Story ArcUpon the Psychic Plane


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all carnies in office (Carnival of Shadows)
  2. Talk to Maria Jenkins
  3. Find Percy Winkley
  4. Question carnies about Ellie
  5. Rescue Ellie Weissman
  6. Recover the Bands of Shu
  7. Defeat all creatures in cave
  8. Defeat all villain in area
  9. Take Bands to Sister Psyche
  10. Seek clues on psychic plane
  11. Defeat all minions on plane.
  12. Take monocle to Sister Psyche
  13. Investigate Vanessa's memories
  14. Investigate Vanessa's memories
  15. Investigate Vanessa's memories
  16. Take monocle to Sister Psyche
  17. Battle Giovanna & her defenses
  18. Stop all villains in warehouse
  19. Learn Vanessa DeVore's whereabouts
  20. Defeat Vanessa & her servants

Notable Foes

  • Mission #17: Giovanna Scaldi, Arch-Villain (Carnival of Shadows)

Find Ellie Weissman

Harvey Maylor

Red Tomax, I need your help desperately! One of my reporters has been kidnapped! Her name's Ellie Weissman, and she's a real sweet girl. young, smart, talented. I've known her since she was a kid. Her apartment was ransacked by the Carnival this morning, and there's no sign of her anymore! Will you help me find Ellie? If anything happens to her, I'll never be able to look her father in the eye again.

Ellie was working on a feature about mystical artifacts. I don't know if that's what she set the Carnival off, but you should head over to the Tattler and take a look at her notes.

Part 1: Defeat all carnies in office (Find Ellie's notes)
Office @ Peregrine Island (Carnival of Shadows)

A picture of a startingly young Harvey Maylor beams at you from the wall.

Objective: You found a worn appointment calendar.

ClueEllie's appointment calendar

This appointment calendar lists several appoointments in Ellie's neat, crisp shorthand. The final meeting is circled in red pen. It reads:

Percy Winckley
Secret Library
Wear comfortable shoes.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Carnival and found Ellie Weissman's notebook.

Harvey Maylor

I just broke the news about Ellie's disappearance to her parents; let me tell you, that was rough. I can't even get worked up about the Tattler office being trashed. I just want to find my reporter! Maybe that appointment calendar you found can help us pick up her trail.

Ask Maria Jenkins about the secret library

Harvey Maylor

According to this appointment calendar you found, Ellie met with a Percy Winkley right before she was kidnapped. Perhaps this Ms. Winkley can tell us more about the situation. Trouble is, the only address we have is 'secret library'. I think I know someone who may be able to clear up that mystery. Will you go ask Maria Jenkins about the secret library? She's been around the block a few times; she knows more than most people might guess.

I appreciate your help, Red Tomax. We're like a family at the Tattler; if we can't find Ellie, things will never be the same.

Part 2: Talk to Maria Jenkins
Delivery @ Peregrine Island
Maria Jenkins

Normally, I'd never divulge the secret of the Midnight Squad's underground library. But I've heard good things about you, Red Tomax. I'll tell you where it is, but I expect you to keep this information private.

Part 3: Find Percy Winkley
Cavern @ Unknown

You've heard that the Midnight Squad has a network of secret libraries hidden beneath the city. Their resources are truly staggering.

Mission Complete: You rescued Percy Winkley from the Carnival of Shadows!

CluePercy Winkley's story

When you rescued Percy Winkley from the Carnival of Shadows, he told you:

'Yes, Ellie Weissman interviewed me for her article on ancient artifacts. Ninety percent of her material was bunk, but she was convinced that she had a real story. She kept asking me for details on the Bands of Shu. my friends, the Bands are nothing but a pair of old copper bracelets! They have no mystical power whatsoever!'

'I can't enlighten you about the Carnival's motives, but I may be able to help you find your friend. Here's a mental monocle. It can read whatever thoughts are uppermost in another's mind; I usually break it out for laughs at parties.'

ClueMental monocle

This fascinating device is one of the Midnight Squad's many strange artifacts. While wearing it, you can read the uppermost thoughts in a person's mind.

Harvey Maylor

So, Ellie was asking about these Bands of Shu before she was kidnapped, eh? I wonder if they might be more powerful than the Midnight Squad realizes. I'll bet anything the Carnival kidnapped Ellie to keep her from learning more about the Bands. Now that you have that mental monocle, maybe we can get her back.

Question the carnies about the missing reporter

Harvey Maylor

Thanks to Percy Winkley's mental monocle, we should be able to get some straight answers out of the Carnival. The monocle will allow you to read whatever thoughts areuppermost in the carnies minds. So just keep questioning them about my missing reporter, and don't stop until you find an answer! Youcan usually find carnies makign mischief on Peregrine Island.

As soon as we get Ellie back safely, we can find out more abouther investigation into the Bands of Shu. I'm certain that's what prompted the Carnival to go after her!

Part 4: Question carnies about Ellie (Defeat 65 Carnies)
Defeat x @ Any (Peregrine Island)

Mission Complete: You were able to pluck Ellie's current location from the mind of one of the carnies.

Harvey Maylor

Thank heaven, Red Tomax, you did it! You found out where the Carnival's keeping Ellie! Now you just have to go in there and get her out!

Rescue Ellie

Harvey Maylor

We've got all the information weneed, Red Tomax. It's time to stop pussyfooting around. I want you to get over to that Carnival hideout and rescue Ellie. I'l be counting the minutes unti you're back.

Ellie got into trouble by investigating a stroy for my paper. That makes me responsible for her safety.

Part 5: Rescue Ellie Weissman
Warehouse @ Independence Port

Your traine dnose detects a subtle aroma of Chanel No. 5.

Mission Complete: You rescued Ellie Weissman from the Carnival of Shadows.

ClueEllie Weissman's story

When you rescued Ellie Weissman from the Carnival of Shadows, she told you:

'Nobody takes the Tattler seriously, Red Tomax, but sometimes we come up with some amazing stories. Like the Bands of Shu. Even the Midnight Squad didn't believe that they have the power to transport a human beingto teh psychi plane. but I did some checking, and it's all true! It's a complicated ritual, but I believe it can be done!'

Harvey Maylor

I don't know how to thank you enough for rescuing my reporter. Ellie's safe at home now, and I don' think I've ever been more grateful. She's got a lot to tell us about her investigation into the Bands of Shu. She seems to think they might be instrumental in taking on the Carnival.

Get the Bands of Shu from the Malta Group

Harvey Maylor

Red Tomax, you have my eternal gratitude for rescuing Ellie from the Carnival ofShadows. She's told me a lotabout her investigation into the Bands of Su, and from what she says, there's a good chance the Bands coud help us defeat the Carnival of Shadows. There's only one problem. The Bands are currently held by the Malta Group; they're among the many artifacts the group has locked up for study. I need you to go and get them.

The Malta Group wants to control anyone and anything with even the merest whiff of super powers. Don't underestimate them.

Part 6: Recover the Bands of Shu
Laboratory @ Peregrine Island

The Malta Group's alarm system is subtle, but you notice the click as the security camera zooms in on your face.

Mission Complete: You found the Bands of Shu!

ClueThe Bands of Shu

According to Percy Winkley, these ancient Egyptian bracelets are of no interest to anyone but archaeologists. The Band's carvings have a certain charm, and your eye is drawn to one figure seated upon a throne. Her hands are lifted above her head; draped over them is the star-studded body of the goddes Nut, who represents the sky.

Harvey Maylor

My, those Bands certainly are unique. Kind of pretty, too. Ellie's been looking into them, and she thikns they may help us take the fight to Vanessae DeVore where she really lives: on the psychic plane!

Empower the Bands of Shu

Harvey Maylor

I'm impressed, Red Tomax. YOu managed to get te Bands of Su away from those Malta goons. The trouble is, right now, they're useless. In order to take you to the psychic plane, the bands ave to be empowered. Ellie's researched the ritual involved, but it's going to be a toughie.

First, you'l need to bring the bands into contact with a powerful, but primitive creature. That should anchor you in this reality, so you don't lose yourself on the psychic plane. Then, you'll need to bring them into contact with an extra-dimensional entity. That'll give them the power they need to transport you to another plane of existence. And, finally, you'll hve to brng them to Siser Psyche to complete the ritual.

Good luck, Red Tomax. This is a big task, but I think you're up to it.

Part 7: Defeat all creatures in cave
Cavern @ Perez Park

The eartly smell of the Devouring Earth creatures is heavy in this cave.

Mission Complete: You have completed the first part of the ritual.

Part 8: Defeat all villain in area
Unknown @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

Mission Complete: Youhave completed the second portion of the ritual.

Part 9: Take Bands to Sister Psyche
Delivery @ Independence Port
Sister Psyche

Ah, yes; it is a simple matter to complete this ritual. It's sort of like fliping a mental switch. Yes. There you are.

The Bands of Shu are now empowered with the essence of the Egyptian goddes, Shu. It was she who kept the sky and the Earth seperate. What most do not know is that she also held the task of keeping different planes of existence from folding into one another. By wearing her Bands, you can manipulate those planes and walk among them as you will.

ClueThe Bands of Shu

The Bands of Shu have been empowered with the essence of the Egyptian goddess, Shu. They have taken on a very faint glow, which you find oddly warming.

Harvey Maylor

I knew you hadit in you, Red Tomax. You've empowered the bands of Shu. now you can use them to take you to the Psychic plane and battlethe Carnival there. Are you ready for that?

Go to the psychic plane and learn whatever you can about the Carnival of Shadows

Harvey Maylor

Sister Psyche explained to me; let's see if I've got it straight. Vanessa DeVore has been psychically dominating so many people for years, that her mind is pread outall across the psychic plane. In a way, you're going to be literally roaming around in her brain, batting her mental defenses. You're going to be a pioneer, Red Tomax. Vanessa may be able to erect barriers to wall off some of her thoughts, but I need you to learn whatever you can about her and the Carnival of Shadows.

Sister Psyche has set up what she calls a 'mental gateway' in a nearby office building. She ways it's all about perception; all I know is, it'll get you where you're going.

Part 10: Seek clues on psychic plane (3 memories to uncover)
Instanced Outdoor [Dark Astoria] @ Founders' Falls

You can't help doubtig the effectiveness of Sister Psyche's mental gateway, but it seems to work like a charm.

Objective: These books belonged to a young Vanessa DeVore.


Whle adventuring on the Psychic plane, you plucked the memory of these books from Vanessa DeVore's mind. You were able to sense that they belonged to her when she was young, before she came into her awe-inspiring mental powers. Several of the books are travel guides to Italy.

Objective: These bones belong to a woman named Giovanna Scaldi.

CluePile of bones

While adventuring on the psychic plane, you plucked the memory of this pile of bones from Vanessa DeVore's mind. You were able to sense that the bones belong to someone named Giovanna Scaldi, but you have no idea who she was.

Objective: This exquisite porcelain mask is hundreds of years old.

CluePorcelain mask

While adventuring on the psychic plane, you plucked the memory of this mask from Vanessa DeVore's mind. The mask was of exquisite quality, far more delicate than those worn by the Carnival's rank and file. You were abl to sense that it was nearly four hundred years old.

Mission Complete: You have recovered some interesting memories from Vanessa DeVore's mind.

Harvey Maylor

Wow, it sounds like you leanred a lot while you were adventuring on the psychic plane. I can't begin to inderstand the significance of all the memories you've uncovered. The one that really puzzles me is this Giovanna Scaldi. Who was she? Why are her bones rattling aroundinside Vanessa's head? I think shemust be important to the Carnival, but it's impossible to say how. Red Tomax, I think you're going to have to go back.

Go back to the psychic plane

Harvey Maylor

Your first journey on the psychic plane was fruitful, Red Tomax. So fruitful that I'm sending you back. We needto know more about this Giovanna Scaldi you found traces of in Vanessa DeVore's memory. I couldn't find any mention of her in public records. I think there's only one was to find outwho she really was.

Sister Psyche set up another mental gateway for you. This one's in an old cave.

Part 11: Defeat all minions on plane.
Instanced Outdoor [Forest] @ Perez Park

As you enter the psychic plane, you feel a tingle on the back of your neck. Or rather, the psychic projection of the back of your neck.

Mission Complete: You weren't able to learn anything rom Vanessa's mind.

Harvey Maylor

You weren't able to learn anything on the psychic plane? It sounds like Vanessa DeVore found a way to shield her memories from you. We'll have to see what can be done about that.

Take the mental monocle to Sister Psyche

Harvey Maylor

You remember that mental monocle Percy Winkley gave you, the one that helped you find my missing reported, Ellie? Well, I hung onto it, I thought it might come in handy some day. Anyway, I just spoke with Sister Psyche, and she thinks she can modify it for you. We know Vanessa DeVore's found some way to shield her memories from you. Erhaps with Sister Psyche's help, we can change that. Will you take the monacle to her?

Sister Psyche may be the most talented woman I know.

ClueMental monocle

This is the mental monocle that enabled you to read the thoughts of the carnies and locate the missing reported, Ellie Weissman. Sister Psyche believes she can modify it, making it powerful enouhg to draw out the thoughts of Vanessa DeVore.

Part 12: Take monocle to Sister Psyche
Delivery @ Independence Port
Sister Psyche

Is this the monocle? Ah, yes, how charming. It uses a lens of elestial quartz to allow you to see into the minds of those nearby. Weak, but serviceable. I believe I can boost the power.

There. Now the monocle should allow you to read minds much more effectively. When you think of a particular subject, you can cause those nearby to think of that subject as well. This should letyou plumb Vanessa DeVore's mind for more on this strange Giovanna Scaldi.

ClueModified monocle

Sister Psyche has modified this mental monocle. It is now strong enouhg to enable you to draw out the thoughts of Vanessa DeVore.

Harvey Maylor

Great! Now that Sister Psyche's worked her special talents on that mental monocle, you can go back to the psychic plane. We should be able to learn a lot more about Giovanna Scaldi's connection to Vanessa DeVore.

Go to the psychic plan and read Vanessa's thoughts

Harvey Maylor

Al right, Red Tomax. SIster Psyche's done her thing, and that mental monocle is good to go. Once you get to the psychic plane, it should let you read Vanessa's thoughts. We need to find out more about this strange Giovanna Scaldi you found traces of within her memory. I really think she may be important.

All this psychic plane stuff is a bit confusing for a simple man like me. I sure hope you're taking pictures.

Part 13: Investigate Vanessa's memories
Instanced Outdoor @ The Hollows

Mission Complete: You uncovered Vanessa's memories of her younger days.

ClueVanessa's memory

While journeying in the psychic plane, you found a memory of Vanessa's younger days. She told you:

'I had saved all year for my trip to Venice. I thought it would be a wonderful experience: art, culture, the Tuscan sun! I happened by a small antique shpo, and that's where I found it. The mask. I can't wait to put it on!'

Harvey Maylor

I had no idea Sister Psyche could make that mental monocle so powerful! You not only read Vanessa's mind, you actualy summoned up an image ofher younger self! Red Tomax! We have to know more!

Go back to the psychic plane to learn more about Vanessa's past

Harvey Maylor

We've learned a lot from your forays in the psychic plane, Red Tomax. we've learned that, as recently as 1998, Vanessa was notihgn more than a simple art student with barely enough cash to fund a trip to Venice. We've learned that the mask she wears is responsible for her rise to power, and we've also learned that this is somehow connected to the death of a woman named Giovanna Scaldi. It's a lot of infomation, Red Tomax, but it still lacks cohesion. You've go to learn more.

While you're gone, I'm going to do some digging. i've ad no luck finding a local record of Giovanna Scaldi, but perhaps the Venetian authorities canbe of help.

Part 14: Investigate Vanessa's memories
Instanced Outdoor [Dark Astoria] @ Founders' Falls

You were strangely affected by the vision of Vanessa's younger self you encountered on your last foray to the psychic plane. In a way, you're hoping you see her again.

Mission Complete: You uncovered Vanessa's memories of the mask that changed her forever.

ClueVanessa's memory

While journeying in the psychic plane, you found a memory of Vanessa's younger days. She told you:

'I put the mask on once. Only once. And when I did, her mind flooded into mine. Giovanna's! Her soul was stored within the mask, and her psycic powersnearly allowed her to obliterate me completely. If I hadn't fainted, and dropped the mask from my face, that might have been the end of me! I packed the mask away and returned to Paragon City. I haven't touched it since.'

Harvey Maylor

While you weregone, I got on the horn to a records keeper over in Venice. It's true, Giovanna Scaldi was Venetian. She died mysteriously in 1698, while awaiting execution for various crimes. According to what you've recovered from Vanessa's memories, it sounds like she didn't die after all. Somehow, she put her soul into that porcelain mask. And when Vanessa put it on, three hundred years later, Giovanna nearly killed her.

There's still one thing I don't understand. According to Vanessa's memory, she put the mask away and planned never to use it again. So what happened to change her mind?

Go into the psychic plane once more

Harvey Maylor

According to the memories you've uncovered, Vanessa DeVore never planned to be evil. In fact, she sounds like a pleasant, innocent girl. What can I tell you, Red Tomax, I'm a journalist. I have to see this story through to the end. Will you go into the psychic plane once more? There's more to learn here, we just have to figure out what!

Just so we're clear. You are taking pictures. Right?

Part 15: Investigate Vanessa's memories
Instanced Outdoor [Island Forest] @ Talos Island

You've become sympathetic toward the young hopeful Vanessa DeVore. Just like Harvey Maylor, you have to know why she turned to evil.

Mission Complete: You uncovered Vanessa's memories of her partnership with Giovanna Scaldi.

ClueVanessa's memory

While journeying in the psychic plane, you found a memory of Vanessa's younger days. She told you:

'I didn't plan to put the mask on again. Not ever! But then the Rikti came. I wanted to help fight them, and I knew that Giovanna had great psychic power.'

'So I did it. I put the mask on. And I helped coordinate the soldiers in the battle against the Rikti. under my mental control, they were much more effective. I don't regret it, not one bit! I helped save this planet!'

Harvey Maylor

So, Vanessa DeVore put the mask on because she believed that it would help her defeat the Rikti. And it did, but at a price. She's unable to seperate herself from the soul of Giovanna Scaldi who dwells within the mask. If this doesn't rate a cover story, I don't know what does.

Take the mental monocle back to Sister Psyche

Harvey Maylor

Bear with me, Red Tomax. I've got a theory. We know that Vanessa DeVore was just a humble art student, unti lshe got mixed up with the mask containing the soul of Giovanna Scaldi. Well, what if we could defeat Giovanna herself, upon the psychic plane? Would Vanessa return to the way she used to be? It's a long shot, but I think it's worth trying. I'd like you to take that mental monocle back to Sister psyche. maybe she can figure out a way to make Giovanna appear.

Maybe I'm crazy to think that there's hope for Vanessa yet. but it's the kind of crazy I want to be.

Part 16: Take monocle to Sister Psyche
Delivery @ Independence Port
Sister Psyche

Certainly, I can adjust the monocle, if that's what you like. But are you sure you wish to face Giovanna Scaldi on the psychic plane? I can assure you, she will be most vicious. The immortal often are.

Very well, if you are determined, I will do as you ask. The monocle will now allow you to summon forth the soul of Giovanna Scaldi. Go forth and battle her, but be prepared for the worst.

ClueModified mental monocle

Sister Psyche has altered your mental monocle once more. you can now use it to draw forth the psychic essence of Giovanna Scaldi.

Part 17: Battle Giovanna & her defenses
Instanced Outdoor [Burning Forest] @ 'Crey's Folly'

You feel a hot puff of air on your face; you could almost swear it was the breath of an angry, malevolent goddess.

Giovanna ScaldiGiovanna Scaldi [Arch-Villain]
Though records say Giovanna Scaldi died in 17th century Venice, it appears she is alive and well - in Vanessa DeVore's mind. Her soul has survived the centuries locked away in a porcelian maskm and it is her great psychic power that truly drives the Carnival of Shadows.

Mission Complete: You defeated Giovanna Scaldi!

Harvey Maylor

You did it, Red Tomax! You did it! You defeated the soul of Giovanna Scaldi! I can hardly believe it, but it's true. With Giovanna gone, I truly believe the Carnival will dissolve. There'll be nothing to make Vanessa evil anymore, and she can go back to her own life! It's like a dream come true!

Go to a carnie hideout and confirm that the carnival is no more

Harvey Maylor

You've defeated Giovanna Scaldi, and with her, the evil seed that prompted the Carnival's creation. If my guess is correct, the Carnival is no more. I just need you to go to one of their warehouses and confirm that fact for me. Then we can start helping the displaced carnies put their lives back together. After years of being mentally dominated by Giovanna, they probably won't know where to start.

I'm speaking to the City Council about a medal for you, Red Tomax. Really. You deserve it.

Part 18: Stop all villains in warehouse
Warehouse @ Peregrine Island

The moment you step through the door, you hear a high-pitched, hyena-like laugh. And you know that Harvey Maylor was wrong.

Objective: You defeated the Carnival.

Harvey Maylor

I guess I was wrong, Red Tomax. Even with Giovanna defeated, the Carnival is still going strong. it makes me sad, to tell you the truth. Afer hearing your stories about the young Vanessa DeVore, I really hoped we could save her. but I guess we've got one more villain to go after.

Take the mental monocle back to the streets

Harvey Maylor

Vanessa's still out there somewhere, and we've got to take her down. I want you to take the mental monocle back to the streets, Red Tomax. We need to learn Vanessa's location.

I really hoped we could save Vanessa DeVore. I guess you'll have to defeat her instead.

Part 19: Learn Vanessa DeVore's whereabouts (Defeat 50 Carnies)
Defeat x @ Any (Peregrine Island)

Mission Complete: From the mind of one of the carnies you defeated, you have plucked Vanessa DeVore's current whereabouts.

Part 20: Defeat Vanessa & her servants
Warehouse @ unknown

After romping around in Vanessa DeVore's mind, you feel as though you know her. In some ways, you regret that you have to be the one to take her down.

Harvey Maylor

Good work, Red Tomax. I really thought that Vanessa could be saved. Based on what you gleaned from her memories, it seems that she really was a good person, once upon a time. She even gave up control of her mind to help fight the Rikti invasion!

But I guess enough power can twist any heart, even one steeped in good intentions. With vanessa in prison, perhaps we can put a stop to the Carnival for good.

Souvenir: Vanessa DeVore's mask

It all started when Harvey Maylor came to you for help. One of his reporters. Ellie Weissman. had been kidnapped by the Carnival. You went to her office and found the Carnival trying to dispose of her notes. You were only able to save one thing: an appointment calendar that listed a meeting with Percy Winkley of the Midnight Squad.

After obtaining the location of his secret library from Maria Jenkins. you paid Mr. Winkley a visit. You arrived just in time to rescue him from some Carnival goons. He told you that he had spoken to Ellie about some bracelets called the Bands of Shu. He also gave you a mental monocle that would allow you to pluck Ellie's current whereabouts from the minds of the carnies.

You took to the streets and returned with knowledge of Ellie's location.

She was being held in an old warehouse. You ventured there. and managed to free her from the Carnival. She told you about her investigation into the Bands' power. She seemed to believe they could help you fight the Carnival.

To recover the Bands. you had to go up against the Malta Group. who were keeping the bracelets locked away in one of their bases.

Then you had to empower them. You brought the Bands into contact with some Devouring Earth creatures to anchor them in this reality. Then you faced the Praetorians while wearing them. in order to give the Bands a taste of that which lies beyond this world. Lastly. you brought them to Sister Psyche to complete the ritual.

With the Bands empowered. you were ready to set foot on the psychic plane for the first time. You journeyed there and uncovered three of Vanessa's memories: some travel guides to Italy. a porcelain mask. and a pile of bones belonging to a woman named Giovanna Scaldi.

Giovanna Scaldi had to be important. but you didn't know how. You went back to the psychic plane. but this time you were unable to learn anything. Vanessa had found a way to protect her memories.

Harvey suggested you turn to Sister Psyche for help. You brought the mental monocle to her. and she was able to greatly amplify its power.

The next time you went to the psychic plane. you were able to use the monocle to summon forth a memory of Vanessa in her younger days. She told you about her first trip to Venice. where she found a lovely porcelain mask.

It was enough to pique your curiosity. and you went back to learn more. The next time you encountered a memory of Vanessa. she told you about the first and only time she put n the mask. When she put it on. the mind of Giovanna Scaldi flooded into hers. It seemed that Giovanna was an old Venetian criminal who had preserved her life by putting her soul into the mask. Terrified. Vanessa packed away the mask and vowed never to wear it again.

You and Harvey agreed: you had to know more. You went back to the psychic plane. where you encountered one last reflection of Vanessa. She told you that She had put on the mask in order to use its powers to battle the Rikti. She succeeded. but she was never again separate from Giovanna.

Harvey had a bold idea. If you could defeat Giovanna upon the psychic plane. Vanessa might be freed. You went again to Sister Psyche. who modified the monocle once more. Now you could use it to draw forth the soul of Giovanna. You did so. and defeated the mighty villain on the psychic plane.

You were hopeful that Vanessa and her minions had now been freed from Giovanna's psychic grip. You went to one of their hideouts. but learned that your hopes had been in vain. The Carnival was still going strong. with Vanessa holding the reigns. Apparently she had learned much from her time with Giovanna.

You had come to sympathize with Vanessa. but you knew she had to be stopped. You used the mental monocle to uncover her whereabouts. then went to her hideout and defeated her. Vanessa DeVore is currently serving time in the Ziggursky Prison. under the watch of several talented telepaths. It is unknown whether her mental powers are strong enough to subvert their control.

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