught. Now, Milia says that she's founs out who's trying to help the rebels. It's time for you to play the bad guy again, Dread Tomax, and 'abduct' her.

Don't expect much help from Fortunata Millia. She'll have to stay 'in character', as it were, to keep her allies convinced that she's realy Fortunata Amelee.

Part 2: Abduct Fortunata 'Amelee' (Kidnap 'Amelee')
Abandoned Warehouse @ Grandville

As long as you can remember that Fortunata Amelee is really Fortunata Millia, this shouldn't be that bad.

Mission Complete: You recovered Fortunata Millia from her infiltration mission.

ClueMillia's Information

After you rescued her, Fortunata Millia told you:

'I've learned a lot about these rebels. Most of them joined Marshal Blitz's rebellion for foolish ideals. Some hoped to reform Arachnos, others to settle their conscience. When Blitz proved no better, they started listening to spies from Longbow. Right now they're trying to exchange information for armaments to put up some sort of fight. Longbow's asking about information on Weaver-1 in exchange, but I don't know why. These rebels are barely a threat as a military force, but if Longbow learned all that they know about Weaver-1, it could be very harmful indeed.'

For their part, Longbow seems more interested in getting as many Rebels as they can out of the isles. How typically heroic to be concerned with the lives of pawns.

Westin Phipps

Well, well, well. Fortunata Millia's information has been quite timely. If we can make supporting this little rebel band too costly for Longbow, while simultaneously removing those among them with damaging information, that should wrap things up quite nicely. I'll see what I can arrange for you.

Oh, and don't worry about dear Fortunata Millia. I know that you'd appreciate discretion in our work as much as I do, so I've had her 'Volunteered' for Envenomation and transformation into a Tarantula Mistress. She's far too inexperience to survive the process, and even if she did her mind will be shattered beyond measure by the eztra treatments I'm having ordered. See? Out of the way and under the rug nice and easily.

I do so enjoy tidying up the loose ends of a plan. It makes things feel complete, wouldn't you agree?

Stop the rebels and recover the data

Westin Phipps

With all the pressure you've put on the rebels, they've grown desperate. The survivors have halted their plan to attack, and are now trying to get out of the Isles alive. It's just too bad that there are people like you and I dogging their heels. They're about to meet with the one who's been helping them, to exchange information on Weaver-1 for freedom. Well, we can't let that happen, now can we?

Oh, I should warn you. The person helping them is the heroine called Swan. You might want to be careful. Remember those reinforcements I mentioned? Now would be the time to gather them, if you haven't already.

There are some extra restrictions. First, I suspect that the Rebels may try to run if things go badly. You'll have to catch the two remaining leaders, their names are Falks and Morrow. Remember that. If even one of them escapes, then you will have failed, and all of this will be for nothing.

On top of that, you'll most likely need to take information the rebels provided from Swan herself.

Part 3: Stop the Rebels (Catch Falks, Catch Morrow, Get data from Swan)
Longbow Base @ Grandville

How many of these hidden bases does Longbow have? Anyway, you know the drill here. No one escapes, and Swan's gotta go down.

Objective: You defeated the traitor Falks

Objective: You defeated the traitor Morrow.

Objective: You defeated Swan and recovered the stolen data on Weaver-1 from her.

ClueData on Weaver-1

This disk contains a good deal of data on the work Weaver-1 has done for Arachnos. Lots of technical details, though much of it is encrypted. The Rebels didn't trust Swan and Longbow too much.

SwanSwan [Hero]
Lena Elliot was touched by magic from the moment she was born on the Vernal Equinox. Both her parents were powerful mystics, and performed a ceremony to bless Lena's birth. Shortly after her 21st birthday Lena's parents were caught in the middle of a battle between the Circle of Thorns and the 5th Column. The groups were seeking a pair of rings that had been in the elliot family for generations. Lena's powers manifested and she instinctively protected herself and her parents. Manticore had been following the 5th Column group and came to the Elliot's aid. The battle was going poorly when Lena lashed out with her psychic abilities, stunning many of the villains. Manticore mopped up the rest, but not before the 5th Column managed to escape with Lena's parents. Manticore offered Lena the chance to fight at his side and she jumped at the opportunity. As Swan, she aids his in his relentless war against the 5th Column, in the hopes that one day she will find her parents alive.

Mission Complete: You caught the last of the rebels and defeated the Vindicator Swan.

Westin Phipps

All the information is out of the hero's hands, all the leaders of the traitors are undergoing extensive interrogation, and you even managed to capture Swan and the data they took on Weaver-1.

This is the second time Weaver-1's come up in assosiation with Longbow's meddling. You know, Dread Tomax, I think there may be something going on, here.

Souvenir: A Feathered Mantle

This shoulder-mantle of white feathers belonged to the neroine Swan, until you captured her. She'd foolishly tried to help out a group of renegade Arachnos who might have grown into a real threat. Too bad for them that they crossed your path in an escapade you remember simply as

The Rebels

Westin Phipps had heard a rumour going around among the wretches who frequent Haven House that a group of Rebel Arachnos from Warburg had left Marshal Blitz's service and struck out on their own. According to the word on the street, they were now hiding out in Grandville, right under Lord Recluse's feet. Phipps had learned a likely location for one of their leaders, and had come up with a plan to catch the rest. First, he sent you in to defeat one of the rebels, a Fortunata named Amelee, and steal her ID. Once that was done, Phipps could have another Fortunata impersonate her to draw out more of the Rebels and learn wh owas helping them.

It wasn't long before Fortunata Millia's impersonation of the captured Amelee paid off. She's learned who was helping the rebels, but needed your help to get out. It turns out that Rebels were getting assistance from Longbow and Swan of the Vindicators in exchange for information on Weaver-1, Arachnos' chief engineer. You got her out with the information all right, but her fate after that sounded grim. Westin Phipps has no qualms about keeping his secrets.

The remaining rebels tried to make a break for it and hid out with Longbow. Too bad for them Phipps knew where to send you. You made a clean sweep of it. Both of the remaining Rebel leaders, the data, and you even captured the heroince Swan. They let you keep her feathered mantle as a trophy before Arachnos guards took her away.


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