Story ArcTo Save A Thousand Worlds


Mission Index

  1. Seek the missing scientists (Devouring Earth ,Freakshow,Banished Pantheon,Nemesis,Werewolves,Knives of Artemis)
  2. Talk to Tina Macintyre
  3. Get data from 1st dimension
  4. Get data from 2nd dimension
  5. Get data from last dimension
  6. Extract the missing scientists
  7. Talk to Dr. Steven Sheridan
  8. Rescue scientists' other halves
  9. Talk to Azuria
  10. Defeat all villains in area
  11. Recover the Tome of Persephone
  12. Take the tome to Azuria
  13. Defeat all Clockwork at factory
  14. Defeat all ghosts in area
  15. Talk to Tina Macintyre
  16. Take readings from rupture
  17. Take readings from rupture
  18. Take readings from rupture
  19. Seek Requiem
  20. Talk to Peter Stemitz
  21. Ask Azuria about pure flame
  22. Take candle to Maria Jenkins
  23. Defeat Requiem

Notable Foes

Find the missing scientists

Unai Kemen

Something's happened, Red Tomax, something bad. A group of Portal Corporation scientists set up a observation post in the dimension of the Hydra Men. Their plan was to stay out of sight and collect data, but something seems to have gone wrong. I can't contact the team at all! I need you to go in there and find those scientists, Red Tomax. Don't come back without them.

Contact was perfect until just this morning, but suddenly the team's signal went all wonky. I really don't know what to expect.

Part 1: Seek the missing scientists (2 clues to find)
Instanced Outdoor [Forest] @ Peregrine Island (Portal) (Devouring Earth ,Freakshow,Banished Pantheon,Nemesis,Werewolves,Knives of Artemis)

You wish Portal Corporation would keep better track of their scientists.

Objective: You can't tell much about this rupture, but you're alarmed by its presence.

Objective: You found a notebook!

ClueThe reasearch team's notes

Though you found no sign of Portal Corporation's researchers in the Hydra Men's dimension, you did find some of their notes. it seems they had been sidetracked from their goal of studying the Hydra Men. Instead, they were focusing all of their attention on the strange dimensional ruptured that sometimes spontaneously crop up, linking two worlds together.

Mission Complete: You found only one trace of the missing scientists: their research notes.

Unai Kemen

No scientists, huh? But a dimensional rupture the size of a Volkswagon. Well, Red Tomax, I think you know what I'm about to tell you. Portal Corporation's scientists are lost somewhere within the multiverse. Lucky I've got you to help me find them.

Go see Tina Macintyre

Unai Kemen

Portal Corporation's scientists are lost somewhere in the multiverse, and we need to find them quickly. Unfortunately, looking for a group of people in the multiverse is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. Actually, it's nowhere near that easy. That's why I've asked Dr. Tina Mcintyre to help us out. Go see if she can cook up anything to speed this search along.

Tina knows what it's like to lose her comrades. I can assure you, no one is more dedicated to this mission than she.

Part 2: Talk to Tina Macintyre
Delivery @ Peregrine Island
Tina Macintyre

Unai spoke to me about the missing scientists, and I think I've developed something to help you find them. I'm calling it a dimensional triangulator. You'll have to visit several dimensions to get enough data, but it should help me pinpoint the dimension our wayward scientists have landed on. While you're searching, keep an eye out for dimensional ruptures. They've been giving us a lot of trouble lately.

ClueDimensional triangulator

Tina Macintyre invented this device to help you find the missing Portal Corporation scientists. It should be able to pinpoint their location within the multiverse.

Part 3: Get data from 1st dimension (3 ruptures to catalog)
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

In this world, or in any other, the Freaks' choice of music is always solid metal.

Objective: You make a note of the rupture's location.

Mission Complete: You have collected enough data from this dimension.

Part 4: Get data from 2nd dimension (7 ruptures to catalog)
Instanced Outdoor [Forest] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

According to Tina Macintyre, this dimension's Knives of Artemis are firmly in control. You only hope they're not as brutal as the Knives of your own world.

Objective: You make a note of the rupture's location.

Mission Complete: You have collected enough data from this dimension.

Part 5: Get data from last dimension (11 ruptures to catalog)
Instanced Outdoor [Steel Canyon] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

Tina Macintrye couldn't tell you who you'd face in this unexplored dimension.

Objective: You make a note of the rupture's location.

Mission Complete: You have collected enough data from this dimension.

Unai Kemen

I have to admire you gumption, Red Tomax. you stuck it out through three brutal dimensions, just to get us the data we need. I'll get the techs to work on this; with any luck, we'll soon have the location of the missing scientists. You say you found a total of 21 dimensional ruptures on your travels? They'l want to know about that, I'm sure. These ruptures are getting out of hand!

Extract the missing scientists

Unai Kemen

Ok, Red Tomax, Portal Corporation analyzed all the data you brought us. It was a little sketchy, but we think we've narrowed down the location of our missing scientists. Now all you need to do is extract them.

I have to warn you, the world we're sending you to is inhabited exclusively by the Devouring Earth. Chances are they'll make your job a little harder.

Part 6: Extract the missing scientists (6 scientists to save)
Instanced Outdoor [Forest] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

This lush landscape would truly seem like a paradise, were it not for the nearby presence of the Devouring Earth.

Mission Complete: You rescued the Portal Corporation scientists.

ClueThe scientist's confusion

When you rescued the Portal Corporation scientists, they all seemed greatly confused. None of them could even speak a coherant sentence.

Unai Kemen

Thanks for getting those scientists back for us, Red Tomax. I only wish they were in better condition. I haven't been able to get a single straight answer out of them, they just keep saying things like, 'The carrot are my socks'. Something had adled their brains, and we need to find out what.

Collect the results of Dr. Sheridan's examination

Unai Kemen

Portal Corporation is extremely grateful to you for rescuing those scientists. I just wish we knew what was wrong with them! They're still speaking nothing but gibberish! We sent them over to Dr. Sheridan for a quick check up. Will you go collect the results?

Sheridan's the best doc I know. Maybe he can get to the bottom of this.

Part 7: Talk to Dr. Steven Sheridan
Delivery @ Brickstown
Steven Sheridan

I've examined the Portal Corporation scientists, and even I was amazed at my findings. Red Tomax, I believe that you actually only sved half the scientists. Not half their numbers; half of each person! Allow me to explain.

When you first went looking for the scientists, you found only a dimensional rupture. Well, it's my belief that this rupture actually fractured the scientists, splitting them into two people. One half got sent to the Devouring Earth's world. And the other half? Still lost somewhere within the multiverse. Perhaps the rest of Portal's brain trust can help you figure out where.

Unai Kemen

So, each scientist you saved is actually just half of the original person? Well, if Sheridan says so. I guess we'll need to locate the other halves, then see if we can find a way to unite them.

Rescue the scientists' other halves

Unai Kemen

So, Steven Sheridan thinks the Portal Corporation scientists were torn in two, and one half is still out there, somewhere in the multiverse. I guess that explains the sketchy data we got the last time you tried to pinpoint their location. I had the techs check out that data again, and they think they've figured out the location of the scientists' other halves. Will you go rescue them?

You'll be heading for a dimension packed with Nemesis soldiers. Watch your back.

Part 8: Rescue scientists' other halves (6 scientists to save)
Instanced Outdoor [Kings Row] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

Portal Corporation has charted many dimensions ruled by one verison of Nemesis or another. They are rich and varied, but all equally deadly.

Mission Complete: You rescued the scientists' other halves.

Unai Kemen

Good work, Red Tomax. You rescued the scientists' other halves. Now all we have to do is figure out how to rejoin them. i'm not good at this whole dimensional fabric mumbo jumbo. This may take some doing.

Speak to Azurai about reuniting the scientists' disparate halves

Unai Kemen

You know, I have to admit I sort of hoped that once you had rescued both halves of the Portal Corporation scientists, they would just snap back together. You know, their dimensional fabric would just knit itself right up. But I guess that's not the way it works; each scientist is still in two pieces. And still spouting nothing but nonsense. The technicians are stumped, and I think we may need to give science a rest and try a magical solution. Will you go speak to Azuria about reuniting the scientists' disparate halves?

This is new ground we're treading on, Red Tomax. I really hope Azuria can help.

Part 9: Talk to Azuria
Delivery @ Atlas Plaza, Atlas Park

I would like to help you, Red Tomax, but this is uncharted territory. I suspect that no one on this world knows of a spell that can reunite a person torn apart by a dimensional rupture. I do have an idea though. I once herd that Portal Corporation had located a dimension filled with peaceful Oranbegans, a pacifist society that never turned into the bloodthirsty Circle of Thorns. Perhaps you can seek them out? Their society wa based entirely on magic; I imagine their lore is millennia beyond our own.

Part 10: Defeat all villains in area (4 mages to save, 7 ruptures to close)
Oranbega @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

A screech rips through the air. It seems the Oranbegans are under attack!

Unai Kemen

Good work, Red Tomax! If this Oranbegan ritual works, we'll have our scientists back, good as new! Of course, I don't thikn that means we can rest on our laurels. I'm pretty worried about these dimensional ruptures; everything we'e heard indicates that they're becoming a huge problem. not just for us, but for other dimensions. If that's true, Red Tomax, thn the fate of the entire multiverse may well rest on your shoulders. Not too much pressure, eh?

Recover the Tome of Persephone

Unai Kemen

According to those Circle of Thorns mages you rescued, we nee to get our hands on the Tome of Persephone before we can perform this ritual. Only problem is, the Time of Persphone was destroyed long, long ago, back when Nero was emperor of Rome. I've located a dimension that has an existing copy of the tome. Unfortunately, it's a dimension full of Circle mages, and they aren't nearly as friendly as the last ones. The tome's sure to be well-guarded, but we've go to have it. Will you recover the Tome of Persephone?

Persephone lived her life half in sunlight, half in shadow. Her tome contains many rituals dealing with the union of two disparate objects or beings.

Part 11: Recover the Tome of Persephone (Find the tome!)
Oranbega @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

These caves have been furnished with lavish gold candlesticks and lovely marble sculptures.

Mission Complete: You found the Tome of Persephone!

Unai Kemen

Great work. That tome is the last thing we need to perform the spell that will help those altered Portal scientists. I must say, it's remarkable how varied the multiverse is. On one dimension, the Oranbegans are as peaceful as can be. on another, they'll tear your head off at a moment's notice!

Take the tome to Azuria

Unai Kemen

Azuria's agreed to perform the ritual that will reunite the sundered Portal scientists. All she needs is that Tome of Persephone; then she can get to work. Will you take the tome to her?

If Azuria can't help those scientists, no one can.

Part 12: Take the tome to Azuria
Delivery @ Atlas Plaza, Atlas Park

Thank you, Red Tomax. If the information provided by the Oranbegan was correct, I should be able to perform the ritual to reunite the sundered halves of those poor scientists. It will take some time.

I must warn you of something. I have sensed a presence reaching out from the Aether. A most malevolent presence. It may be that a conscious mind is behind these dreadful dimensional ruptures. If that's so, I fear you must be the one to face it down.

Unai Kemen

Well, the tome is in good hands now: Azuria's. If anyone can help those scientists, it's her. I'll keep looking into these dimensional ruptures. Something tells me we're not done with them yet.

Stop the villains and close the ruptures

Unai Kemen

You did good work helping those Portal scientists, Red Tomax. But it looks as if the mages you rescued are correct: the number of dimensional ruptures is increasing exponentially! A rupture opened just minutes ago right here in Paragon City! We need to close it, but, more importantly, we need to get rid of the creatures that came through. I've got reports of psychic Clockwork in the Old Walldorf Factory. I need you to stop those Clockwork and close that rupture!

This is bad, Red Tomax. We need to deal with these ruptures before all the dangers of the multiverse wind up in our back yard!

Here's a dimensional stabilizer. Portal Corporation has been working round the clock to improve this little baby, and they think they've succeeded.

ClueDimensional stabilizer

The second generation of Portal Corp's dimensional stavilizer, this device should close the dimensional ruptures that have opened in Paragon City.

Part 13: Defeat all Clockwork at factory (Close the rupture!)
Instanced Outdoor [Terra Volta] @ Walldorf Factory

Mission Complete: You defeated the Clockwork and closed the dimensional rupture.

Unai Kemen

Whew, Red Tomax, I owe you for that one. You did a good, clean job, and you did it fast. If these ruptures keep opening, I'm going to have to start calling in all my favours from the hero community. We simply can't let another dimension's cillains get a foothold in Paraon City! It can't happen!

Defeat the villains and close the rupture

Unai Kemen

Portal is still working arounf the clock to stay on top of the rupture situation. I've got another rupture open at the Jamison Office Park, and I need you to take care of it. We got a force field up quickly, bu there are still a lot of people trapped inside. Get over to Jamison, stop the villains, and close the rupture!

According to reports, that office park is full of some sort of malevolent ghosts!

Part 14: Defeat all ghosts in area (Close the rupture!)
Instanced Outdoor [Steel Canyon] @ Jamison Office Park

The ghosts of dimension Alpha Upsilon 24-2 are resentful of their fate. They're more than likely to take out their frustrations on inncent civilians.

Mission Complete: You defeated the villains and closed the dimensional rupture.

Unai Kemen

Thanks for dealing with that dimensional rupture, Red Tomax. I still can hardly believe that villains from all over the multiverse are spilling into Paragon City! We've been treating the symptoms for far too long; we've got to find a way to fight the disease. Somehow we've got to stop those ruptures from occuring!

Talk to Tina Macintyre

Unai Kemen

While you were closing up those dimensional ruptures that opened across the city, Azuria's been preparing the spell that will reunite the Portal scientists whose dimensional fabric was torn in two. She's about ready to fire it up. Maybe, just maybe, we'll learn something from those scientists when she's through. In the meantime, I need you to go have another talk with Tina Macintyre. She's been studying the dimensional ruptures non-stop.

Tina's pretty worried about these ruptures.

Part 15: Talk to Tina Macintyre
Delivery @ Peregrine Island
Tina Macintyre

Listen, I've been studying what happened to those scientists, and it may be a harbinger of greater dangers to come. I think those scientists were split by a rupture. It opened up right where they were standing, and they were ripped apart at the dimensional seams. I believe that what happened to those scientists could happen to an entire dimension! If these ruptures keep opening in Paragon City, they could wind up tearing our dimension to shreds!

Unai Kemen

Looks like the rupture situation is getting worse. I've got a number of heroes working on it, but it's all I can do to keep a lid on the situation. if you see any strange baddies around, be sure to give 'em what for.

On a brighter note, the ritual to reunite the severed scientists was successful. They're back to normal, and talking like human beings again. I have to tell you, the debriefing was a little scary. Just before they got lost, the scientists were hard at work studying the dimensional ruptures. they were beginning to think that the ruptures were caused deliberately. Someone, or something is trying to tear the multiverse apart.

Take some readings from the ruptures

Unai Kemen

According to thoe scientists who got lost in the multiverse, it sounds like these dimensional ruptures might not be accidental. On the contrary, they think that someone is purposely producing the ruptures in an effort to tear whole dimensions apart! The only problem is we don't know who. Red Tomax, I need you to take some readings from the ruptures that have opened up around the multiverse. Can you do it?

Portal Corporation has located three new ruptures within the multiverse. We've sealed them off in force fields, but you might have to deal with some company.

Part 16: Take readings from rupture
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

It's no surprise that the Freakshow's world is a blasted mess.

Mission Complete: You got some readings from the first rupture.

Part 17: Take readings from rupture
Instanced Outdoor [Council Empire] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

It's always a little disturbing to set foot on the streets of the Council Empire

Mission Complete: You got some readings from the second rupture.

Part 18: Take readings from rupture
Laboratory @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

A broken beaker bears the logo of a company called Crey Conglomerate.

Mission Complete: You got some readings from the third rupture.

Unai Kemen

Good work, Red Tomax. I'll get this data to the lab. Maybe we can figure out who's causing all these dimensional ruptures. Maybe we can even figure out why.

Go to Werewolf World and track down Requiem

Unai Kemen

The Portal techs had a look at that data you brought us on the dimensional ruptures. Many of them seemed to originate from a particular dimension, Lamda Rho 57-20. Around here, it's better known as Werewolf World. It's a world of perpetual nighttime, which many believe is under the control of Requiem himself. I think Requiem may be responsible for these dimensional ruptures, Red Tomax. Will you go to Werewolf World and see if you can track him down?

I don't know why Requiem would want to destroy other dimensions, but it seems likely that he's behind all this chaos.

Part 19: Seek Requiem (Close the rupture)
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

The staggering darkness of this world gives you a strangely peaceful feeling.

Mission Complete: You feel a dark presence touch your mind.

ClueRequiem's message

While journeying in Werewolf World, you felt a dark presence touch your mind. It said:

'This is a world of shadows, and I can hide myself easily within it. You believe me responsible for the destruction that has coursed through the multiverse. I must admit, I glory in it. You will not find me, little hero. These shadows are my only friends.'

Unai Kemen

So, Requiem is on that world. What's more, he thinks he can hide himself from us. I'm more convinced than ever that he's behind the rash of dimensional ruptures that are threatening to tear apart the multiverse. We need to figure out a way to bring him to light!

Talk to Peter Stemitz

Unai Kemen

I'm certain that the Requiem of Werewolf World is behind the dimensional ruptures. Why, when he touched your mind, he all but admitted it! If you can defeat him, we may bring astop to all this chaos. We just need a way to force him to show himself. I want you to go see if Peter Stemitz has some idea of how to do it. Peter's been around long time, and he knows a great deal about all kinds of monsters.

We're still trying to stay on top of the rupture situation. Watch out for extra-dimensional evil-doers lurking about.

Part 20: Talk to Peter Stemitz
Delivery @ Founders' Falls
Peter Stemitz

Yo! Red Tomax! How's my favourite hero? You need a way to force Requiem to manifest? Well, I do have an idea. Requiem's not exactly what you'd call a being of pure darkness. The Nictus that fused with his soul is purely dark, but Requiem was originally human. There's a good chance that there's a part of him that still craves the light. I've seen it before. No matter how evil, it's hard for any human to completely turn his back on light forever. So what you eed is a pure flame. If I were you, I'd talk to Azuria about that.

Part 21: Ask Azuria about pure flame
Delivery @ Atlas Plaza, Atlas Park

A pure flame> Yes. A clever plan. I myself cannot construct a pure flame; for that you'll need a champion of the peope, someone whose inner light is fueled by the love of thousands. Take this candle to Maria Jenkins. In addition to being one of the sweetest women I know, she's earned the respect and love of this city many times over. I believe she'll be able to summon the pure flame.


Azuria gave you this pure white candle to take to Maria Jenkins. She believes that maria will be able to use it to summon a pure flame.

Part 22: Take candle to Maria Jenkins
Delivery @ Peregrine Island
Maria Jenkins

Azuria believes I can summon a pure flame? Well, I don't know if Ihave that kind of power, but I'll try my best. Let me hold the candle.

Well, I'll be! I should have known better than to doubt Azuria. Is there anything that woman doesn't know?

CluePure flame

This pure flame, summoned by Maria Jenkins, appears colourless at firts glance. but if youo stare deeply into the flame, you can discern a multitude of colours: misty green, soft pinks, glowing copper. In fact, you find it difficult to look away.

Unai Kemen

So, that's a pure flame, huh? Pretty beautiful, guess. Let's just hope it's useful as well. If this will really draw Requiem into the light, we may be able to stop him from tearing the multiverse to shreds!

Defeat Requiem and all of his minions

Unai Kemen

If I understand this pure flae correctly, here's how it works. You carry the flame to Requiem's dimension and make your presence known. Eventually Requiem qill be drawn ot the flame. He's been living in darkness for a long time; he won't be able to resist the call of the light. Once he shows himself, you've got to defeta Requiem and all of his minions. Maybe that'll puta stop to these dimensional ruptures of his.

Remember, in any dimension, Requiem is a force to be reckoned with.

Part 23: Defeat Requiem
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

The glow of the pure flame seems to push away the darkness.

RequiemRequiem [Arch-Villain]
Ridolfo Uzzano has come a long way from his humble beginning as one of Mussolini's lapdogs. The primary cause of his success was his fusion with a Nictus, a being of utter darkness. The Nictus gave Ridolfo the ability to scorch his foes with an infernal fire. Though he is now over 100 years old, Requiem remains a fearsome foe in battle.

Mission Complete: You defeated Requiem!

Unai Kemen

Red Tomax, thank goodness you're back! You got out just in time! Werewolf World just disappeared completely! All the ruptures leading to it shut down, and the Portal techs can't find it anywhere. It's gone. Ripped from the fabric of the multiverse. I guess Requiem's lust for destruction finally caught up with him.

Or... bear with me a moment. It could be that all of these ruptures weredue to the disintegration of Werewolf World. As it begun to disappear, it disrupted the fabri of the multiverse. Perhaps Requiem cause all this chaos by accidentally damaging his own reality. Or perhaps someone else is pulling the strings?

Souvenir: Pure flame

you've kept this ever-glowing candle as a reminder of the time you spent trying desperately:

To Save a Thousand Worlds

It all began with a team of Portal Corporation scientists who had set up an observation post in the Hydra dimension. Their contact with Portal Corporation had mysteriously ceased. so you were sent to retrieve them. On the Hydra world. you found no scientists. only their notes and a large dimensional rupture.

It seemed clear that the scientists were lost somewhere in the multiverse. You went to Tina Macintyre. who gave you a dimensional triangulator. After visiting three dimensions. you collected enough data to locate the missing scientists. You also encountered a large number of dimensional ruptures.

Portal Corporation technicians analyzed your data. and you set off to retrieve the scientists. They were in good health physically. but something seemed to be terribly wrong with their minds. They spoke only gibberish.

You questioned Dr. Steven 'Science' Sheridan. who had a most surprising theory. He believed that the dimensional rupture on the Hydra world had fractured the scientists. breaking each person into two halves. You had saved only the first halves; the others remained somewhere within the multiverse.

Portal Corp's technicians examined your dimensional data again. and pinpointed the location of the scientists' other halves. They were on a world ruled by Nemesis soldiers. You battled Nemesis' forces and recovered the scientists' other halves.

The scientists' halves still needed to be fused into one. For help. you turned to the mages of Pacifist Oranbega. When you got to their dimension. you found the mages under the attack of the Banished Pantheon. You rescued them. and learned of a ritual that would reunite the scientists with their severed halves.

In order to complete the ritual. you needed the Tome of Persephone. a volume long ago destroyed. Fortunately. an identical tome existed on a dimensions ruled by Oranbegans who were not remotely peace-loving. You battled the evil Oranbegans. retrieved the tome. and still found time to contemplate the infinite variety of the multiverse.

You took the tome to Azuria. who had agreed to perform the ritual.

Then you found yourself facing a disaster: a rupture had opened at the Pullman Processing Plant in Paragon City! Dozens of powerful psychic Clockwork had spilled from the rupture onto the streets of your hometown! You battled back the Clockwork and closed the rupture. but your job wasn't over.

A rupture at the Jamison Office Park brought a bevy of malevolent ghosts to your city. Once again. you skunked the villains and put an end to the dimensional rupture.

While Azuria reunited the scientists' disparate halves. you went to speak to Tina Macintyre. She theorized that the force that ripped apart the scientists' dimensional fabric could do the same thing to an entire world. If you couldn't stop the dimensional ruptures. Paragon City might soon be strewn across the multiverse.

Reunited with their other halves. the scientists found they could speak normally once more. They told you that. before they were lost. they had learned that someone might be deliberately causing the ruptures. You set out into the multiverse to take readings from dimensional ruptures so Portal Corporation could evaluate this new theory.

The technicians analyzed your data and came to the conclusion that the ruptures had originated from dimension Lamda Rho 57-20. better known as Werewolf World. You went to seek out the master of Werewolf World. Requiem. but he eluded you. He did. however. briefly touch your mind. You were more convinced than ever that he was responsible for the ruptures.

You needed a way to force Requiem to show himself. You consulted Peter Stemitz. who had a bright idea. If you could find a sample of pure flame. you might be able to draw Requiem into the light. Azuria gave you a candle. and Maria Jenkins drew forth the pure flame.

You took the flame to Werewolf World and. as predicted. Requiem was drawn to it. You defeated him. and escaped from Werewolf World just before the entire dimension was torn from the fabric of the multiverse. It seemed that Requiem's dimensional tampering had caught up with him. And yet you had to wonder: how had Requiem caused all this chaos? Perhaps he had powers you had never imagined. Or perhaps there was someone else in the shadows. who had not yet been brought into light.

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