Minor Story ArcTaming the Tigress


Mission Index

  1. Question agents in Nerva (Longbow,Crey,Vindicators)
  2. Defeat all agents in base
  3. Defeat Mynx

Notable Foes

Question Crey agents about Mynx

Crimson Revenant

How would you like to help me tame a tigress, Dread Tomax? The heroine Mynx is operating in Nerva, and Arachnos has Awarded me the contract on her life. If you're willing, you could share in the profits. I've heard that Mynx's favourite targets are those who work for Crey Industries. Perhaps you'd be good enough to question a few of them about her whereabouts.

The lady in question gained her powers after much experimentation at Crey hands. You'd think she'd be more grateful.

Part 1: Question agents in Nerva (Defeat 20 Crey)
Defeat X @ Nerva Archipelago (Longbow,Crey,Vindicators)

Mission Complete: One of the Crey agents you defeated snarled: 'You want the kitty? You can have her!'

Crimson Revenant

Well done, Dread Tomax. Now we will set up a trap for our little feline.

Make Mynx come to you

Crimson Revenant

The key to hero hunting, Dread Tomax, is to make your quarry come to you. Ergo, you will go to Mynx's new stomping grounds and stage crime in progress. When the lady arrives, as she inevitably will, you will be prepared.

We know Mynx is operating in Primeva, and we know she's hunting Crey. So to bring her to you, you're going to make it look like Crey has commited a terrible crime. I want you to tear a swath through one of the Longbow bases in Primeva. Take these papers. They'll make it look like Crey security did this deed, and they'll also set up a rendezvous.

This list indicates a number of Longbow targets. Take out the first, and leave the list on the premises. Mynx is sure to meet you at the second.

ClueFake Crey list

This list targets certainly looks like it came from Crey Industries. Crimson Revenant theorizes that after you take out the first target and plant the list, Mynx will arrive to save the second.

Part 2: Defeat all agents in base
Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago

Crimson Revenant's plan seems a touch elaborate. You have to wonder if it enhances his pleasure in the chase.

Mission Complete: You defeated all the agents, and made it look like Crey's work.

Crimson Revenant

You planted the list? Well done. Now to get to the second target before Mynx makes an appearance. Then, you'll have a kitten to declaw!

Get Mynx

Crimson Revenant

The trap is set. If Mynx has the resources I expect, she knows where you'll strike next. Of course, she doesn't know it's you. She thinks it's just some harmless Crey security guards, not a military villain looking to strip off her claws. Go and get her. Though if I were you, I'd bring some help along.

I've always liked cats, Dread Tomax. How about you?

Part 3: Defeat Mynx (Defeat agents until Mynx shows)
Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago

While you wait for Mynx's arrival, you might as well pummel a few do-gooders.

MynxMynx [Hero]
Katherine Stevens was a young college student who was transformed against her will by cruel Crey experimentation. After escaping from Crey, she was discovered on the streets by Synapse of the Freedom Phalanx, who helped her regain control and recover her memory. Now she uses her superhuman reflexesand implanted battle claws to hunt crime in the urban jungle of Paragon City.

Mission Complete: You defeated Mynx!

Crimson Revenant

Well done, my friend, well done. You have tamed a tigress, and you've certainly earned my respect. I imagine there is more we can do together.

Souvenir: Mynx's Fur

After you defeated the heroine Mynx, you yanked out a hank of her fur. It's a powerful reminder of the escapade you like to call:

Taming the Tigress

It began with Crimson Revenent's contract on Mynx. In order to find out where she was operating, you took to the streets and started taking down Crey agents. Within a short while you learned that Mynx's new stomping grounds were in Primeva.

And so you laid a trap for the pretty kitten. You entered a Longbow base in Primeva and took out every agent on the premesis. Before leaving, you dropped a list of targets on Crey Industries stationary. The base was the first target. You were certain Mynx would meet you at the second.

Mynx fell for the trap. You tore through the second base, and before long, Mynx ambushed you. Fortunately, you were ready for her. Now her fur is not so silky, and her pretty paws are bound by Arachnos chains. The Freedom Phalanx will no doubt try to rescue her, but at least your payment is securely in hand.


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