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  1. Eliminate Kit'Vul (Rikti)

The Rikti are like vermin. Good thing you were around to clean 'em out.
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Eliminate Kit'Vul

Timothy Raymond

Dread Tomax: Greetings. I don't know what you've heard about me, but I know the kinds of things people say. They say I'm crazy. They say I'm amnesiac. Well, maybe they're right. Since I broke free of the Lost, I haven't really been right in the head. Can't even remember half the things that happened to me while I was with them. And I hate them for that. That's why we're talking. i've learned the location of the Rikti soldier I escaped from. If you can eliminate Kit'Vul, you'll have my eternal gratitude. Commence: Voilence! kit'Vul: Destroy!

The Rikti ruined my life. Payment: Compulsory!

Part 1: Eliminate Kit'Vul
Sewers @ Nerva Archipelago (Rikti)

You hold your breath. Hopefully your target isn't far.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Rikti who kept Timothy a prisoner.

Awarded for completing the mission
Timothy Raymond

You've made the Rikti pay for destyroyign my life. but somehow I don't feel sated. I guess Peace: Elusive, huh, Dread Tomax? I want to see the Rikti pay more.

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