Minor Story ArcBreaking the Streak


Mission Index

  1. Seek hideout in St. Martial (Freakshow)
  2. Seek Luckless
  3. Defeat Luckless and his guards

Find out where Luckless is staying

Hard Luck

I've got a Freaky problem, Dread Tomax. It seems there's a member of the Freakshow who keeps winning at slots. We're not sure how he's doing it, but I've got to get it stopped. So here's what you're going to do. You're going to take to the streets and take down Freaks until you find out where this Freak, Luckless, is staying. Get it?

This guy's cleaned over 500K from the machines already. We got to take him down. You should be able to get some tips on his hideout in Double Down.

Part 1: Seek hideout in St. Martial (Defeat 10 Freakshow)
Defeat X (Freakshow)

Mission Complete: One of the Freaks you defeated whined, 'Ok, ok, I'll tell you where Luckless hangs out. You don't have to be so mean about it!'

Hard Luck

Okedoke. We got the location of Luckless' base. Now you gotta take him down.

Defeat Luckless

Hard Luck

All right, we know where Luckless makes his bed. Now all you need to do is get over there, bring him to his knees, and make sure he never sets foot in the Golden Giza again. Got it?

See if you can figure out how he's making so much money off the slots. They're supposed to be rigged in our favour!

Part 2: Seek Luckless (Learn Luckless' methods)
Warehouse @ St. Martial

This Freakshow hideout smells of axle grease and body odour.

Objective: You have received an intense electric shock!

ClueThe shock of a lifetime

While investigating a machine deep within Luckless' hideout, you received a terrible electric shock. You're beginning to develop a few theories about luckless' remarkable success with the slot machines.

Mission Complete: You have learned something of Luckless' methods, but Luckless himself is missing!

Hard Luck

Well, you sure look like you took a walk on the wild side. Got quite a shock from Luckless' machine, eh? I think I've got an idea how he's skewing the odds in his favour. Let's see if we can track him down.

Take down Luckless

Hard Luck

It wasn't easy, but I managed to track down Luckless. The moron thought he could hide from Giza security by seeking shelter from the Carnival. Big mistake. The Carnival's been in our pocket for years. You take down Luckless, and you'll be on easy street.

That boy has got to go down!

Part 3: Defeat Luckless and his guards
Office @ St. Martial

You hear a high-pitched giggle, followed by a deep bellow of laughter.

Objective: When you defeated him, Luckless gasped, 'I'll tell you my secret, ok? Just let me go!'

ClueLuckless' story

When you defeated Luckless, he gasped:

'I'll tell you my secret, ok? Just don't hurt me! Not too long ago I was kidnapped by Crey. They bombarded me with electric current; it gave me this sweet hair-do, yeah? Anyway, when I broke free, I found that I could manipulate the slot machines. I could make them do my will!'

Ever since then, I've been getting regular shocks to keep my power up. It's been a great ride!

Mission Complete: You have defeated Luckless, and learned his secret!

Hard Luck

So, Luckless was using his stored electrical current to influence the slot machines. Good thing ya caught him. Otherwise, we'd be out a pretty penny. Here's your reward, Dread Tomax. Don't go reading anything into it. You earned it, but I'm still out for the casino and no one else. Mess with us, and I'll mess you right back up.

Souvenir: Luckless' Lucky Chip

You took this two dollar chip of the Freaks Luckless after you defeated him. It's a reminder of the little adventure you like to call:

Breaking the Streak

It began with a tip from Hard Luck. A member of the Freakshow was having remarkable success with the slot machines, and Hard Luck wanted his luck changed. You took to the streets and beat down Freaks until you learned the location of Luckless' hideout.

You went after him, but Luckless had already made his escape. You did, however, encounter a strange machine which gave you a solid chock when you tried to examine it.

Hard Luck put his ear to the ground, and learned that Luckless had sought refuge among the Carnival of Shadows. You didn't have a problem clearing a path through them. When you took down Luckless, he confessed his plot. Electrical bombardment at the hands of Crey Industries had granted him the ability to influence the slots' outcome. he had used the machine in his hideout to periodically recharge his abilities.

It's hard to say what Hard Luck and his goons have done with Luckless. But it's safe to assume that Freak won't be coming back to the Golden Giza.


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