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Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Rikti in base (Circle of Thorns,Rikti)
  2. Raid the Circle library
  3. Defeat all Rikti in lab

Wipe out the Rikti

Timothy Raymond

I've remembered something. A secret Rikti base on Primeva, one they never speak of, even in thei rmost secret communications. I think I was kept there. If we move quickly, we may be able to catch the scum-sucking vermin unaware. I want every Rikti in that base wiped out. Do you understand me?

Each Rikti: Dead. Their Legacy: Finished!

Part 1: Defeat all Rikti in base
Cavern @ Nerva Archipelago (Circle of Thorns,Rikti)

These caves are unnaturally warm.

Timothy Raymond

Pik'Tarn mentioned me? By name? Situation: Terrifying Yet Compelling. Dread Tomax, we have to learn more.

Raid the Circle of Thorns library

Timothy Raymond

I've been dealing with this butchered memory of mine for long enough, Dread Tomax. Tired: Playing Around. Ready: Action! Arachnos keeps telling me if I'm patient they'll help me recover my lost memories. Well, Guess What: Patient Enough. if science can't help me, I'm going to try magic. I've learned of a Circle of Thorns library over on Primeva. I want you to get there and find anything you can that might help restore my memory.

Thank you for doing this, Dread Tomax. You're a truer friend than most.

Part 2: Raid the Circle library
Cavern @ Nerva Archipelago

The air smells sharply of cloves.

Objective: The text on these pages swims and reforms itself before your eyes.

Objective: You found a book written in a language you cannot decipher.

Objective: You found a ponderous tome on uses of lambs' eyes through the ages.

ClueMystic tome

This tome, titled 'On the Human Mind; Unlocking it's Secrets', seems promisiing. It may well help you restore Timothy's memory.

Objective: You found a tome titled, 'On the human Mind: Unlocking It's Secrets'.

Objective: You found a book called, 'Too Good to be True: Execises in Alchemy'.

Mission Complete: You have a book that you believe may help Timothy.

Timothy Raymond

Thank you, Dread Tomax. I'll try reading the incantation. If this work, we should know immediately.

Qual est vandoroth

Ural san dermoth

Kasail kasail

Kol men tanderoth

I remember, Dread Tomax! I remember it all!

Recover Timothy's DNA

Timothy Raymond

Dread Tomax, I should have tried a magical means of restoring my memory long ago. I remember everything. When I was a member of the Lost, the Rikti took DNA samples from me. I imagine because of my psionic gifts. I don't know what they did with those samples, but I know where I was when they took them. I want you to get to that Rikti lab and recover my DNA. While you're there, destroy anyone who gets in your way.

I don't really know what the Rikti's plan for my DNA was. But I know I can't let is succeed.

Part 3: Defeat all Rikti in lab (Find Timothy's DNA)
Laboratory @ Nerva Archipelago

According to experts, the entire world is dotted with these underground Rikti bunkers. The strength of their forces on Earth remains impossible to calculate.

Objective: You found several test tube embryos!

Mission Complete: You have found Timothy's DNA, and made a shocking discovery!

Timothy Raymond

So, the Rikti were using my DNA to create a new generation of aliens? I can only assume my psionic gifts gave them something they lacked. But there's somthing else I've remembered. Rikti: Humans. They sahre a common ancestry with us. Some How: Some Way. That's why my DNA could fertilize their embryos, and it's probably the biggest secret left on this Earth. There's no way I'm sharing this info with Arachnos. Now that I have my memory back, I recall a lot of nasty thins they've done to me. Dread Tomax, this secret is just for you and me.

At least I won't share a legacy wth the creatures. I'm going to incinerate these embryos you found, Dread Tomax. I'd rather die than be father to the Rikti's future!

Souvenir: Rikti Embryo

You've kept this Rikti embryo fertilized with human DNA as a reminder of an unusual adventure you like to think of as:

Strange Memories

It began with a sudden resurgence of Timothy Raymond's memory: he recalled a secret Rikti base in Primeva. You ventured there, and defeated the Rikti inside, but were left with questions. The Rikti leader seemed to remember Timothy, but you had no idea what this might mean.

Timothy's frustration with his lost memory reached a peak then. He decied he was tired of waiting or Arachnos to help him recover his memory. Instead, he sen tyou to a Circle of Thorns base, where you stole a tome that would help him regain his memories.

The spells contained within the tome worked, and Timothy remembered something more: his DNA had been stolen by the Rikti. He sent you to investigate, and what you uncovered was horrible and fascinating at the same time. The Rikti has used Tmothy's DNA to fertilize a number of Rikti embryo's. You could only assume his latent psionic gifts were somehow of use to them.

You smuggled the embryos away, and gave most of them to Timothy, who immediately resolved to incinerate them. Before he sent you away, he parted with one final secret, the last thing he had remembered. Rikti were people. Somehow, humans and Rikti shared a common genetic heritage. You're not sure of the full implications of this secret, but you know it's a valuable one.


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