Story ArcNictus Dissection


Mission Index

  1. Salvage Rikti tech (Arachnos,Longbow,Rikti)
  2. Interrogate Arachnos Troops
  3. Steal Void Hunter Rifle
  4. Defeat Romulus the Warshade

Salvage Rikti tech

Psymon Omega

I haven recently sensed the mind communications of the Rikti nearby. Their alien language is hard to interpret with mind-probes, but their intent is clear. They are doing something in the sewers underneath Crimson Cove - something to do with psionic technology! salvage the Rikti tech and bring it to me.

I sense much coming conflict for you, Dread Tomax. Watch your back.

Part 1: Salvage Rikti tech
Sewers @ Nerva Archipelago (Arachnos,Longbow,Rikti)

The stench of the sewer threatens to overpower you.

Mission Complete: The Rikti tech was destroyed!

Psymon Omega

What? Romulus is to blame for this! I'll fix that meddling Warshade!

Interrogate troops, steal weapon

Psymon Omega

Romulus the Warshde has meddled in my affairs for far too long. His power comes from the fusion of his Nictus and human parts - and I wish to destroy that power irrevocably. I have heard whiipsers in the minds of Arachnos troops that there is an experimental weapon used by their elite assassins - a Void Hunter rifle capable of splitting apart a Warshade! Interrogate Arachnos troops to find the location of the experimental Void Hunter rifle.

Once you have acquired the rifle, I'll set it to Romulus' energy signature.

Part 2: Interrogate Arachnos Troops (Defeat 20 Arachnos troops)
Defeat X

Mission Complete: You found the location of the Void Hunter rifle!

Part 3: Steal Void Hunter Rifle
@ Nerva Archipelago

According to your interrogations this warehouse has been converted to a temporary Arachnos base.

Objective: You found something

Mission Complete: You found the Void Hunter Rifle!

Psymon Omega

I sense you possess the rifle. Excellent. It'll make your next task so much easier...

Defeat Romulus the Warshade

Psymon Omega

Now has come the time to eliminate Romulus the Warshade! I've adjusted the Void Hunter rifle you took from the Arachnos base to Romulus' unique energy signature. Once you defeat him all you'll need to do is fire a shot from the special energy dissipator on the rifle to split him into his human and Nictus parts. Go now and defeat Romulus the Warshade!

Make the experience painful for him.

Part 4: Defeat Romulus the Warshade
Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago

Your entry has not gone unnoticed.

Mission Complete: You defeated Romulus the Warshade!

Psymon Omega

Ha ha! I understand splitting a Warshade apart is quite a painful experience. I hope his pain was exquisite for Romulus.

Souvenir: Inert Nictus Fragment

This is a residual bit of Nictus energies that flows through you from the Warshade known as Romulus. You acquired it in a tale you like to call:

Nictus Dissection

It all started when Psymon Omega sensed some Rikti communication in the sewers beneath one of the islands of Crimson Cove. Their intent was unlcear to Psymon, but involved a psi-tech device. Psymon wanted to get hold of this Rikti tech, and sent you to salvage it. You encountered an assault team of Longbow led by a Warshade known as Romulus, intent of destroying the psi-tech device the Rikti had.

Psymon was furious with Romulus' interference - the hero had apparently caused problems for Psymon in the past. In order to deal with Romulus once and for all, he sent you to deal with an experimental Void Seeker rifle one that not only was designed to take out Warshades, but to seperate the alien and human forms completely!

You attacked Romulus at a Longbow base and after his defeat used the Nicus Rifle to split him in two!

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