TrialRespecification Trial


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Hero attack leaders
  2. Take the Nexus of Thorns
  3. Defeat 25 Circle of Thorns (Longbow,Circle of Thorns,Legacy Chain,Wyvern)

Notable Foes

  • Mission #3: Thorn Tree, Arch-Villain (Circle of Thorns)

Thorn Robber
You have stolen the power of the Nexus of Thorns for the first time, and have used the character respec it granted you.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Attack heroes to prevent interference


The place I am sending you is called the Tree of Thorns. A demonic tree, the Circle uses it's barbs and nettles to create their thorn blades and spirit thorns. But you are not the only one swho know this. Even now, a great host of the good and the just prepares to attack the Thorn Tree themselves. Before I send you to the tree, you must attack them to prevent interference.

Three forces now meet to plan their attack: Longbow brings their powerful heroes, The Legacy Chain brings their mystic acumen, and Wyvern their detailed knowledge of battle tactics. You must defeat Longbow's Ballista hero, the Legacy Chain's arcane specialist, and Wyvern's tactitian. Arachnos have provided an undersea vessel to take you to the base where they lair. Once the forces of good have been overthrown, return.

Part 2: Defeat Hero attack leaders (Defeat Chelman, Defeat Elliot, Defeat DeVries)
Longbow underwater base @ Nerva Archipelago

Three groups of heroes gathered together. This should be fun.

Objective: You have defeated Lt. Chelman

Objective: You have defeated Arcanist Elliott

Objective: You have defeated Captain DeVries

Mission Complete: You have defeated the hero forces with a pre-emptice strike!


Now that it is done, and it is time for you to face the Thorn Tree without further interference.

You have hurt the Circle greatly. This pleases me.

Attack the Thorn Tree and steal it's power


The Thorn Tree is a liing nexus of mystical power beneath Thorn Island in the Nerva Archipelago. Once a bastion of the ancient Mu, the Circle now draw it's energies for their own mystic experimentations. The energies devoured by the tree are encysted within the heartwood in a thing called the Nexus of Thorns. To take this power as your own, you must weaken the tree, then breach it's defenses. It will not bea easy. So prepare yourselves, and tell me when you are ready to make your assault.

To reach the Nexus of Thorns, you must first weaken the tree itself. Once you are in it's chamber, destroy all the vines, but work in haste for they will re-grow.

Next, you must break through the outer layer of the tree, both to reach the Nexus of Thorns and to open the flow of energy.

Then take the Nexus and it's power will allow you to remake yourself.

You may only benefit from this 3 times. Once from me, and later from... Others. Though if you wish to shepard fellow villains through, I will still provide information.

Part 3: Take the Nexus of Thorns (Take Nexus of Thorns, Breach Thorn Tree)
Thorn Tree @ Nerva Archipelago

The Tree of Thorns is buried deeply in here, somewhere. Now to find it and take it's power!

Objective: The center of the Thorn Tree is exposed

Objective: You steal the power of the Nexus!

Thorn TreeThorn Tree [Arch-Villain]
A demon-tree of the netherworld, the Circle of Thorns use the Thorn Tree to siphon energy from an ancient fortress of the Mu. Unlike a normal plant, the Thorn Tree has it's own defenses, and cannot even be damaged until the vines defending it have been cleared away.

Mission Complete: You have stolen the power oof the Nexus of Thorns for yourself!

Thorn Robber
Awarded for completing one respecification trial

I hope you are enjoying the opportunity this power has given you. Now, go and speak with Arbiter Lupin. You should be able to find him near Arbiter Frederick. He will guide you through the process of transformation, as you use the power to rebuild yourself. remove the extraneous, strip away the unwanted. Make yourself deadlier than you were before!

Agree to form a Strike Force


I will tell you of a place where the Circle of Thorns routes their mystic powers to create great and fell effects. Through brute ofrce and evil will, you can steal this power from them, and use it to re-forge yourself. But before I tell you where to find this place, you must first show me you have the might to succeed. Defeat 25 members of the Circle of Thorns, and return to me when you are done.

I care not where you defeat them, so long as it is done. return when the task is complete.

A motley rabble of villains. Still, there is potential. I will call your group the Power Thieves for now.

Part 1: Defeat 25 Circle of Thorns (Defeat 25 Circle of Thorns)
Defeat X (Longbow,Circle of Thorns,Legacy Chain,Wyvern)

Mission Complete: You have defeted 25 Circle of Thorns!


Ah, well done. Now, I will tell you more, but first, you must undertake another task for me.

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