Minor Story ArcPied Piper


Mission Index

  1. Find cause of Wailer attack (Longbow,Freakshow,Wailers)
  2. Steal sonic device
  3. Draw Wailers to Paragon City

Find cause of Wailer attack


Hey Dread Tomax. I got word all hell is breakign loose in a warehouse down in Hard Way. Nothing new considering what the Hard Way is normally like, but in this case there's a LOT of Wailers there. I dunno if it's some sort of ward they're after there, or Johnny Sonata tried to make a break for it or what, but it's worth checking out. Head over to the warehouse and find out what's causing these Wailers to attack in such huge numbers.

You might want some backup - there's a LOT of Wailers there!

Part 1: Find cause of Wailer attack
Abandoned Warehouse @ St. Martial (Longbow,Freakshow,Wailers)

In the distance you hear discordant music accompanied by the screams of Wailer demons.

Objective: You find a pile of music discs.

Mission Complete: You found the cause of the Wailer attacks!


The Freakshow had a Johnny Sonata remix which drew the Wailers? Damn. We might just be able to use this to our advantage...

Steal sonic device


Those sonic Freakshow who were playing the Johnny Sonata techno-remix which attracted the Wailers gave me an idea. If we could get hold of the sonic tech, we can plant a device on another island and draw the Wailers away from St. Martial! I know the name of a techie who's working for the Freakshow leaders on St. Martial developing their sonic tech. Get Trey Belcleff from the Freakshow to build you a sonic device.

Once we capture Belcleff, we can get him to construct the sonic device to attract the Wailers!

Part 2: Steal sonic device (Kidnap Trey Belcleff, Take Belcleff to Sonic Device)
Warehouse @ St. Martial

Off in the distance you hear a discordant squeal from a loudspeaker.

Mission Complete: You got the sonic device!

ClueUltra Mega Boombox

This oversized boombox is a sonic transmitter built by the Freakshow sonic techie Trey Belcleff. It is loaded with a cycling techno-remix of Johnny Sonata's greatest hits. The Wailers of St. Martial are attracted to the music!


This'll be perfect! Now we just need to pick a good target. I have something in mind...

Draw Wailers to Paragon City


So we found the Wailers were attracted by the techno-remix of Johnny Sonata's music, and managed to get a Freakshow sonic techie to make a heavy duty sonic transmitter. Now all we need to do is plant it somewhere off of St. Martial...

I know - let's put it in Paragon City. Let those hero jerks deal with teh Wailers when they come after it. They'll probably find the device after a while, but it'll give St. Martial a break from the Wailers for a while at least. Plant the sonci transmitter in the Paragon City sewers and make sure there are no nearby witnesses!

I have a boat waiting in Nerva to take you to Paragon City. Longbow usually watches for villains going in and out of the Rogue Isles, so keep an eye out for them.

Part 3: Draw Wailers to Paragon City (Plant Sonic device, Defeat reinforcements, Defeat witnesses)
Sewers @ Nerva Archipelago

The foul sewers below Paragon City is a perfect place to hide the sonic transmitter.

Mission Complete: You planted the sonic device!


That should draw some of the Wailers off of St. Martial - at least for a while. Let the 'heroes' of Paragon City deal with that mess!

Souvenir: Johnny Sonata Techno-Remix

This is a techno-remix recording of the star of the Golden Giza on St. Martial, the crooner known as Johnny Sonata. You have it as a reminder from the tale you like to call:

Pied Piper

It all started when Hardcase contacted you about a horde of Wailers attacking a warehouse in the Flush. Investigating, you found a gang of Freakshow with sound modifications being swarmed by Wailers. After you dealt with the situation, you found a bunch of music discs on the Freakshow, including a techno-remix of Johnny Sonata's greatest hits. Hardcase speculated the Wailers were attracted to the music!

Hardcase saw this as an opportunity to draw the Wailers away from St. Martial. He sent you to go after Trey Belcleff, one of the Freakshow's sonic techies. Getting to Trey, you got him to build a sonic transmitter capable of attracting the Wailers from a distance.

Hardcase picked a target for the sonic device: Paragon City. You snuck over the the mainland and planted the sonic transmitter in the sewers beneath Paragon, avoiding patrols of Longbow who caught word of your presence. You managed to plant the device, giving a momentary reprise from the Wailers for St. Martial!


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