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  1. Eliminate Mu'Drakhan's rival (Arachnos)

Eliminate Mu'Drakhan's political rival

Magus Mu'Drakhan

A matter of politics vexes me, Dread Tomax. It lowers one such as I to be troubled so. I, who has learned the secrets of the ancient Mu, who has walked the unseen places between realms of consciousness, who has mastered the magics of the Goddess Hequat, I now find myself concerned with such pretty matters of favour and bargaining. There is another among the mystics of My who, incorrectly, believes that he knows better than I how to array our forces and train our next generation of Mystics. Even now, he circulates poisonous rumours against me in the upper echelons of Arachnos. Even into the ear of Scirocco himself! How am I to lead me people to their destiny when such a petty fool attempts to undermine me at every turn? Thus, this fool must be silenced before he can do more harm. And I would charge you to be the tool that will quiet his troublemaking, forever.

I am glad to see you are so understanding. The troublesome one is called Mu'Thekesh. Merely silencing this threat to the future of the descendants of Mu will not be sufficient. Ive also provided you with some 'evidence' of Mu'Thekesh's malfeasance. It's all true or at least, true enough to make questions about his fate irrelevant. Load them on his computer.

You take the file of 'Evidence'

ClueThe 'Evidence'

These documents have had their file attributions altered to that they appear to have been written by Mu'Thekesh. They outline plans for a Mu Mystic uprising, as well as details of other suspicious plots and double dealings. It would probably all be quite compromising if it were found of Mu'Thekesh's computer, particularly if he wasn't around to defend himself.

Part 1: Eliminate Mu'Drakhan's rival (Plant 'Evidence', Slience Mu'Thekesh)
Arachnos Base @ Nerva Archipelago (Arachnos)

This place is Mu'Thekesh's main headquarters. The Arachnos forces here will definitely be hostile to you.

Objective: Mu'Thekesh will no longer be a problem.

Objective: This should ruin Mu'Thekesh's reputation.

Mission Complete: You silienced Mu'Thekesh and planted 'Evidence' against him.

Magus Mu'Drakhan

With the fool Mu'Thekesh out of the way and his faction tainted by the 'evidence' now come to light, more of the leaders among the Mu Mystics of Arachnos will side with me. Your part in this matter cannoy be recorded in the records of Arachnos of course, but your fine efforts will live on within the true and secret history of the Mu. Such an honour should be sufficient for anyone.


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