CostumeSteal Cape From Hero


Mission Index

  1. Take to Lorenz Ansaldo (Longbow)
  2. Defeat all agents, destroy contraband
  3. Steal cape from hero

Steal cape from hero


I see you hae returned, Dread Tomax. It was not so long ago when Arachnos freed you from that stinking prison in Paragon City and brought you here to be tested. You have clawed your way out of the filth and made yourself a name here on the Rogue Isles - a name to be feared and respected.

As you know, Lord Recluse has forbidden any of the destined one to wear a cape until they have proven themselves worthy. You have garnered enough infamy through your exploits to be allowed this honour - after one final ordeal.

The heroes of Paragon City have tried time after time to thwart our endevours. The time has come for you to show them that you are no common thug, but a true villain to be feared! Go to Paragon City, destroy their precious statues, and steal a cape from one of their heroes by trial of combat!

You will need to secure passage to Paragon City and be smuggled over to one of their statue parks. Go speak with Lorenz Anslado at the Port Recluse docks on Sharkhead. He'll fix you up.

Part 1: Take to Lorenz Ansaldo
Delivery @ Sharkhead Isle (Longbow)
Lorenz Ansaldo

You need passage to Paragon City? Yah, I can hook you up, I got an arrangement going with Arachnos to handle any 'special deliveries' they might have between the Rogue isles and the mainland. But that don't mean there ain't no price.

We got a lot of them Longbow agents snoopin' around the docks here lookin' for contraband. I was planning on getting a few of my boys ready to beat some sense into them, but then you happen to show up! Take down all the Longbow agents snoopin' around our warehouse here at the docks and destroy any crates of contraband they may have found.

Part 2: Defeat all agents, destroy contraband (3 crates to destroy)
Warehouse @ Sharkhead Isle

Longbow constantly looks for evidence to shutdown Family smuggling operations in the Rogue Isles. It's time to convince Longbow to mind their own business!

Mission Complete: You cleared out the warehouse for the Family! Lorenz has set up a boat to take you to Paragon City, and a truck to take you to the statue park.

Part 3: Steal cape from hero (Defeat hero & allies, Destroy 2 statues)
Instanced Outdoor [Steel Canyon] @ Sharkhead Isle

Objective: You destroyed the hero statue!

Objective: You destroyed the hero statue!

Objective: You wrest the cape from the back of the fallen hero!

ClueHero Cape

This is a cape taken from one of the heroes of Paragon City you defeated in combat! Take this back to Fortunata Kalinda back in the Rogue Isles to prove yourself worthy as a destined one of Lord Recluse!

Mission Complete: You have defeated a Paragon City hero and taken his cape!


You have proven yourself worthy, destined one. You have earned the right to wear a cape!

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