Story ArcChaos Affair


Mission Index

  1. Rescue victims from Wailers (Carnival of Shadows,Wailers)
  2. Defeat all Wailers in office
  3. Disrupt Circle plans
  4. Interrogate Paradox
  5. Interrogate Carnival
  6. Keep Wailers out of Babylon - 1:15:00

Notable Foes

Rescue Victims from Wailers


There's something going down, but if you're one of those, 'I want to eat human brains' types, then I got nothing for you. Look, we may be villains, but we still live here. I do what I do to amke my life easier, but I don't go out of my way to hurt people who don't deserve it. I make my own destiny and I don't care about the laws unless someone's strong enough to stop me. But I ain't a monster.

Y'know those Wailer demons? Well, they been goin' around St. Martial collectin' souls from people who don't deserve it. When demons take out people they make pacts with that's one thing, but when they start pickin on folksjust mindin' their own business, that's when I gotta step in and kick some demon butt! If you're still here, then I guess you see things my way. Head over to the slums in St. Martial and protect the people from the Wailers.

There may not be too many innocents in the Rogue Isles, but there's such a thing as protecting your own. that's where I'm coming from.

Part 1: Rescue victims from Wailers (3 victims to rescue)
Instanced Outdoor [St. Martial] @ St. Martial (Carnival of Shadows,Wailers)

The terrified screams from residents of this neighborhood echo throguh the streets.

Mission Complete: You rescued the victims!


Apparently, there was some sort of astrological conjunction which allowed the Wailers to seize souls without making a pact with them first. You did a good job in protecting our own, Dread Tomax. You got my respect.

Defeat all Wailers in office


We got us a problem. I got a call about some Wailer demons breaking into an office in the Golden Giza. There ain't been problems in the Giza with demons before, so we best take care of this pronto before it develops into something worse. Clear the Wailers out of the Casino office.

Make sure you clear all of 'em out. Even one escaping could mean a whole lotta problems.

Part 2: Defeat all Wailers in office (Stop Silvertounge from escaping!)
Office @ St. Martial

You hear a crash and the scream of offices workers. the demons are here.

SilvertongueSilvertongue [Boss]
St. Martial is infested with these horrid demons. A rumour on a Johnnie 'The Pipes' Sonata fan-site a few weeks back 'joked' that the singer must have sold his soul for his golden voice and the demons are here to collect. Maybe there's some truth to it.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Wailers


Silvertounge the Wailer King was there? This demon problem is getting worse by the minute. We gotta deal with this.

Disrupt Circle plans


I don't like these increasing demon attacks around St. Martial. First, regular joes on the street, then an attack on the Golden Giza itself. We gotta get to the root of these attacks.

The Circle of Thorns have been trying to control the Wailers for awhile, so they might have insight into what the Wailers are up to. Hit a Circle of thorns hideout and interrogate their leader, Karthist, on what they know about the Wailer's plans. While you're there, free a couple of the sacrifice victims they recently nabbed from St. Martial. Again, these are just folks that done nothin' but get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Karthist is a bit of a coward and will likely try to run when things get rough for him. Don't let him escape!

Part 3: Disrupt Circle plans (2 victims to free, Interrogate Circle leader)
Caverns @ St. Martial

The air is charged with arcane energies.

Objective: You have freed the sacrifice victim!

Objective: You interrogate the Circle leader

ClueCircle of Thorns Interrogation

The leader of this Circle of Thorns temple relates his knowledge of the Wailers plans. Apparently, the Wailers are desperatly trying to get break through wards scattered around Babylon trying to get someone within the Golden Giza.

Mission Complete: You interrogated the leader and freed the sacrifice victims!


Huh. Well, it's nothin' really new. We already knew the demons were wanting to get into the Giza, and by all accounts it's likely 'cuz they want to get to the Giza's star Johnny Sonata. Looks like Johnny's luck is starting to run out.

Interrogate Paradox


Listen up. We know the Wailers are trying to break into the Golden Giza, and we've got a pretty good idea why. I just got more info on that raid the demons made on the offices by the casino. Apperantely, there was one of the Carnival of Shadows nearby there acting suspiciously, a woman named Paradox. She was recently seen heading into the Hard Way to an abandoned warehouse.

Paradox has a rep for dealing with all sorts of supernatural entities. Don't be surprised to run into a few there.

Part 4: Interrogate Paradox
Abandoned Warehouse @ St. Martial

Out of the corner of your eye, you see a shape disappear into the shadows of this abandoned warehouse.

Objective: You interrogate Paradox

ClueParadox Interrogation

Paradox from the Carnival of Shadows relates that one of the local Carnival leaders named Lady Devereaux made a deal with the Wailer demon known as Silvertounge. She would sneak into the offices at the Golden Giza to break a few wards keeping out the Wailers. In return, they would help the Shadow set up a 'Choas Affair' on the streets of St. Martial.

Mission Complete: You got some information from Paradox!


The Wailers have struck a deal with the Carnival of Shadows? that's got bad news written all over it. This 'Carnival of Chaos' sounds like it's gonna be a heap of trouble for St. Martial.

Interrogate Carnival


So the Wailers have been going nuts trying to steal souls around the Rogue Isles. What's more, they convinced the Carnival of Shadows to help them break into Babylon and the Golden Giza! I really don't like the sound of this 'Chaos Affair' the Carnival is talking about either. We should find out more about this event and what they're planning to do there.

We better find out where this Chaos Affair is happening, and fast.

Part 5: Interrogate Carnival (Defeat 30 Carnies)
Defeat X @ St. Martial

Mission Complete: Missing!


We're going to have to do something about this Choas Affair. If the seal is broken all hell will break loose!

Keep Wailers out of Babylon


Alright- we know the Carnival is having this 'Chaos Affair' street event as a cover to destroy one of the main wards on St. Martial keeping the Wailers out of the Golden Giza and St. Martial. If that happens, we got the place overrun by demons, and the whole of St. Martial is going down the drain. This is a matter of survival. Stop the Carnival from destroying the warding statue.

If you fail that, you're going to have to deal with a whole lot of Wailers screaming in and trying to overwhelm the place. If you can hold 'em off long enough, I can put a temporary ward in place which will keep 'em out until the statue can be repaired. In any case you need to take down lady Devereaux, the Carnival leader responisible for this mess.

You have 75 minutes to complete this mission.

This is gonna be tough, Dread Tomax. If you got any favors to call in with other villains, I suggest you do it.

Part 6: Keep Wailers out of Babylon - 1:15:00 (Protect statue, defeat Devereaux)
Instanced Outdoor [St. Martial] @ St. Martial

The sounds of the Carnival 'Chaos Affair' call to you from a distance.

Objective: You have defeated Lady Devereaux!

Objective: You protected the statue!

Mission Complete: You stopped the Wailers!


Excellent work, Dread Tomax. You helped prevent the Carnival and the Wailers from laying waste to St. Martial. We may be villains, but it dosen't mean we can't protect our own.

Souvenir: Carnival Party Hat

It all started when Hardcase asked you to help deal with Wailers stealing souls from people in St. martial who didn't deserve it. Hardcase isn't the bleeding heart type, but he does believe in protecting his own. You agreed to help out an managed to save a few of the working stiffs of St. martial from having their souls ripped away.

It seemed as though the soul raid by the Wailers on the streets of St. Martial was just the beginning. Hardcase got the call about demons running amok in the offices of the Golden Giza. this worried Hardcase, as the Giza never had demon problems before. He sent you there and you dealt with a Wailer King known as Silvertounge.

Hardcase wanted to know more about the Wailers plan. he knew the Circle of Thorns were trying to broker many pacts with the Wailers, and so sent you to raid a Circle temple and interrogate its leader to find out more. The Circle leader told you the demons were trying desperately to break the wards around St. Martial which were preventing them to get into Babylon and the Golden Giza, to get at someone inside there. Hardcase speculated the Wailer's goal was to get to Johnny Sonata.

Hardcase got a tip there was a Carnival of Shadows leader named Paradox was seen in thr casino offices before the Wailer attack occured there. Tracking her to an abanoned warehouse, you found she was making deals with the Wailer King Silvertounge! She spoke of the upcoming 'Chaos Affair' the Carnival was hosting.

Hardcase didn't like the sound of what was to come, so he sent you to get more information from the Circle on the street. You found the 'Choas Affair' was being led by a Carnival leader known as Lady Devereaux, as well as the time and location of the event. They're planning on destroying one of the warding statues keeping the Wailers out!

You went to try and prevent the warding statue from being broken and the Wailers from overrunning St. Martial.

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