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Mission Index

  1. Stop Rikti street battle - 2:00:00 (Rikti)
  2. Disrupt Rikti portal devices
  3. Meet with Nen'Kulf
  4. Defeat C'Kelkah & her guards
  5. Capture Nen'Kulf & his guards
  6. Locate C'Kelkah
  7. Find C'Kelkah's location
  8. Recapture C'Kelkah
  9. Defeat Po'Ken, Find Lost info
  10. Capture Lu'Bew & his staff
  11. Find captive sorcerer
  12. Disrupt Rikti portal devices
  13. Prevent a second Rikti Invasion

Stop the Rikti experiment and the battle on the street

Angus McQueen

There is a major disturbance occuring, Red Tomax.. A large number of Rikti troops have taken control of an area of several city blocks, and are preparing what appears to be a major dimensional experiment or mass transfer. Civil authorities were able to evacuate most civilians, but there are still several people trapped in the area. This situation has been further complicated by verified reports of Rikti fighting other Rikti. An emergency of this nature supercedes the necessities of proper chain of command; I am thus taking initiative and requesting your assistance to stop the Rikti battle on the streets and/or rescue the civilians and/or disrupt the Rikti's experiment.

There is little time before this situation will get out of hand. I would estimate that you will have approximately 2 hours to stabilize the situation.

While other forces are preparing to counter-attack, it is important to either evacuate the remaining civilians, or to prevent the dimensional experiment the Rikti are performing by incapacitating their machines. You'll need to take the Light Rail over to the site of the battle. It's been contained with an emergency force field, so that should make your job easier.

Part 1: Stop Rikti street battle - 2:00:00 (6 portal devices to adjust, 4 citizens to save)
Instanced Outdoor [Terra Volta] @ Clancey Square (Rikti)

A scream rips through the air.

Objective: You have incapacitated one of the Rikti's portal devices.

Objective: You have incapacitated one of the Rikti's portal devices.

Objective: You have incapacitated one of the Rikti's portal devices.

Mission Complete: You were able to acomplish you goals and stopped the Rikti's fight on the streets.

Angus McQueen

Thanks to your swift intervention, civilian casualties were low and we were able to determine that the Rikti were performing some sort of large-scale measurement. We were unable to determine what they were measuring.

I am disturbed that the forces brought to bear in what seems to have been an internecine struggle were powerful enough to challenge you. The Rikti wasy is one of monolithic harmony. Wat could cause such a schism among them?

Prevent the Rikti from achieving their aims on an alternate Earth

Angus McQueen

Portal Corporation scientists have monitored an unauthorised interdimensional transit from our world to a nearby alternate Earth. Readings match the dimensional jump technology that the Rikti recently stole from Portal Corporation, but show signs of modification that match some of the changes made to the Portal apparatus recovered after your recent battle with the Rikti on the city streets. I have been authorised by my superiors to request your assistance to prevent the Rikti from achieving their aims on an alternate Earth, whatever those aims by be.

I are uncertain of the Rikti's aims. The modifications to their portal generation equipment indicates that they may not be attempting a breakthrough to our home Earth, but may be performing some other operation. It is still important to alter their portal generation equipment to sensure that that world is cut off from the Rikti home Earth.

Part 2: Disrupt Rikti portal devices (6 portal devices to adjust)
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

It looks as though this world has seen more than it's share of war.

Objective: You discovered that this portal device has already been adjusted by someone else. It will soon seal this world off from the Rikti home Earth.

ClueUnknown sabotage

When you examined the Rikti's portal generation devices, you discovered that they had already been sabotaged and disrupted by someone else.

Objective: You discovered that this portal device has already been adjusted by someone else. It will soon seal this world off from the Rikti home Earth.

Objective: You discovered that this portal device has already been adjusted by someone else. It will soon seal this world off from the Rikti home Earth.

Mission Complete: You found the Rikti expedition already badly disrupted.

Angus McQueen

All evidence indicates that the Rikti's portal devices had been tampered with before you ever arrived. That, in combination with another outbreak of inter-Rikti violence points to the possibility that the Rikti are undergoing an internal schism. I am going to speak with some of my own sources, Red Tomax. Perhaps I can uncover more.

Meet Nen'Kulf and find out what he has to say

Angus McQueen

I have spoken with a number of contacts I still have among the Lost about the recent Rikti against Rikti battles we have seen. Few are willing to tell me anything, but one, a man who has taken the Rikti name Nen'Kulf, has agreed to talk. Nen'Kulf will not speak to me, fearing I will contaminate his hard-won 'Rikti: Thought' pattern, but he had agreed to speak with you. I believe that he is genuine. However, he is concerned that members of one of the factions may attempt to prevent the meeting. Despite this danger, I would like to ask you to meet Nen'Kulf and find out what he hs to say about the recent Rikti conflicts.

I knew the man who is now Ken'Kulf well. He joined the Lost after he lost everythign in the war, and always sought to help his fellows. He has long given me bits of information in the hopes that the war could be ended peacefully and soon. I am surprised that he had not mentioned this division among the Rikti earlier, but if he wishes to talk now, he should be listened to.

Part 3: Meet with Nen'Kulf (Locate Ken'Kulf)
Abandoned warehouse @ Brickstown

The hum of Rikti energy weapons is the first thing you pick up on. Nen'Kulf mentioned that he was afraid of being followed, but you aren't certain that this isn't a trap.

Mission Complete: You spoke with Nen'Kulf after rescuing him from other, hostile Rikti. He told you a great deal about the different Rikti factions.

ClueNen'Kulf's information

After his rescue from the Rikti of another faction, the Restructurist faction Lost called Nen'Kulf told you:

Rikti are: Divided. Two Factions: Restructurist; Traditionalist. Traditionalists are: Fanatic faction. They seek: Iron-clad rule. They seek: Total recreation of: Home-Earth Rikti society. They are: Bound in: Old Second class citizens: For Traditionalists. Restructurists seek: New ways. Restructurist reforms: Blocked by: Traditionalist agenda. Traditionalists seek: Total rule of: Humans; Rikti; when: Home-Earth contacted. I provide: Location of: Strongest Traditionalist leader.'

Angus McQueen

Nen'Kulf's information is very interesting. The Rikti here on Earth are having difficulty figuring out how to proceed without guidance from the home Earth. It may be possible to take advantage of this. Of the two factions Nen'Kulfs outlined, the traditionalists seem to pose a larger threat. I will filter all of this information through the intelligence network, and check into the location Nen'Kulf provided you.

If the information is verifiable, I may soon need to request your assistance in a sanctioned action against these Traditionalists, Red Tomax.

Defeat and capture the Traditionalist Rikti scientist C'Kelkah

Angus McQueen

Intelligence has been able to confirm the information provided by Nen'Kulf about the current location of a major Traditionalist leader. I have further been able to verify this leader's identity as C'Kelkah, a leading scientist with the Rikti invasion force who is believed to be in charge of their dimensional travel research teams. The strategic nature of her position within the Rikti science hierarchy increases the priority of C'Kelkah's capture. I have thus been authorized to sanction an attempt to defeat and/or capture C'Kelkah, and would like to ask for your assistance in this operation.

C'Kelkah is currently overseeing the set-up of a forward base in an old Council facility. This facility was cleared out some time ago by an independant hero action, but a Rikti inflitrator in City Hall managed to hide its location, preventing its demolition. Your mission will be to locate C'Kelkah and her direct subordinates and defeat them.

Part 4: Defeat C'Kelkah & her guards
Council base

This old Council base now hums with modifications made by its new alien masters.

Objective: You found some odd devices.

ClueInterference devices

Though these devices are clearly made with Rikti technology for Rikti use, you can figure out enough to see that they are built to scramble dimensional portal generators, potentially even helping to seal off travel between targeted dimensions. Why the Rikti woudl want to scramble portals is unknown.

Mission Complete: You have captured C'Kelkah, a scientist and one of the leaders of the Rikti Traditionalist faction.

Angus McQueen

With C'KelKah's capture, we will likely see a drop in activity from the dangerous Traditionalist Rikti faction. I will continue my investigations with Nen'Kulf and others to observe the impact. What is potentially more important is C'Kelkah's role in the Rikti dimensional travel research. Further investigation of the site has uncovered odd evidence that the devices being prepared by C'Kalkah's team were made to disrupt dimensional travel. The reasoning for this is unknown, but may come out during C'Kelkah's interrogation.

Capture the transformed Lost Ken'Kulf

Angus McQueen

Early results from C'Kelkah's interrogation and further examination of the site where you captured he have begun to present some disturbing trends. I have tried to contact Nen'Kulf to see if I could confirm some of this information, but I have learned that following C'Kelkah's capture, nen'Kulf underwent full Rikti conversion and was promoted to an elite rank within the Rikti Lineage of War.

This makes me extremely suspicious of Nen'Kulf's motivations and the nature of the information he provided to us. I would ask you to undertake an operation to capture Nen'Kulf so that I can confirm or allay my suspicions.

I have located the place and time of Nen'Kulf's first operation as a fully converted Rikti. your goal will be to capture him. Stopping the attack in general is good as well, but it is not a criteria for this mission.

Many pieces of this Situation: Non-congruent.

Excuse me.

Many pieces of this situation do not fit together. We must have more information before we can tell whether or not we have made a tactical error. Nen'Kulf's capture is important to determining this.

Part 5: Capture Nen'Kulf & his guards (4 citizens to rescue)

With the information you've been given, you are able to arrive just moments after the Rikti appeared.

Mission Complete: You captured Nen'kulf, the converted human who had first informed you of the growing schism amongst the Rikti.

Angus McQueen

Thank you for you assistance in this operation. With Nen'Kulf's capture we may be able to get some answers, but his mindset is very Rikti now, and very hostile. Any interrogation will be difficult. In contrast, C'Kelkah has been open and willing to talk. I will tell you more of what has been learned from her soon, once it has been cleared.

Nen'Kulf was a friend of mine, once. he believed strongly in the Rikti ideals of unity and harmony. The changes to him are disturbing, but not completely unexpected. Many who seek to impose peace can become tyrants if they follow their ideals without question.

Recapture C'Kelkah from the Nemesis Army

Angus McQueen

There has been an unforeseen development in the Rikti situation. The Rikti leader you captured, C'Kelkah, has been abducted by a Nemesis task force. Several guards and prisioners were killed in the attack, including one of C'kelkah's interrogators and Nen'Kulf. It is not believed that they were specific targets of the operation. Attempts to track the movements of the Nemesis troops who captured C'Kelkah have failed. However, there have been reports of Rikti attacks on a suspected Nemesis base. It is my belief that they are tryng to rescue C'Kelkah. I am using my own authority during this emergency situation and authorizing an action to recapture C'Kelkah from Nemesis Army forces.

I do not know what purpose Nemesis or the Nemesis Army have for abducting C'Kelkah, but I am certain that we cannot allow her to remain in Nemesis' control. I have given you the coordinates where the battles between Rikti and Nemesis have been reported. Your goal: Free C'Kelkah

Excuse me

Your goal is to locate and liberate C'Kelkah from the Nemesis Army. Continued attacks by Rikti forces are also highly likely.

Part 6: Locate C'Kelkah

Hidden beneath a disused facade, you find nothing less than a base used by the forces of the Prussian Prince of Automatons, Nemesis!

Objective: You found some recent orders on this computer.

ClueC'Kelkah transferred!

The orders you found on a Nemesis computer refer to a prisoner transfer from this base to another, unspecified base. It looks like Nemesis was ahead of things and already moved the Traditionalist Rikti leader C'Kelkah to a new and more secure location.

Mission Complete: You searched, but were unable to find the Traditionalist Rikti leader C'Kelkah. Nemesis may have moved her to a new location.

Angus McQueen

C'Kelkah remains in Nemesis control for the moment, but any evaluation of the situation reveals that you are not at fault. I had not anticipated an attack by Nemesis, or from any other villain organization. I have concentrated on the Rikti to the exclusion of much else. i have tried to speak with Agent Maxwell Christopher about Nemesis' possible motivations, but have not received anything back yet. I will consult with my sources and others to find the next option.

Attack the Rikti base to discover their target point

Angus McQueen

I have been unable to get solid information on locations Nemesis forces may be holding the Traditionalist leader C'Kelkah. However, I have discovered a location where Traditionalist Rikti forces appear to be preparing a strike against Nemesis Army forces. it is my belief that they are preparing to stage a rescue of C'Kelkah. As the agent on the scene, I am authorizing an attack on the Rikti base to discover their target point. If you can find planning details at this location, you may be able to locate where Nemesis is holding the Traditionalist Rikti leader C'Kelkah.

We still have very limited intelligence on this situation. I am hesitant to send you into the field in such a circumstance, but there is no choice. You must look for a clue to C'Kelkah's location immediately to strike against Nemesis and retrieve her from the Nemesis Army.

Part 7: Find C'Kelkah's location (Look for clues)
Abandoned office

Though much of the building remains long abandoned, you can find the floors where the Rikti have set up a temporary rallying point.

Objective: This board had tactical plans drawn on it!

ClueRikti rescue plans

You found these precisely drawn diagrams at a Rikti staging area for an attempted rescue for C'Kelkah, a Rikti scientist and one of the leaders of their 'Traditionalist' faction. The plans are very easy to follow, drawn eith scientific precisions and noted in a simplified version of the Rikti language. Almost as if they were written for people not completely familiar with the intracies of Rikti thought and language.

Mission Complete: You found where the Rikti think C'KelKah is being held by Nemesis. Now you must recapture her from the Nemesis Army.

Part 8: Recapture C'Kelkah (Take C'Kelkah to exit)
Laboratory @ Founders' Falls

Deep beneath the ground, this subterranean lab and base is hidden from any detection. You have to wonder how the Rikti even found this place.

Mission Complete: You recaptured the Traditionalist C'Kelkah from the forces of the Nemesis Army. You also found some coded plans on one of the defeated Nemesis soldiers.

ClueC'Kelkah speaks

After C'Kelkah was recaptured from the Nemesis Amry, she tried to communicate with you. Though much of it was difficult to comprehend, you were able to understand some of what she said:

'My thanks: Yours. Nemesis: Madman. danger: Rikti; Human. Name: C'Kelkah. Lineage: Science. Role: Original: Advisor. Current Role: 1/6 Traditionalist Leader. Goal: Rebuild Rikti Society. Rikti here: Cut off. Society: Stable. Home Earth: Mostly stable. Military: Small. lineage of War: little power. Human/Rikti conflict caused: Military increase: Power/prestige. Restructurists: Led by:Military leaders. Most Rikti: in HumanEarth force: Soldiers. Military Leaders: Seek to:Retain command/control/power/prestige. Build: Society they rule. Red Tomax: Used by: Restructurists.'

Angus McQueen

C'Kelkah is under guard once more. Your actions were highly successful. She is much more communicative after her experience with Nemesis. The picture she has painted of the Rikti Traditionalists and Restructurists is very different from the one promoted by Nen'Kulf. I am uncertain which is more accurate, but there may be more information soon. I have also passed the documents you found along to the appropraite parties. The Nemesis Army regularly monitors other villain organizations, their plans against the Rikti may reveal elements we are currently unaware of. I do not think that this situation is complete at this time.

Attack the suspected Restructurist Rikti conversion center

Angus McQueen

The Traditionalist Rikti scientist C'Kelkah has been very communicative since you rescued her from the Nemesis Army. She has begun to tell us more about the growing division between Rikti factions present on Earth. She has even offered to assist against the Restructurist faction's forces. As proof of her good faith, she has provided us with the location of a facility currently dedicated to converting Lost into Rikti. I am not certain I can trust her, but it does seem that she is motivated to assist us. I have asked fro and been granted authorization to sanction an attack on the suspected Restructurist Rikti conversion center to test the validity of C'Kelkah's claim, and would like to offer you the first option on this operation.

Your objectives are two-fold: First, you must secure the facility by defeating the facility's leader, a Restructurist commander called Po'Ken. Secondly, you must search for information about how Lost are being funneled into the facility.

After the Nen'Kulf fiasco, I am hesitant to trust my instincts when dealing with other Rikti. However, I think that C'Kelkah may be telling the truth. If the rift between Traditionalist and Restructurist is as large as we are beginning to believe, this battle may be as important to them as the battle to win Earth.

Part 9: Defeat Po'Ken, Find Lost info
Laboratory @ Steel Canyon

Though much of the machinery in here was manufactured by Earthly companies. it has been repurposed ad rebuilt to accomplish Rikti objectives.

Objective: You found a journal written by Nen'Kulf!

ClueNen'Kulf's journal

You found this handwritten journal along with several others, all written by Lost who were soon to undergo the transformation into full Rikti. This one was written by none other than Nen'Kulf, the Lost convert who had given you C'Kelkah's location in an attempt to undermine the Traditionalists. there is some detail about how members of the Lost earn their conversion to Rikti, as well as descriptions of the strange changes to body and mind the process entails. The last line of the last entry sticks out to you:

'Regret: Betray Angus. Action: Necessary. Will become Rikti. Wish that: he could understand. I will be so much more soon.'

Objective: You found a journal written by a member of the Lost.

ClueJournal of a Lost

You found this handwritten journal along with several others, all written by Lost who were soon to undergo the transformation into full Rikti. This one details how he was recruited into the Restructurists and his thoughts on the factions. You find the following passage near the end:

The Traditionalists want more of us converts because they want to grow their ranks. The soldiers outnumber them by a lot. They'll educate you and find a good job for you, but you'll never be a 'real' Rikti as far as they're concerned. They're a sentimental favourite among a lot of the Rikti I've talked to. They don't have a lot of real power, though, because there aren't that many of them. Maybe one in ten.'

'The Restructurists, though, they have the power. If you do well in battle, they won't care if you were a human before. You can become anything. That's the path for me. I don't care what happens to the world. I want to be on the winning side.'

Mission Complete: You defeated Po'Ken and secured the facility. You also discovered some interesting information about the Lost and the two Rikti factions.

Angus McQueen

It appears that C'Kelkah's information was correct. The closure of that facility should slow down the rate at which the Restructurists are converting members of the Lost into new troops. The journals you found are being studied for further clues into Lost recruiting techniques and methods to counter-act the Rikti conversion process. Nen'Kulf's journal may be of particular help.

C'Kelkah has continued to talk with us. I believe that goernment negotiators may soon have a major intelligence breakthrough.

Pursue and capture a Traditionalist leader named Lu'Bew

Angus McQueen

There has been an interesting development in the Rikti situation. agent Maxwell has finally given me the cevryption of the Nemesis Army plans you recovered during the operation to recapture C'kelkah. The decrypted plans outlined a second kidnapping attempt, this time of a estructurist leader. The plans are now out of date, bu C'Kelkah has been able to fill in a great deal of information. C'Kelkah has provided correct information in past, so I ave been able to attain authorization to recruit meta-human assets for a missin to persue and capture a Traditionalist Rikti leader name lu'Bew and his operations staff.

Your target will be the Restructurist Rikti leader Lu'Bew and his operation staff. According to C'Kelkah, Lu'Bew is one of the major generals within the Restructurists group. He also used to be human.

Nemesis' plan was startingl audacious. He intended to capture leaders from both sides, convert them into cyborgs under his control, then allow the Rikti to recapture them. Agent Maxwell refused to give me further access to the decrypted plans. I do not think he trusts me.

Part 10: Capture Lu'Bew & his staff
Sewers @ Brickstown

Everything has checked out so far. If the informaiton holds out, the lu'bew should be here to drill new Rikti Troops, and not suspect a surprise attack.

Mission Complete: You defeated Lu'Bew, and saw a Rikti who was using magical powers! You also found intelligence on lu'Bew after the battle.

ClueCaptured plans

Though these seem to be plans detailing a major Rikti operation, they appear to only contain one small section of a much larger agenda. They will need to be decoded and translated, but this could be even more omportant that Lu'Bew's capture itself.

Angus McQueen

Lu'Bew's capture is a greta achievement, Red Tomax. The plans you captured will be sent for decoding and translation immediately. I will also see that C'Kelkah is questioned about them.

I am greatly disturbed by the implication that the Rikti have begun to utilize magic. This discovery culd greatly alter our preceptions of Rikti capabilities and have vast ramifications. I will speak with my superiors about it.

Investigate the Rikti's capture of a Circle ofThorns sorcerer

Angus McQueen

I have spoken with C'Kelkah's questioners. While we have nt yet completed the decryption and translation of the plans you found while fighting Lu'Bew, I did ask them to question C'Kelkah about the Rikti Magus you encountered. She informed us that several of their Lost converts have displayed some supernatural ability which their scientists attributed to a genetic heritage unknown amongst the Rikti. The Traditionalists had not pursued further research, but according to C'Kelkah, certain radical Restructurist factions had been forcing him to teach them magic. While we are decrypting the plans, it might be advisable to investigate the Rikti's capture of a Circle of Thorns sorcerer.

We knowthat many Lost converts viewed the Restructurist faction as a superior choice due to the opportunity for advancement, calculated against the greater risk of being used as connon-fodder. f some have found a way to do this by pursuing magical knowledge otherwise unattainable to the Rikti, this could radically alter the RIkti power structure. I will speak with occult specialists to attempt to gauge the threat.

Part 11: Find captive sorcerer
Oranbega @ Perez Park

Despite the hum of alien machinery, this section of ancient Oranbega feels empty somehow.

Mission Complete: You found a Circle of Thorns mage being held captive by the RIkti, and learned about the Rikti's magical interest from him.

ClueOtrant's story

Upon his release from his Rikti captors, the Circle sorcerer told you:

'This Rikti held me captive after assaulting this seciton of the city. They used their mentel powers to keep me locked within this weak body, and interrogated me regularly on magical subjects. I played along at first, trying to understand what they sought and thikning my instruction useless to them. Soon, however, they began to mimic my ownmagic, and teach it to others of their loathsome kind!'

'They were also greatly interested in barier magics. not the conventional bariers of energy, but more theoretical structures. I know not their aim, but they knew exactly the sort of barrier they wished to find information about.'

''And that is all you gain from me. I have told you this because I thinkyourcity and mine may face a mutual peril. You shall get no more. I shall not become some sycophantic research tool like the traitor Akarist!

Angus McQueen

Otrant is now in our custody, but he refuses to tell us more about what the RIkti sought from him. What we already know leavesonly more questions. The decryption and translation ofthe plans you captured should be complete soon, perhaps they will supply the missing informaiton.

Additionally, on the advice of MAGI occult experts I have been cross-referencig recent Lst to Rikti converts with a list of families possessing ties to known magical or 'Mu' bloodlines. There were several matches, mst ofthem now with the Restructurist faction. This could have a major negative impact on our operations.

Travel to a parrallel dimension and disrupt whatever the Rikti are doing

Angus McQueen

Portal Corporatin have reported a major disturbance in the interdimensional substrate following the detection of a Rikti interdimensional transit to a parrallel Earth. It is unlike anything they have recorded before. THe Rikti expedition to that parallel world matches a similar missin metioned in thedecrypted portions of the orders you captured on the Restructurist leader Lu'Bew. It is my belief that the detected disturbanc is part of the Restructurists' arger plan. As such, I am taking the initiative during this potential crises and requesting that you travel to this parallel dimension and disrupt whatever activity the Rikti are working toward.

Your access has laready been cleared. Your primary objective is to ensure that the RIkti are unable to find a path to their home Earth from the alternate world. This can be accomplished either by disrupting their portal generation equipment, or by defeating all Rikti at the transfer site.

This is pure speculation on my part, but I suspect that one or more Rikti Magus wil beat the transfersite as well. I think I understand how this is beginning to fit together.

Part 12: Disrupt Rikti portal devices (6 portal devices to adjust)
Instanced Outdoor [Forest] @ Peregrine Island (Portal)

You hear the feeble hum of the aliens' technology.

Objective: As you adjusted one of theportal devices to seal this world off from the Rikti HomEarth, you noticed the srange reading it was displaying.

ClueThe barrier's true nature

You found this data on portal devices being used as partof a ceremony conducted by Rikti magi. These modified versions of the portal devices the RIkti had stolen from Portal Corporation were madenot to attempt to open a gateway between worlds, but to analyze a barrier that cuts a world off in a very uniqueway. The conclusion of the analysis is that there is no normal energy or physical barrier surrounding the RIkti's home Earth, but that there is a strange force seperating that world from the rest of the multiverse. A force unquantifiable by even Rikti science. A force that might be called magic.

Objective: As you adjusted one of theportal devices to seal this world off from the Rikti HomEarth, you noticed the srange reading it was displaying.

Objective: As you adjusted one of theportal devices to seal this world off from the Rikti HomEarth, you noticed the srange reading it was displaying.

Mission Complete: You have prevented the Rikti from reaching their home world.

Angus McQueen

As readings from the Rikti expedition indicate and I had suspected.the Rikti believe that the barrier sealing off their homeworld is magical in nature. The Omega team that shut down the Rikti/Earth portal was comprised mostly of mystically gifted heroes. None of the one who traveled to Rikti Earth returned, but the portal was destroyed an Rikti Earth sealed off. If the barrier around the Rikti homeworld is of a magical origin, it would explain why it has not been breached from either side.

The decrypted plans you captured on the Restructurist lead Lu'Bew were shown to the Traditionalist leader C'Kelkah. Her reaction was characterized as 'extreme'. Coupled with our knowledge that the Rikti now possess mages from transformed Lost with Mu blood, the final phase of this operation becomes apparent. I will have more information for you shortly. This will be over soon.

Disrupt the Riti Restructurist's plans and prevent a second Rikti Invasion

Angus McQueen

The Rikti have staged a major atack, securing a section of Oranbega rich in stores of magical energy. I believe, and CKelkah concurs, that thyey are going to utilize their magi and knowledge about magical barriers to focus that energy and use it to destroy the barrier around the Rikti home Earth, beginning a second Rikti Invasion. This cannot be allowed to happen. Cnventional forces are being gathered, but they may be too late and insufficient to the task. I therefore must askyou to disrupt the Rikti Restructurist's plans and prevent a second Rikti Invasion

I have consulted with all the occult and technological experts available. There should be two ways to prevent the destruction of the barrier. First, simplydefeat all the Rikti in the target area. Secondly, disrupt the Rikti dimensional devices and the Circle's energy storge shrines and altars. Neither will likely be easy. Both RIkti and Circle forces are certain to regard you as a treat. You must not fail. I have absolute faith in your abilities.

Part 13: Prevent a second Rikti Invasion (4 mystic nodes to destroy, 6 devices to destroy)
Oranbega @ Talos Island

This is where the road ends. You muts now stop the Rikti in this last desperate battle or face a second invasion of the Earth. Already you can hearthe sounds of battles being fought ahead in the darkness.

Objective: You destroyed one of the portal devices.

Objective: You destroyed one of the portal devices.

Objective: You destroyed one of the portal devices.

Mission Complete: You have stopped the Rikti from breaking the magical barrier sealing of ftheir world and preventing a second Rikti invasion.

Angus McQueen

The threat has passed for now, thanks to your efforts. The Restructurists arein chaos, but are already beginning a new wave of attacks. he greatest development, however, is with the Rikti Traditionalists. They have begun talks with the government for a cease-fire between Rikti of the Traditionalist faction and the peoples of Earth. It is not a peace, and will have no bearing on the actions of the larger Restructurist faction, but it is a step towards a peace and an end to the war. All of which ispossible only sure to your bravery and heroism. I thank you, Red Tomax. I thank you.

I asked C'Kelkah why she was helping us. Her reasoning was simple. She worried that if the Restructurusts would restore contact with the Rikti homeEarth, they would likely be given free reign to continue on Earth until they achieved victory. She feared that with the taste of victory, they would not allow their power to be taken away and be megred back under the command of the Lineage of War. Then, they might not stop with one Earth alone. My superiors may not trust the Traditionalists much, which is undersandable. But I think I can trust that motivation.

Souvenir: C'Kelkah's cermonial blade

This ceremonial Rikti blade was given to you by the Rikti Traditionalist leader C'Kelkah as a sign of her thanks. To you it is a memento. reminding you of the strange adventure so bizarre you call it by the Rikti name:

Division: Line

It all began when a strange Rikti dimensional experiment on the streets of the city turned into a pitched battle among the Rikti themselves! You went in to shut down the experiment and free civilians trapped between the warring sides. Though the situation was contained in the end. you were left wondering why Rikti would ever fight each other?

You next journeyed to a war-ravaged abandoned Earth to stop another Rikti interdimensional experiment. You found Rikti fighting Rikti again. and discovered that one side had already damaged the other's portal equipment.

You received word that a member of the Lost. now known by the Rikti name Nen'Kulf. You arrived in time to save Nen'Kulf from other Rikti who had caught him. and he explained to you that the Rikti on Earth were starting to factionalize. The battles you'd seen were between the Traditionalist faction. who sought to rebuild the Rikti civilization of their home world on Earth; and the Restructurist faction. who want to create a new Rikti society to handle the current situation. Nen'Kulf also gave you the location of a Traditionalist leader.

Once Nen'Kulf's information was confirmed you moved in and captured C'Kelkah. a Rikti dimensional travel scientist and one of the leaders of the Rikti Traditionalists. Curiously. you also found devices meant to disrupt interdimensional travel being prepared at the base.

Disturbing trends revealed in C'Kelkah's initial interrogation were reinforced when you discovered that Nen'Kulf had been granted a full Rikti conversion following C'Kelkah's capture. You went to capture the transformed Nen'Kulf during his first action as a full Rikti of the Lineage of War.

All plans were thrown into disarray when the Nemesis Army struck. kidnapping C'Kelkah! Nen'Kulf was killed in the attack as well. You went to recapture her from Nemesis. and found that the Rikti were already trying to do the same. Unfortunately. Nemesis had already moved C'Kelkah to another location.

With few leads on C'Kelkah's location. you hit the next best thing: the staging point for a Traditionalist Rikti operation to rescue C'Kelkah. Using information you found there. you were able to find C'Kelkah's current location and rescue her from the Nemesis Army. C'Kelkah was very thankful. and though communication was difficult. tried to thank you and explain the differences between the Rikti factions from her point of view. She explained that while the Traditionalists wanted to recreate the stable society of their home. the Restructurists were led by power hungry leaders of the Lineage of War. who wished to build a society they could rule.

To show that she was willing to work in good faith. C'Kelkah provided the location of a facility the Restructurist Rikti used to convert Lost into new troops. You shut the place down and recovered several testimonial journals from Lost converts. including one written by Nen'Kulf.

Decryptions of Nemesis Army documents you found when recapturing C'Kelkah showed that Nemesis had planned on capturing a Restructurist leader as well. With information from C'Kelkah. you were able to update the plan and captured the Restructurist General Lu'Bew. as well as plans for future Rikti operations. More important. however. was the discovery of a Rikti who used magical powers!

When questioned about the mystic Rikti. C'Kelkah replied that some Lost converts had displayed an aptitude for arcane powers. The Traditionalists had not pursued this. but there were rumors that radical Restructurists had. There were even rumors that they'd captured a Circle of Thorns sorcerer and were forcing him to teach them magic. You investigated. and found out that the rumors were true. You captured a Circle mage named Otrant who told you that the Rikti were also interested in magical barriers.

You next intercepted a Restructurist Rikti interdimensional expedition. and learned from the readings of the Rikti devices that the barrier sealing off the Rikti home world was magical in nature. Combined with the orders you found and the radical Restructurist's new magical power. it became evident that the Rikti sought to breach the mystic barrier to their home world!

The final stage was set when the radical Restructurists overran a section of Oranbega rich in stored magical energy. You rushed to the scene and fought through both Circle of Thorns defenders and Rikti attackers until you were able to stop the Restructurists plans.

With the Radical Restructurists' defeat came a the first hope of peace since the beginning of the Rikti War. C'Kelkah offered to begin cease-fire talks between the peoples of Earth and the Rikti Traditionalist faction. It's not a full peace. and it may be far off. but it is a chance.

When asked why she had been willing to help fight the Restructurists. C'Kelkah's reasoning was simple. She worried that if the Restructurists could restore contact with the Rikti home Earth. they would likely be given free reign to continue on Earth until they achieved victory. She feared that with that taste of victory. they would not allow their power to be taken away and be merged back under the command of the Lineage of War. That they might not stop with one Earth alone.

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