OtherKidnap homeless people for medical experiments


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  1. Kidnap homeless from warehouse (Hellions,Infected)

Kidnap homeless people from warehouse

Doctor Creed

I am working on deriving a serum from the blood of the Infected. However, I need a number of subjects to test the serum on! This is where you come in!

Huh? No, no, I don't mean to test it on you (although it's not a BAD idea). No, I need you to gather up some test subjects! You know, the dregs of humanity, people who won't be missed. I know of a warehouse where a bunch of those wretches live their pathetic lives; I have a truck waiting nearby which will take you there. Kidnap a couple of these homeless people and load them onto the truck. My driver will take them to my lab so I can commence experimentation!

The warehouse is also used by the Hellions, so you can expect to run into a bunch of those uncouth punks in there as well. They'll likely be guarding the entrance to the warehouse.

Part 1: Kidnap homeless from warehouse (2 victims to kidnap, Lead 2 victims to van)
Instanced Outdoor @ Mercy Island (Hellions,Infected)

Mission Complete: Missing

Doctor Creed

Excellent! Yes, these scum will do nicely!


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