Minor Story ArcSilver-Tongued Devil


Mission Index

  1. Interrogate Wailers (Circle of Thorns,Wailers)
  2. Steal banishing ritual and components
  3. Defeat Silvertongue

Notable Foes

Interrogate Wailers


Normally, I don't do mercy missions. I mean - if you're stupid enough to get yourself in trouble with a demon, it's your own damn problem right? Well, there's a lady who came to me asking to help her with a little demon problem she had. Apparently, she didn't know what she was getting herself into and made a pact with a Wailer King who goes by the name Silvertongue. In any case, she promised to compensate for helping her with her troubles. Payout and demon killing? Works for me!

Some demons have something called a true name. Knowing a demon's true name gives you power over them and can be used to banish or bind them to your will when you power over them and can be used to banish them or blind them to your will when used with the proper ritual. The Wailer King responsible for messin' with the lady will never reveal his true name, but his minions might reveal it - if given the proper persuasion. Interrogate the Wailers for Silvertongue's true name.

I know there's a bunch of them in some caves nearby here. Check them out.

Once we have Silvertongue's true name, we can get to the business of banishing him.

Part 1: Interrogate Wailers
Cavern @ St. Martial (Circle of Thorns,Wailers)

The caves resonate with distant shrill screams.

Objective: You interrogate the Wailer King

Mission Complete: You have learned Silvertongue's true name!

ClueSilvertongue's True Name

After interrogating a number of the lesser demons, you found the Wailer King known as Silvertongue has a true name of 'Cacophonix'.


So Silvertongue's true name is Cacophonix, eh? Somehow, that doesn't surprise me.

Steal banishing ritual and components


We're well on our way to getting our payoff for banishing the Wailer King known as Silvertongue. Learning his true name means all we need to get rid of the demon is to get an appropriate banishing ritual. Who knows more about binding and banishing demons than anyone? The Circle of Thorns. Raid a Circle temple on Primeva and steal the Banishing Ritual of Gymon're and the necessary components for it.

The Circle does not readily share its knowledge, so be prepared to bust some heads.

Part 2: Steal banishing ritual and components (Find ritual, Find components)
Oranbega @ Nerva Archipelago

The air is sharged with arcane energies.

Objective: You found the ritual components!

Objective: You found the ritual!

Mission Complete: You got the ritual and components!


You got the stuff? Excellent - now we can get rid of Silvertongue and get the payoff!

Defeat Silvertongue


We got Silvertongue's number now! All we have to do is find and banish the demon!

I just got a call from the lady who made the local with Silvertongue. She thinks the demons have tracked her down and Silvertongue is on his way! Take down Silvertongue once and for all!

Make sure you get the lady out of there too - she's our big payoff!

Part 3: Defeat Silvertongue
Abandoned warehouse @ St. Martial

The warehouse smells of must and brimstone. Not a pleasant combination.

SilvertongueSilvertongue [Boss]
St. Martial is infested with these horrid demons. A rumour on a Johnnie 'The Pipes' Sonata fan-site a few weeks back 'joked' that the singer must have sold his soul for his golden voice and the demons are here to collect. Maybe there's some truth to it.

Mission Complete: You defeated Silvertongue!


You mean the lady was Silvertongue? Damn! I've been played for a fool. I should have known better than to fall for some lame damsel-in-distress routine. Trust no one, Dread Tomax, especially when you're dealing with demons!

Without the proper banishing ritual, you can bet Silvertongue will be back.

Souvenir: Sliver-Tongued Devil

This is a silver forked demon tongue. It's all that's left from a Wailer King demon known as Silvertongue after you defeated him in a tale you like to call:

Silver-Tongued Devil

It all started when Hardcase spoke with you about getting rid of a demon problem for a lady in return for a big payoff. She wanted to get rid of a Wailer King known as Silvertongue who she inadvertently made a deal with. Hardcae had you start interrogating the Wailers to see if you could find Silvertongue's true name - it turned out to be Cacophonix!

The next step was getting a banishing ritual. No one knows more about demons than the Circle of Thorns, so you raided one of their temples to get the materials for the ritual.

Hardcase passed word the lady who made the deal with Silvertongue was trapped in a warehouse with the demons closing in on her. Since she was the payoff, it was important to get to her in time. Confronting Silvertongue there, you found that the whole mess was set up by the demon! The banishing ritual was useless against him since he passed on a false true name. You managed to defeat Silvertongue anyway, but he promised to return again.


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