Story ArcThe Evil Countess Crey


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all villains in building (Crey)
  2. Defeat security chief & his men
  3. Question agents about kidnapping
  4. Rescue the Night Fox
  5. Take lock of hair to Kestrel
  6. Defeat all agents in lab
  7. Rescue Howard Quigley
  8. Get the CreyComp code
  9. Get the CreyComp code
  10. Get the CreyComp code
  11. Take code to Justine Kelly
  12. Talk to Justine Kelly
  13. Destroy all copies of CreyComp
  14. Get virus from Justine
  15. Upload virus to Crey network
  16. Find Countess Crey
  17. Bust Countess Crey & her guards

Notable Foes

Find Pamela Thompson's missing daughter, Julianne

Janet Kellum

A woman named Pamela Thompson contacted me today and asked if you could help her find her missing daughter, Julianne. the catch is, the trail's more than a decade old. Julianne disappeared when she was twenty-five, shortly after a brief stint in the slammer. her mom's been watching your coverage, and she thought you might have what it takes to finally solve this case. She gave me the address of the old building where Julianne used to maintain a loft. Maybe you can find something there.

According to her mom, Julianne was a good kid who wound up in jail after she tried to make waves for a crooked politician. it's a pretty sad story.

Part 1: Defeat all villains in building (Find clue to Julianne's location)
Abandoned warehouse (Crey)

This old building hasn't been used in years, but the dust on the floor has definitely been disturbed.

Objective: You found Julianne's diary!

ClueJulianne's diary

The name 'Julianne' is embossed in gold on the well-worn cover of this old diary. it contains a young girl's dreams for the future, a future which she hoped to have a hand in improving. Julianne's incisive plans for social welfare and crime prevention are recorded in impresive detail, as well as her hopes to gather some heroes to her cause. The last entry mentions a planed trip to see a hero known only as the Night Fox.

Mission Complete: You found a clue to Julianne's whereabouts.

Janet Kellum

Crey security was there? Curious. What do they care about a missing person case that went stale over a decade ago? Perhaps Crey has something to do with Julianne's disappearance? They'd hate to see something like that come out now, right when they're gearing up for the release of their new computer operating system, CreyComp.

Talk to the Night Fox

Janet Kellum

I'm going to have a word with Pamela Thompson. She never told me the other heroes who investigated her daughter's disappearance wound u dead! In the mean time, you might as well go talk to that hero mentioned in the missing girl's diary. The Night Fox may ave been the last person to see Julianne befre she disappeared.

The Night Fox's retired now, but he still lives in a cave. He was really into the whole brooding hero lifestyle.

Part 2: Defeat security chief & his men
Cavern @ Founders' Falls

You've known few heroes as dedicated to an image as the Night Fox. Though this cave has been made comfortable, it exudes the image of a loner on the fringe of society.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Crey security, but there is no sign of the Night Fox.

Janet Kellum

Crey kidnapped the Night Fox? It sounds like we've got more on on our hands than a decade-old missing person case. Crey must have had something to do with Julianne Thompson's disappearance! Why wuld they be trying to eliminate all our leads?

Find out what Crey has done with the Night Fox

Janet Kellum

You've got to find out what Crey has done with that retired hero, the Night Fox. Not only is he in grave danger of becoming another unwilling donor for Creys disgusting Revenant Hero Project, he's also the only lead we have to the disappearance of Julianne Thompson. I'm beginning to suspect that girl may have fallen victim to some sort of Crey plot. The wierd thing is, she disappeared years ago, back when Crey was just a European company of moderate means.

One of the Crey agents on the street may know something. If I were you, I'd start looking in Crey's Folly; that's where you'll find most of them.

Part 3: Question agents about kidnapping (Defeat 45 Crey)
Defeat x

Mission Complete: One of the Crey agents you defeated was carrying a set of printed orders.

ClueCrey orders

These orders, issued by one of the Paragon Protectors, tell the bearer to transfer the Night Fox to a facility in Brickstown, where his DNA will be harvested for the Revenant Hero Project.

Janet Kellum

Good work, Red Tomax. These orders you found should lead us right to the facility where the Night Fox has been imprisioned. I really hope he can tell us what happened to juliane Thompson.

Rescue the Night Fox

Janet Kellum

Well, Red Tomax, you did a great job finding out where Crey took the Night Fox. Now all you have to do is go in a rescue him. With any luck, he'll be able to tell you what happened to Julianne Thompson al those years ago. I'm certain Crey had something to do with her disapearance.

The Night Fox hasn't worked actively in years, but he used to be a really remarkable hero. I know you won't let him down.

Part 4: Rescue the Night Fox
Laboratory @ Brickstown

You have to wonder how many of these breakers and tubes contain the DNA of unwilling heroes.

Mission Complete: You rescued the Night Fox

ClueThe Night Fox's story

When you rescued the Night Fox from Crey security, he told you:

'Yeah, I remember Julianne Thompson. Bright kid, wanted me to work with her. In fact, she wanted to gather a whole cadre of superheroes to fight for her causes: the war on drugs, government reformation, stuff like that. Lofty goals, but I had to turn her down. I mean, it's hard to trust an ex-con, you know? Julianne went to England looking for more heroes I guess. In fact, I heard she died there.'

Janet Kellum

So, the girl we've been looking for has been dead for more than ten years? That's a real shame, Red Tomax, a real shame. i'll break it to her mother. Maybe I can pull some strings to get julianne's body shipped back to the states quickly; that way she can be buried in her family plot. That's the least I can do for her poor mother.

Check out Janet Kellum's hunch

Janet Kellum

I just got word from Julianne's mother! According to her, that body that was buried under Julianne's name wasn't hers at all! Now, that may just be grief talking; after years of hoping for her return, mrs. Thompson may not want to face the fact that her daughter's gone for good. but it gor me thinking. I've got a hunch about who that body might belong to, red Tomax; now I just need you to check it out.

i want you to take a lock of hair from the body over to Cadao Kestrel, the voodoo master. he should be able to perform a ceremony to reveal the dead woman's name.

ClueLock of hair

This lock of hair was cut from a body buried under the name Julianne Thompson. According to Julianne's mother, the body is not Julianne's. The identity of the dead woman is still unknown.

Part 5: Take lock of hair to Kestrel
Delivery @ Founders' Falls
Cadao Kestrel

Thank you, Red Tomax. One moment, and the true name of the dead woman will be revealed. Could you just hand me that bag of chicken bones? Thank you. The name of the dead woman is:

Clarissa can Dorn? But Clarissa van Dorn is Countess Crey! Van Dorn was her maiden name. Red Tomax, something is very, very awry.

Janet Kellum

I knew it! According to Kestrel's magic, that body belonged to Clarissa can Dorn. That means that Countess Crey isn't the real Clarissa. No. Countess Crey is Julianne Thompson, the girl we've been trying to find. After she found that her prison record prevented her from gaining power the honest way, Juliane killed the real Clarissa, assuming her identity, and married Count Crey under false pretenses! Red Tomax, this is the biggest break we've ever had against the countess. We may even be able to convict her for murder!

Bring in Countess Crey

Janet Kellum

All right, Red Tomax, this is huge. Countess Crey is guilty of murder, and you're going to bring her in! I'll put the word out to the police and the media. You go reel her in.

My sources think she's inspecting a Crey facility in Brickstown. Check it out.

Part 6: Defeat all agents in lab (Seek clues)

You detect a subtle whiff of the vanilla perfume the Countess favours.

Objective: You found an interesting e-mail.


This e-mail, found on a Crey computer, reads:

'Security chief Whitney:'

'I do not take Howard Quigley's threats lightly, and neither does the great lady we both serve. If he is bent on causing trouble, Quigley has the brains and the knowledge to disrupt the CreyComp launch. To forestall this possibility, please send a team to take him to our new re-education facility. Once he is loyal to Crey, we will ave no more to fear.'

'Security Chief Alvarez'

Mission Complete: You found an interesting file, but no sign of Countess Crey.

Janet Kellum

Red Tomax, I've got some very bad news. The countess has a lot more power than we realized. We know she's guilty of murder, but the media won't report on our findings. And I can't get a single judge to sign a warrant for her arrest! But that's not all.

She's used one of those judges she has in her pocket to get you on the city's most wanted list! She has you on breaking and entering, asault, and theft of Crey technology! Red Tomax, if you can't prove your activities were part of a legitimate investigation, you're going to spend the next 50 years rotting in the Zig!

Rescue Howard Quigley

Janet Kellum

If we can't find some proof of her guilt, you may be arrested on Countess Crey's trumped up charges. We don't have a lot of leads to go on right now, but I think we should start by rescueing this Howard Quigley. based on that e-mail you found, he sounds like an ex-Crey employee with an axe to grind. If we can get to him before Crey's mind control goons, maybe he can help us prove the countess is up to no good.

It looks like Quigley's got a new job over at Gaffnet Consulting. Here's the address. Oh, and I'd suggest sticking to the back allies whenever possible. Remember, you're a wanted hero.

Part 7: Rescue Howard Quigley

The light level in this office is kept to a minimum.

Mission Complete: You rescued Howard Quigley from the Crey agents.

ClueHoward Quigley's story

When you rescued Howard Quigley from Crey's agents, he told you:

'Sure, I used to work for Crey. In fact, I was the lead developer on their new operating system, CreyComp. Let me tell you, we put together a sweet software package. But Crey wasn't hapy with it. They kept asking me to insert extra patches f code, routines they had already built and tested independently. i got the feeling that there was something shifty about it. So I bailed. I put a monster Easter egg in the code: if you hit ALT + CNTRL + O while you have th eoptions menu open, it brings up a picture of the countess morphng into a weasel. I left the company for good, and I told them they'd be sorry. I guess that's why they came after me.'

Janet Kellum

Quickly, Red Tomax. We need to keep you off the streets as much as possible. Quicgley's stroy is pretty interesting, that's for sure. if he's right, the launch of CreyComp could be a disaster for more people that just Bill gates. We'd better check out his facts.

Get the CreyComp source code

Janet Kellum

According to that ex-Crey programmer, Howard Quigley, the CreyComp code was shared among three Crey facilities. You'll need to access the mainframe in each facility in order to get the entire body of code. Then maybe we can figure out if the CreyComp operating system is really part of some Crey plot. nce you've got the full code, take it over to Justine Kely, the software analyst. She'll tell us what we're dealing with.

I've been trying to pull some strings with my law enforcement contacts, but so far, no dice. You're still among Paragon City's 10 most wanted.

Part 8: Get the CreyComp code
Laboratory @ Founders' Falls

A bank a red lights begins flashing brightly as you step into the building.

Mission Complete: You found the first batch of code.

ClueCreyComp code

You downloaded this section of code from the first Crey facility you visited. You'll need the other two sections before Justine Kelly can determine if the program is a threat.

Part 9: Get the CreyComp code
Laboratory @ Founders' Falls

Flashing red lights and a warning siren accompany your arrival

Mission Complete: You found the second batch of code.

ClueCreyComp code

You downloaded this section of code from the second Crey facility you visited. You'll need the other two sections before Justine Kelly can determine if the program is a threat.

Part 10: Get the CreyComp code
Laboratory @ Brickstown

Once again, Crey's security system heralds your arrival.

Mission Complete: You found the final batch of code.

ClueCreyComp code

You downloaded this section of code from the last Crey facility you visited. Now that you have the full source code, Justine Kelly should be able to analyze the software.

Part 11: Take code to Justine Kelly
Delivery @ Independence Port
Justine Kelly

Yo, thanks for the code. Now get lost and let me do my thing. Soon as I know something, I'll get the word to Janet Kellum. Peace.

Janet Kellum

Now that we have the full source code of the CreyComp operating system, we should be able to figure out if the program really is a threat. Now get out of sight, Red Tomax. In case you forgot, there's still an APB out for you.

Discuss Justine's findings

Janet Kellum

Justine just finished her analysis of that CreyComp code you recovered. She'd like you to drop by and discuss her findings.

Justine sounded pretty upset on the phone. It seems that CreyComp is a much more devious program than we could have imagined.

Part 12: Talk to Justine Kelly
Delivery @ Independence Port
Justine Kelly

Check it, Red Tomax. The code you found proves that CreyComp is more than your everyday OS. It's actually a sophisticated mind control program. Get it? Crey uses subliminal messages, stuff no on would notice. The code encourages people to do a number of things: buy Crey products, vote for tax breaks for big business, and, above all, respect and adore Countess Crey. This is bad, Red Tomax. Three quarters of the businesses in town already ordered this OS. You've got to get over to the Crey warehouse and destroy the disks awaiting shipment. Heck, you're already a wanted criminal. What have you got to lose?

Part 13: Destroy all copies of CreyComp (29 crates to destroy)
Warehouse @ 'Crey's Folly'

Business is booming at this Crey warehouse.

Mission Complete: You destroyed the copies of CreyComp!

Janet Kellum

Good work, Red Tomax. it'll take Crey a while to replace those disks you destroyed; that means they'll have to delay the CreyComp release. It'll buy us a little time, but we still need to figure out how to shut that program down for good. Otherwise, Crey's evil mind controllers will have a window into every Paragon household!

Infect Crey's computer system with the virus

Janet Kellum

You've delayed the CreyComp release, but it won't be long before they manage to replace those disks you destroyed. We've got to keep that mind-controlling program off the shelves once and for all, and I think I know how. Like any accomplished hacker, Justine Kelly knows a thing or two about viruses. I asked her to engineer one specifically to cripple the CreyComp operating system. She was more than happy to oblige. Now we just need someone to infect Crey's computer system with the virus.

Watch your back, Red Tomax. There are still plenty of people gunning for you.

Part 14: Get virus from Justine
Delivery @ Independence Port
Justine Kelly

I named the virus Banana Split. 'Cause it's Crey's just desserts, get it? Oh, never mind. Just get this code to the Crey facility I'm sending you to, and access their network. You may have to hack into two computers at once, so bring along a friend. Then upload the virus and hit 'Update'. That should send the virus to all computers on Crey's internal network. CreyComp will be fried, and Paragon City wil be safe from the countess' mind-controlling tactics.

ClueBanana Split

This virus, engineered by Justine Kelly, should attack the Crey network and cripple the mind-controlling program, CreyComp.

Part 15: Upload virus to Crey network
Laboratory @ Founders' Falls

You're a wanted criminal and your reputation is shot. But perhaps you can do one last good deed for Paragon City, by destroying CreyComp once and for all.

Mission Complete: You have destroyed the original CreyComp code.

Janet Kellum

Did Justine clue you in on her little secret? That virus she constructed not only wiped out the mind-control OS, CreyComp, it also accessed secret files within the Crey network and sent them to every customer in Crey's e-mail database. Thousands of people just received documents proving that Crey's products are dangerous and addictive, that Crey's been using their computer systems for illegal surveillance, and, best of all, that Countess Crey had those charges against you fabricated. I just got a call from the mayor, Red Tomax, and youve got a clean slate once again!

Track down Countess Crey

Janet Kellum

Thanks to that virus you uploaded to the Crey network, thousands of people just received incriminating Crey documents in their e-mail. Tlak about a smoking gun! It's official, Red Tomax. I've been issued with a warrant for the arrest of Countess Crey. Now we just need to track her down. We'll have to do it quickly, before she can flee the country.

The countess still has a lot of loyal agents. i'm sure one of them knows something about her plans.

Here's the warrant. Ain't it a beautiful thing?

ClueWarrant for Countess Crey

This warrant entitles you to track down Countess Crey and bring her in on charges of corruption and conspiracy.

Part 16: Find Countess Crey (Defeat 100 Crey)
Defeat x

Mission Complete: One of the Crey agents you defeated was carrying an escape plan.

ClueCountess Crey's escape plan

You found this escape plan on one of the Crey agents you defeated. According to the plan, Countess Crey is hiding in a secret network of caves until her private physician can alter her appearance enough to let her leave the country undetected.

Janet Kellum

Great work, Red Tomax. You found the countess! Now all you have to do is reel her in!

Arrest Countess Crey

Janet Kellum

All right. We've got the warrant, and you've located the cave network where Countess Crey is hiding until she can escape the country. Now all we have to do is go out there and arrest her. Would you care to do the honours?

Without your hard work and perseverance, we never would have got enough dirt on the countess to make this happen. You should be proud of yourself.

Part 17: Bust Countess Crey & her guards

It's faint, but you can hear a woman crying. She sounds so sad, and you almost wish you could comfort her.

Countess CreyCountess Crey [Arch-Villain]
Countess Crey runs her corporation with an iron fist. Though others hold the lofty title of president and CEO, everyone understands that this is just a legal fiction. The countess is the one holding the strings behind the vast corporation - and woe to anyone who gets in her way.

Mission Complete: You captured Countess Crey!

Janet Kellum

Excellent work, Red Tomax. Simply excellent. The countess is in jail, her known assets are frozen, and there's a good chance she'll be convicted. I did get special permission for Pamela Thompson to visit her. You remember Pamela. The mother of Julianne Thompson, the girl who assumed another woman's identity so that she could become the all-powerful Countess Crey. I though Mrs. Thompson might like seeing her daighter, even in these circumstances. Well, it's sad, but the countess wouldn't even speak to her. I guess there's really nothing left of the girl she used to be.

Souvenir: Julianne's diary

You've kept the diary of Julianne Thompson. the idealistic young woman who grew up to become the cold-hearted Countess Crey. it's a reminder that sometimes our dreams betray us. and we wind becoming a twisted version of our own best impulses. just like:

The Evil Countess Crey

It all began with a simple missing person case. Pamela Thompson was looking for her daughter. Julianne. who disappeared more than a decade ago. You went to Julianne's old loft. but found Crey agents there trying to dispose of any clues. You found Julianne's diary. which mentioned a trip to see a hero. the Night Fox.

You went to the cave where the Night Fox makes his home. but Crey agents had already spirited him away.

Undaunted. you hit the streets. One of the Crey agents you defeated was carrying printed orders that gave the location of the facility where the Night Fox had been imprisoned.

You descended on the facility and rescued the Night Fox before Crey could extract his DNA for use in their Revenant Hero Project. The Night Fox had some harsh news for you. however. The last he had heard of Julianne Thompson was of her death. years ago. in England. Your contact arranged for the girl's body to be returned to the states. and you went back to your ordinary routine.

But it wasn't over yet. When the body arrived in Paragon City. Pamela Thompson could not identify it! She claimed that it belonged to another woman. You took a lock of the dead woman's hair to Cadao Kestrel. the voodoo master. He performed a ceremony and revealed that the name of the dead woman was Clarissa van Dorn: the maiden name of Countess Crey.

Your contact surmised that Julianne Thompson had murdered the real Clarissa. assumed her identity. and married Count Crey under false pretenses. You went to a Crey facility to try to apprehend the murderous countess. You didn't find her. but you did recover an interesting e-mail from a Crey computer. It spoke of a disgruntled Crey employee. Howard Quigley. who might be able to disrupt the launch of Crey's new computer operating system. CreyComp. When you returned to your contact. you learned that Countess Crey had managed to deflect your accusations. No warrant would be issued for her arrest. On the contrary. an APB had been issued for you! You were wanted for breaking and entering. assault. and theft of Crey property.

You had only one clue to go on: the disgruntled Crey employee. If you could find him. perhaps he could tell you something about Crey Industries that could prove your actions were part of a legitimate investigation. You arrived at his office in time to rescue him from a mob of Crey agents. and he told you that he suspected the CreyComp OS had a hidden. nefarious purpose.

A wanted criminal. you went after Crey once more. You collected the source code for CreyComp and took it to Justine Kelly for analysis.

Justine analyzed the code and informed you of the shocking truth: CreyComp was a mind control tool. Using subliminal messages. Crey Industries would soon be in complete control of all CreyComp users. To stop it. you went to a Crey warehouse and destroyed the CreyComp disks awaiting shipment.

That wasn't enough. though. You also had to eliminate the source code. Justine concocted a computer virus. and you uploaded it to the Crey network. This not only eliminated CreyComp for good. but also accessed incriminating files within the Crey database and e-mailed them to Crey's customers.

Countess Crey's guilt was now proven. and you were exonerated by the mayor. You were given a warrant for Countess Crey's arrest. and hit the streets to track her down. One of the Crey agents you defeated was carrying a copy of the countess' escape plan.

You went to the cave network where she was hiding and arrested her. Countess Crey is now awaiting trial on charges of corruption and conspiracy.

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