Story ArcChaos Unbound


Mission Index

  1. Steal weapons from Family (Circle of Thorns,Tsoo,Devouring Earth ,Freakshow)
  2. Plant weapons in freakshow hideout
  3. Stir up chaos in St. Martial
  4. Steal magical weapons
  5. Plant weapons in Tsoo base
  6. Talk to Hardcase
  7. Stop battling in St. Martial
  8. Return to Hardcase

Help Viv make some mischief

Vivacious Verandi

Sweetie, I need a little help. See, my friends in the Carnival have a little plot. A fun plot. Girls just want to have fun, right? Anyway, we need someone big and strong to help us out. That's you. Don't worry, we can pay you well. Will you help me make some mischief?

The first step is to steal some weapons from my family. Think you can handle that, sugar?

Part 1: Steal weapons from Family (4 crates to steal)
Warehouse @ St. Martial (Circle of Thorns,Tsoo,Devouring Earth ,Freakshow)

When a wealthy contact is footing the bill, sometimes it's best to shoot first and ask questions never.

Objective: You take the weapons.

ClueFamily weapons

At the request of Vicacious Verandi, you stole these heavy machine guns from a Family warehouse.

Objective: You take the weapons.

Objective: You take the weapons.

Objective: You take the weapons.

Mission Complete: You have stolen the weapons.

Vivacious Verandi

I'm so excited, Dread Tomax! Those weapons you stole are going to be the start of the biggest party ever!

Plant weapons in Freakshow hideout

Vivacious Verandi

Those weapons you stole from the Family are going to cause so much fun! I need you to take them to a Freakshow hideout. Then I'll tip off the Family. It'll be a big party with lots of blood and bodies! Come on, Dread Tomax, let's be bad!

The thought of the Freaks stealing from them will make the Family mighty mad!

Part 2: Plant weapons in freakshow hideout (4 crates to plant)
Warehouse @ St. Martial

Viv seems to have no trouble sending you into dangerous situations. Fortunately, you can take care of yourself.

Mission Complete: You have planted all of the weapons.

Vivacious Verandi

Hee hee! This, my dear Dread Tomax, is what I call chaos! The Family and the Freakshow are going at it, and they probably won't stop for weeks! If you'll help me get into some more trouble, there's more money to be made.

Take on the Devouring Earth

Vivacious Verandi

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! Dread Tomax, we are quite a pair! We've already created a war between the Family and the Freakshow. Now it's time to expand. I want you to head out to the streets and take on the Devouring Earth. It's time to get nasty!

You can usually find those big shrubs hanging around in Double Down.

Part 3: Stir up chaos in St. Martial (Defeat 10 Devouring Earth)
Defeat X @ St. Martial

Mission Complete: You have stirred the Devouring Earth into a frenzy.

Vivacious Verandi

The Devouring Earth are besides themselves. My plan is coming to fruition, Dread Tomax: there will be chaos tonight.

Steal magic weapons from the Circle of Thorns

Vivacious Verandi

We've started a war between the Family and the Freakshow. We've got the Devouring Earth all sitrred up. But there's still more mischief we can work if we put our minds to it. Next on the list: the Circle of Thorns. I want you to stela some magic weapons from one of their lairs. Please, sweetie? For me?

I'm so proud of my Dread Tomax. We are quite the talk of the town.

Part 4: Steal magical weapons
Oranbega @ St. Martial

Your footsteps echo in these ancient halls.

Objective: You have the Circle's mystical weapons.

Objective: You have the Circle's mystical weapons.

Objective: You have the Circle's mystical weapons.

Objective: You have the Circle's mystical weapons.

Mission Complete: You have stolen the Circle's mystical weapons!

Vivacious Verandi

Goody, goody, goody! With these mystic weapons, we're sure to make headlines, huh, Dread Tomax?

Blame the theft on the Tsoo

Vivacious Verandi

You know the scene. We've got magical weapons that you stole from the Circle, now we're going to fob that theft off on the Tsoo. See if we can cause a little more chaos this time. You with me, sugar?

This battle should be even bigger than the last. This should get me what I'm after!

Part 5: Plant weapons in Tsoo base (4 weapons to plant)
Warehouse @ St. Martial

The smell of spices and swear permeates this warehouse.

Mission Complete: You have started a warbetween the Tsoo and the Circle of Thorns.

Vivacious Verandi

Oh, goody! More fighting! Sweetie, you are just the best! Together, we've turned St. Martial into a battle zone. It just doesn't get any better than this!

Go talk to Hardcase

Vivacious Verandi

So, i've got a bit of a bummer, sweetie. That Hardcase fellow, he wants to talk to you. He's pretty important around here, so I guess you'd better go. But hurry back! Thanks to all the chaos you've caused, things are going to get interesting soon!

Whatever Hardcase want, don't tell him what we've been up to! That's a secret for just you and me to share!

Part 6: Talk to Hardcase
Delivery @ St. Martial

All right, Dread Tomax. you've got yourself in some hot water, but I'm going to giv eyou a chance to get out. That Verandi chick you've been hanging with, she tell you waht she's really after? Huh. I thought not. Well, I'll clue you in, chum. She's trying to tear St. Martial apart.

She's been trying to create enough in-fighting and squabbling to run the whole island into a war zone. She figures if enough battles take place, someone will wind up smashing one of the obelisks that protect Johhny from the wailers. And, wouldn't you know it, she's about to get her wish. There's a bit battle happening near one of the obelisks. If it gets out of control and the obelisk goes down, things in St. Martial get crazy. Too crazy for me.

I know you're in on it, and I'm prepared to levela considerable amount of firepower in your direction if you don't help me fix it. Oh, I can do it. You don't hunt demons for a living without picking up a few tricks. Prevent the destruction of the obelisk. Or say good-bye to life as you knew it.

Part 7: Stop battling in St. Martial
Warehouse @ St. Martial

Growls and curses hang thick in the air.

Mission Complete: You stopped the battle.

Part 8: Return to Hardcase
Delivery @ St. Martial

All right, Dread Tomax. You've made foo, and I can respect that. You'll want to watch who you associate with in the future. I've got my eye on you, and I don't like warning people twice.

Vivacious Verandi

Nooooooooo! Everything was working out so perfectly! The chaos! The calamity! Soon I would have had thoe obelisks down, and then we really would have had ourselves a show.

I'm afriad it's over between us, Dread Tomax. I know what you're thinking: how can you go on without me? But you can, Dread Tomax, you can. Our moment in the sun has faded, and we must go our separate ways.

Souvenir: Hardcase's Warning

The demon hunter Hardcase gave you a stern warning for your part in the adventure you like to call:

Chaos Unbound

It began with a new contact, Vivacious Verandi. Vivacious, or Viv to her friends, was looking to cause some chaos. In tjhis pursuit she first sent you to a Family warehouse, where you stole a number of weapons.

You next went to a Freakshow hideout, where you planted the weapons. You started a war between the Freakshow and the Family, but even this wasn't enough for Viv. She wanted more.

And so she sent you into the streets to fight the Devouring Earth. After you had stirred them into a frenzy, Viv was beside herself. She wanted nothing but more chaos!

The game was the same, but the targets had changed. This time you were stealing weapons from the Circle.

You planted the magically charged items in a Tsoo hideout, and chaos ensued.

It was then that Hardcase summoned you, to explain Viv's ultimate plan. She was hoping to create enough conflict in St. Martial to destroy one or more of the obelisks that guard the Golden Giza from the Wailers. A battle in the vicinity of the Giza threatened those monuments and Hardcase asked you to stop it. If you wouldn't he'd make darn sure you regretted it.

In the end, you were able to stop the battle and restore a semblance of order to St. Martial. It would be an exaggeration to say that Hardcase has forgiven you, but at least he's decided to let you live.

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