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Mission Index

  1. Defeat all DE in ruins (Devouring Earth )

Cleanse Mu Ruins of all Devouring Earth

Magus Mu'Drakhan

To even mention this base and sacriligious events leave a sick taste on my tongue, but speak of it I must, so that it can be solved. The vile and filty Devouring Earth have infested a Mu excavation site. The noxious beasts have driven out my researchers and even now slither through the glorious halls of the ancients. I will not allow this! Dread Tomax! I charge you to eradicate this infestation! Wipe out the foul creatures of the Devouring Earth and cleanse the ruins of Mu!

The task is simple; Eradicate the Devouring Earth to the last rotting branh, the last slimey toad, the last cursed rock and crystal. Destroy them all and cleanse the sacred ruins of Mu.

Part 1: Defeat all DE in ruins
Oranbega @ Nerva Archipelago (Devouring Earth )

A thick organic heat ebbs up from the depths of the ruins. The Devouring Earth control this place now.

Mission Complete: You eliminated the last of the Devouring Earth in the ruins.

Magus Mu'Drakhan

The exploration of the dig may continue once more, and the ancient wisdom and lore of the Mu will come to light once more. I shall pass word of this success to my superiors. Well done.


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