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  1. Plant bugs on flyers (Arachnos)

Find out about Arachnos

Matthew Burke

You think you know all about Arachnos, huh? Sure you do. Big, fancy posters, lotsa pomp 'n' circumstance. Well, let me tell you, Dread Tomax: you don't knwo jack. That's ok, thouhg. You're about to find out.

I like to keep tabs on my neighbours, so I need you to plant these little bugs on the flyers inside Fort Darwin. Easy peasy. It'll give you a chance to see what Arachnos is like in combat. Heck, you might even impress 'em! Arachnos is always looking for the latest good material to come out of teh Zig. They use this whole island as a proving ground for their fresh meat.

Here's an acces code to get into Fort Darwin. Wait until the coast is clear, then plant the bugs on the Arachnos flyers.

Part 1: Plant bugs on flyers (4 flyers to bug)
Instanced Outdoor [Fort Darwin, Mercy Island] @ Mercy Island (Arachnos)

Objective: You have bugged the flyer.

Mission Complete: All of Burke's bugs are set.

Matthew Burke

Good job, Dread Tomax. Arachnos has been a thorn in my side ever since I set foot on Darwin's Landing. They think they own everything and everyone here. Most of the time, they're right. Just don't you let them be your masters, ok, Dread Tomax? You've got what I'd call a bright future ahead of you.


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