Minor Story ArcVon Grun's Lament


Mission Index

  1. Destroy Hive Spires
  2. Plant Growth devices
  3. Defeat Woodsman

Help Vernon von Grun implement his mad plan to destroy Paragon City

Vernon von Grun

It is time now for you to learn the true scientific genius of my master plan! I will at last reveal all, and then complete the plan with a masterstroke! I had a theory that the processes governing the Devouring Earth could be over-ridden, not just on a one-by-one basis, but as a whole ecology! I have developed a device that will force the Devouring Earth's hives and supporting eco-system to grow at an explosive rate, allowing them to break through any defense. Then, with the proper controls I have developed, they will die off, leaving our enemies destroyed! But before Arachnos will recognize my genius, I will need to conduct a test run. A test run in the very heart of the Devouring Earth's home territory, Eden itself! A test run that will overwhelm and destroy all of Paragon City in one fell swoop! All I need is someone daring enough to enter the very core of the Devouring Earth's realms and implement my mad designs!

I knew you would be able to gaze unblinking into the abyss and emergy with the dark bounty only mad science can bring! The first step is to blind the Hamidon to our plans. To do that, you must destroy 15 hive spires that the Hamidon uses both to communicate with it's creatures and to drink in the water it needs. With the spires destroyed, we will have some time before the Hamidon can even comprehend what's happening, much less move to stop us. You may also want to take this opportunity to examine the area. You'll be going back there several times.

Oh, and before you go, please take my latest creation with you: Creeper seeds! Simply throw them and a hideous plant monster will sprout, growing in moments to attack your foes! Take three seeds for now. I can give you more when it's time for the next mission!

Part 1: Destroy Hive Spires (15 Hive spires to destroy )
Instanced Outdoor [Eden] @ Grandville

An unearthly and alien natural world spreads out before you. This is the place the heroes ironically call 'Eden, the home of the Devouring Earth. vvvvvvvvvvvvv

Objective: You have destroyed one of the hive spires

Mission Complete: You destroyed all of the Hive Spires, blinding the Hamidon to your plans.

Vernon von Grun

Excellent! Now, the next phase will be to simply plant the growth-bombs, despite the incredibly hostile and dangerous creatures that inhabit the place. And they said mad science would be difficult! The fools!

Place Vernon's growth bombs in Eden

Vernon von Grun

The Hamidon is now blind to our work in Eden. As blind as the established scientific community is to my genius! But now we'll open their eyes! The time has come to plant the growth bombs, and transform the Devouring Earth into a weapon under our control!

These four devices are works of true genius! Each is filled with a mutated strain of the Will of the Earth (Note the green color!) that I call the Force of the Earth. This mutant strain emits a psychic signal to grow and multiply to all Devouring Earth creatures! When each device goes off, the initial signal will be amplified a hundredfold, and then sustained by the dispersed mutant bacterium. Then the Force of the Earth harmlessly dies off, taking any infected Devouring Earth with it! All of Paragon City will be crushed beneath hive-spires, and a week later, even the hardiest of the Devoured will be gone! Genius! Laugh with me!


Oh, and take some fresh creeper seeds with you!

ClueGrowth accelleration devices

These devices should drive the Devouring Earth into a frenzy of expansion, forcing them to over-run and destroy much of Paragon City. Well, assuming Vernon's plan works. Whatever does happen once you've placed all four, it should be interesting.

Part 2: Plant Growth devices (4 devices to place)
Instanced Outdoor [Eden] @ Grandville

The strange vegetation of Eden seems to almost tremble as you come close. Perhaps it senses your evil purpose?

Objective: You have set one of the devices

Objective: You have set one of the devices

Objective: You have set one of the devices

Objective: You have set one of the devices

Mission Complete: You placed all four growth bombs.

Vernon von Grun

The timers on the devices will go off any minute now. Soon, the world will be awash in televised coverage of the destruction of Paragon City!

Any moment now.

Helpless heroes.

Terrified citizens.

Buildings topple.

The whole thing, moments after the devices activate.

When they activate any minute now...

WHAT'S GOING ON? Where is my panic and terror? Where is the nightmarish destruction as the old world is swept away by the glory of science? Something has gone wrong.

Get Vernon's schemes back on track

Vernon von Grun

This is terrible! Nothing bad is happening! We did everything perfectly, but something has gone wrong! My plans are all off-track. Mad science isn't supposed to go wrong like this! But the true test of a mad scientist is how much worse you can make things go wrong. I must examine my notes. It can't have been my scientific genius, and you're too capable a villain to have made a mistake. No, it must have been someone else's fault! And I think I know who! But it won't be easy. You might want to gather some allies to you for this, if I'm right.

Here it is, right in my notes!

'Eden is often patrolled by the spirit of a hero called Woodsman, who helps to keep the Devouring Earth in check. Woodsman's powers could easily keep the bombs from detonating. Under no circumstances should I proceed with the plan until Woodsman has been discorporated and can no longer interfere!'

Looks like that page of the plan fell out of my 3-ring notebook. I knew I should have gone with spiral-bound. No matter! You, my loyal ally, must return to Eden once more and strike down the Woodsman, the spirit of the wood!

Oh, and take these fresh Creeper seeds! They're the last batch for a while so use them when you need them.

Part 3: Defeat Woodsman (Defeat the Woodsman)
Instanced Outdoor [Eden] @ Grandville

An unatural feeling of calm pervades this place. Like something is soothing the savage wilderness

Objective: Defeat the Woodsman

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Woodsman

Vernon von Grun

Woodsman has been defeated, but still nothing is happening! The bombs should have gone off. There should be images of terror and the destruction of Paragon City! This is driving me mad? How will I ever rule the world when I can't even accomplish a plan this simple? In the equation of my life, X has been found equal to despair!

Souvenir: A page from a 3-ring binder

This page from a 3-ring binder is a bitter reminder of just how quickly one oversight can make even the most crazed plans of the maddest mad scientist go awry. The few words on this page, a reminder to eliminate hero interference that was lost in the shuffle, is a bittersweet reminder of the exploit you recall as:

Von Grun's Lament

After all that you'd done to help him would-be mad scientist Vernon von Grun finally confided his master plan to you. Vernon wanted the research and items you got for him so that he could build a device which would drive the Devouring Earth into an expansionistic frenzy, causing them to over-run and destroy Paragon City, then die off. But Vernon still needed your help to pull it off. The first thing he asked you to do was destroy some of the hive spires in Eden that the Hamidon uses to monitor and control it's Devouring Earth progeny. With the Hamidon blinded, you could continue without interference.

Then you took the completed growth bombs and set them down in Eden, while you were chased by the strange beasts of the Devouring Earth the entire time.

But then, nothing happened. That's when Vernon found a reference to a hero called Woodsman who might be able to stop his plans. Though Woodsman himself had perished, his spirit lived on, and could interfere with Vernon's devices. You fought the spirit of the wood, discorporating it. The growth bombs went off, but still nothing happened.

Vernon was left in a pit of the deepest despair at this failure. Would he be able to recover? Would he once more marshal his maniacal mind to malevolent movement? And could you help this young mad lab assistant finally reach the rank of full-blown mad scientist? When you tucked away this memento, those were all questions you could not answer.


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