OtherStop Biopulse joining Longbow


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  1. Defeat Biopulse and witnesses (Longbow)

Stop Biopulse from joining Longbow

Doctor Creed

I have discovered a rare occurrence! Amongst the dregs of the Infected an individual with actual super-powers has emerged! He has manifested the ability to project bio-generated electricty from his body and adopted the hero-name of Biopulse. This is the perfect opportunity to obtain a live specimen for experimentation! Muhahaha!

We must move quickly though; already Biopulse has set up a clandestine meeting with Longbow in the sewers beneath Mercy, hoping to gain support and champion the cause of the Infected. Stop Biopulse from joining Longbow!

Once you have defeated that do-gooder wannabe, I'll have him shipped to my lab for dissection!

Part 1: Defeat Biopulse and witnesses
Sewers @ Mercy Island (Longbow)

Mission Complete: Missing

Doctor Creed

Excellent! Now I can see what makes Biopulse tick and perhaps discover a reliable means of recreating Infected powers! Muhahaha!


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